Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love, Exciting and New. . .

Sorry, that post title has pretty much nothing to do with anything. I just had that song running through my head.
I realize you've seen this pillow before, but I wanted to add it to the Bloggers Pillow Party.
Wow, there are some pretty pillows there!
(There's even a Darth Vadar pillow!
We are falling deep into a Star Wars obsession around here.
Mine doesn't stand a chance compared to Darth.)

Also I just wanted to give a heartfelt thank-you to those who supported the Cancer Auction.
And those of you who endured a few posts about it. Bless you and thank you. 

Tomorrow. . . a giveaway!


  1. Haha! Thanks for linking up my Darth pillow! I think your pillow is just lovely. :)

  2. I may be a bit of a romantic but I love your hearts. The Darth pillow is fun thought.

  3. My 4 year old is seriously getting into Star Wars too! He also loves Legos so when he got his first Star Wars Legos for Valentine's Day, he was so excited. He's since spent hours building his own version of the rest of the spaceships.

  4. I love your pillow.

    Glad the auction for your friend was a success! I love seeing people band together, merge their talents and creativity, and benefit others.

  5. I love this pillow - it's simple beauty.

  6. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and usefull things. I'll be back...

  7. I love hearts and I love bunting so this design is just gorgeous!

  8. This is wonderful! I love it!


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