Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day Cancer Auction

We Love Jenny Auction

Happy Valentines Day! Today I am celebrating by participating in an auction for my wonderful friend, Jenny Reeder who is fighting cancer. As a PhD student obviously funds are tight and some friends of hers have put together an auction to raise money for her cause. Because it's our cause too. Because we love our Jenny and we want her around for a very long time.

I have donated three items to be auctioned:
AND a CUSTOM baby quilt made with your choice of colors, fabrics and simple design. 

100% of the money donated goes directly to Jenny's cancer fighting.  
I will cover the costs of shipping the quilts. 

There are lots of other great items as well, including other quilts by:
I was so touched by Christine's donation. She doesn't even know Jenny, but heard about her story and the auction and made a lovely contribution. Thanks again, Christine!! (And thanks to the rest of you who have expressed love and support for someone you don't even know.  I'm touched by your kindness.)
Aunt Spicy even donated one of her adorable Scotty Dogs and a Nicey Jane quilt.

And there is SO MUCH more. Hats, photography sessions, jewelry, carseat covers, nursing covers, and the list goes on. The Auction will go through tomorrow (Feb 15) at 10:00 EST.  (bidding instructions here)
Paypal accounts required.  Donations are also accepted using the DONATE button on the Auction Blog - even just $1 makes a difference, right?

Thanks for indulging me in sharing my love for my sweet friend on Valentine's Day. Other happenings around here include, 1st grade valentines party - where I'm supposed to bring a game and I still don't have that all ready to go (eek!), follow-up doctor's apt for my husband, a fun visit from my father-in-law who is in town for one night and maybe we'll squeeze in some Rubio's take-out with the family as our romantic Valentine's dinner.  Happy love day folks!


  1. I am trying to place a bid, but it says members only can do so, and I am unable to find a place to become a member.
    love, Trish

  2. You're very welcome!



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