Monday, February 7, 2011

New Projects and a Good Cause

Last weekend I felt ready to start some new projects.  After all my valenestinish stuff and after cleaning up my work space, I was in the mood for spring.  Here's a sneak peak of some WIPS (aka Works in Progress).
This is on my design wall as I type. It's a new quilt for American Quilting where I work. The store seems to have a lot of Erin McMorris's Weekends collection still hanging around.  The one surefire way to move fabric is to make something with it. Then it runs away. (It's crazy the stuff that people ignore for months and then fall in love with overnight as soon as they see it in a project.) 

I volunteered for the job.  I'm liking it.  I threw in some new Sunkisssed from Sweetwater and it goes so well. I'm using this tutorial as the basis - I love the design. I'm making a few modifications so that we can make it bigger, cut kits, etc. But it's very similar to the original design.
 Speaking feeling like spring, I also FINALLY started cutting up and making something with my vintage sheet collection.  This is for someone special, but I'm going to finally make a picnic blanket for our family as well while it's all out.  And I'm trying to hold my self to only TWO projects on the cutting table at a time.
Finally, a good cause. This is my friend Jenny Reeder.  Jenny was diagnosed with Leukemia in November. She's the one we made the Union Jack quilt for a couple months ago.  Jenny went from being a full-time PhD Student to being a full-time patient, dedicated to beating the cancer that was attacking her body. Where her days were filled with reading, writing, and researching, they are now comprised of chemo, shots, rest and lots of waiting. With two months down and two years to go, cancer-beating has proved to be a very expensive ordeal!  (Man, cancer sucks.)

In an effort to help Jenny with her expenses, her friends have put together an auction in which retailers/moms/students/etsy shops/friends/family/anyone can donate time and talents for sale and all the proceeds go to Jenny’s treatment fund. The Auction will be held on Valentine’s Day, February 14th from 9am-10pm EST.

This cause is close to my heart and I am donating three items:
AND a CUSTOM baby quilt made with your choice of colors, fabrics and simple design. 

100% of the money donated goes directly to Jenny's cancer fighting.  
I will cover the costs of shipping the quilts. 
The Auction will be next Monday, February 14th (bidding instructions here)
(If you are interested in donating something yourself, the donating instructions are here)

And to learn more about Jenny (which EVERYONE should because she is a most incredible person), check out her blog Tender Mercies. You will be inspired.


  1. That is exactly what happened to me with this exact line! I had a Weekends jelly roll and used it for the PS I Quilt postage stamp quilt along and fell in love! Now I just ordered a FQ bundle of it to make more goodies. Just love all the bright and flowery prints.

    Love your block design with it! Can't wait to see more at Summit! :)

  2. Oh I love that weekends quilt! You're right, I'm inspired to buy some.

  3. Your quilt is looking wonderful so far! Can't wait to see it finished!

  4. Weekends has not long been around in the UK and I'm loving it! I have two projects on the go with it! Loving your project too!

  5. I love that pinwheels quilt. I used to work in a quilt shop and you are so right about fabric that languishes for weeks, then you make a sample for the store and it flies out the door.

    My heart goes out to Jenny. My friend had a very aggressive form of multiple myeloma. What a wonderful thing you are doing.

  6. i'd love to help Amy! email me!

    xo, H

  7. lovely, all! What size are those vintage sheet blocks? I'm thinking of starting one myself soon. thanks!!

  8. I would love to see a picture of the entire vintage sheet quilt top. All your quilts are so pretty!

  9. j'aime beaucoup tout ce que tu fais , bravo

  10. Amy, I was just over at jenny's blog and reading about her illness. She is amazing! And then I saw all of your generous donations. You are amazing too!

    And thanks so much for your email!!!

  11. thanks for letting us know about the auction. cancer sucks. and your quilts are awesome!!

  12. Sorry to hear the bad news about your friend Jenny. I hope she recovers well. The quilt you are making for the store to move some fabric is awesome. I like the orange look better than the pink look of the original version.

  13. Lovely vintage quilt! Oooozes spring and summer. I am sure the receiver will feel very special indeed. My vintage WiP oozes more 60's, gay festival and the smell of dope in the air I believe but working with these old treasures is a pure joy. GOt some pastel vintage just like you that I soon will transform to a summer house blanket... I just can't get enough of those sheets.

  14. oh you are such a good person! what beautiful people to do that for a friend.

    I've seen first hand how expensive treatments are and while we have been fortunate to have most of my mum's covered by insurance there is one of her treatments which couldn't, at $30k a pop and we've had 3 goes at it - it has been through the kindness of my grandma helping out that the work has been done. They require payment up front. Can you imagine being told you needed this treatment and $30k upfront. Not every one has a grandma like that and I'm so glad to hear that people are helping other people out because it has been a big eye opener that you need to do whatever you can do to treat such a terrible illness and also what a terrible strain on the finances it can become. I will definitely be bidding!


  15. Hey Amy, I read your post about Jenny and thought, well, I don't know her and there are lots of people in the world who need help. Then I browsed Jenny's blog and her story really struck home (I finished grad school a few years ago) and because she was actually blogging BEFORE she fell sick, it was all the more drastic to see how easily something like cancer can happen and suddenly all your plans for graduation, jobs, travel, family etc are on hold. So I will donate one of my quilts to the bidding! Thanks for sharing Jenny's plight with us.



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