Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bee Blocks and other fun links

 Some final BeeBeautiful Blocks to share.
 These ones are for Stephanie. She has a way with choosing fabric. I loved these.
Here are some of the other blocks she has collected here. As you can see, this is going to be one awesome quilt.

In other fun news: Becky from the Patchwork Posse is hosting a Trunk Show of some of my quilts
Thanks again Becky!

Fresh Poppy Design
Also, don't forget that today is the last day to enter the Block Party contest at Quilt Story!!  Even if you don't have any blocks to enter this time, you should check out the cute blocks that are there for some great inspiration.

Finally, in the boring-but-what-the-heck-I'll-share-anyway-category, we are having a bit of a reality check around here.  My husband had knee surgery yesterday. Which he was supposed to have last Tuesday but after putting him to sleep and giving him the nerve block to his leg, they realized they didn't have the right tools to take out the screws that were in his leg from when he had his ACL replaced 18 years ago. Crazy.  So he got to go back and do it all again yesterday. This time all went well, but he is needing some extra TLC. And wouldn't you know it, I went and got sick myself for the first time this winter. So I'm dragging some.  I was starting to worry that "our pets' heads are falling off" (our code phrase for when everything seems to come at you at once) but I think things aren't quite that dire. I only share because it may explain if I'm not too responsive for a bit.

That's all. Carry on.


  1. I love love LOVE the bee block - you are right about the fabrics... just fabulous! I hope that you and your husband recover quickly. There is nothing worse than being sick yourself when you are trying to help someone else feel better.

  2. Oh, I really love the look of those blocks, the colors are great, btw! Good luck on the challenge, I still think you have a winner!

  3. "Pets heads are falling off!" Bwhahahhaaha!!

    Poor hubby....I myself would be soooooo POd that they had to put me under again....they best not be charging him for the first time!!!

    Feel better baby!!:)

  4. prayers for a quick recovery for you both. REAL happy your pets are keepiing their heads on. :) --too funny!

  5. Hope you all feel better soon! Great looking blocks, despite all that's going one.

  6. Hope you and your husband are feeling better soon! That's crazy about the dr's not having the correct tool, but glad it's all done and behind you now.
    Thanks again for my blocks :)

  7. If you need some moral support over the surgery we can co-miserate. My husband had the exact same "taking out old screws" surgery last yr (fixing old mission injury surgery from 20 yrs ago). Then he had the "fixing it right" surgery 3 months later. It stunk but was worth it after recovery time. His Dr.(Dr. Kimball--Y Ftball team doc) was awesome!!! Now he is a new man with a pain free working knee.'ll take time but be so worth it when it's over!!!! :) Good Luck!

  8. Love the blocks! I Know you and your husband will "weather the storm" okay.

  9. Thank you for the link. That made me smile! At least you haven't been robbed by a sweet old lady on a motorized scooter.

    Love your blocks.

  10. How fun! I love your color and pattern combinations! I've pick up quilting again and I can't believe I ever stopped!

  11. Just found your blog and well........I think we should be friends :) Ok, and the Downton Abbey series, totally left me hanging too. Me and my husband (yes, he likes those BBC type shows too) just sat there dumbfounded, like really is that it? I heard they are making it into a series, I guess well see. Love your quilts. I worked in a quilt shop in college and before I had kids and really miss it sometimes. All that fabric........what a perfect job.

  12. I do medical transcription for an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knees and shoulders. Really? They didn't have the proper tools? Yikes!

    Anyway I hope you all feel better soon. And the blocks are great!

  13. when i get sick there isn't much sympathy from the honey-- so this, all about him, wouldn't be anything new for me! lol

    thanks for sharing about the trunk show.


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