Vintage Alphabet Quilt

 Finished this quilt for the local quilt shop where I work. 
I always volunteer to make the quilts from Sandy Klop‘s American Jane collections for the shop. :)  This one is from the Punctuation collection. I think I’ve lost count of how many American Jane quilts I’ve made. You can see some of those other quilts herehere, here, here, and here. Yep, I’m a groupie.

This one was inspired by Sandy Klop’s own quilt design. We changed it slightly to use the fabric that we still had available so that we could make kits for the shop.  For some reason we had a lot of the black prints left so we incorporated those. I love how they look – kind of a classic black-board feeling.

 The back.

Speaking of Sandy Klop, I am going to a quilting retreat in March where she will be teaching a class. When I found out she was going to be there, I may have squealed like a 14-year-old girl who found out she was going to meet Justin Bieber. And I’m not really a squeally-type of girl.

POST EDIT: (Sorry, should have added this originally.) These kits will be available at American Quilting in Orem, UT by Tuesday, January 18.  For details you can contact the shop at 801-802-7841.


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    I am a groupie too…she is BY FAR my fave. I was lucky enough to pick up 47 fat quarters at the quilt festival in Houston this year and I was in heaven…only one of the booths had a ton of stuff and she even had the really hard to find prints like pez for 2.25/fq. I've done a Wee Play, Happy Campers, and then of course sprinkled it in everywhere I can. I can't wait to get enough time

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    Gorgeous! I bought this quilt kit from Sandy's website last week and am patiently waiting for it to arrive. It comes in the sweetest little tin. I am going to make this as a wall hanging for my little Gus' room. I love your version. Super jealous about the retreat!

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    I love this quilt! Each time I visit your blog I think the quilt you have featured that day is my favorite and then I see the quilt you feature the next day, and I am in love all over again!

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    This is just adorable! I went right out and bought myself the panel and some fabric to try and make one. I like the black borders too, I think you picked the perfect print!

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    Thanks for the inspiration! I got one repeat of this from Michael Levine&#39;s in LA last summer, and I got home to realize that they had cut it wrong!! So instead of having one panel gping A-&gt;B-&gt;C-&gt;D-&gt;E-&gt;F, I have one panel that goes B-&gt;C-&gt;A-&gt;E-&gt;F-&gt;D! Ugh. <br />I knew I had to cut it up, but I was thinking of making bean bags…but I like this idea much more. :o)

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    So glad you liked the quilt! @Kim – I&#39;d be happy to share the pattern measurements. Shoot me an email and I&#39;d be happy to share. That goes for anyone else too!

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    Hello! Your quilt with the letters is The Most Wondrful! I love quilts with letters – but this is something else with those old figures!!!<br />All your quilts are s beautiful!<br />Thank you for inspiration! <br />Sunny wishes from Crete! Teje

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