Pinwheels Quilt

I finished the pinwheels quilt this weekend.  It feels like a fresh breath of spring. Perfect for this time of year. 

I was a little worried that all the white made it boring and flat, but the quilting (thanks Becky!) + a good run through the wash/dryer really made it come to life.
Most of the fabric is from the Erin McMorris Weekend collection that came out last fall. As with many fabric collections in quilt shops – they sometimes seem to sit around until a sample is made.  So I finally took it upon myself to no longer let these pretty fabrics sit idly by.  Threw in a few other prints we had on hand including some of the new Sunkissed collection by Moda.

For my pattern I used this tutorial from the Riley Blake Cutting Corners blog.  I really loved the tutorial for making the pinwheels. She has a slick method. I changed a couple of things – made it bigger, made a solid border, etc. I also changed the method for the solid block on point because I didn’t want to have any fabric waste. You could do either method. Here’s the notes for what I changed:

For each solid block on point I cut 1  7.5″ print square and 2  6.5″ white squares.  Cut the 2 white squares in half on the diagonal.

 Sew two triangles on opposite sides of straight edges.  Press open. Sew 2 triangles on remaining sides, press open. Square up the block to 10.5″. Be careful to leave a 1/4″ seam allowance at all 4 points of the solid square. There you go.

I bound the quilt (using the cute Sunkissed pink pin-stripe) Friday night while we watched the original Star Wars with the kids. They’d seen bits and pieces here and there at friend’s houses and on the Star Wars Lego website.  So it was an epic night at the Smart Household. First time (of probably thousands more) watching the whole movie. This week, Empire Strikes Back.

We have fallen into a hard core Star Wars obsession around here. It was good for me to re-watch just so I can answer all the questions my 4-yr-old throws at me all. day. long.

Kits for this one should be available later this week at American Quilting.


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    You&#39;ll sell out of that fabric fast!<br /><br />Ahhh, Star Wars – gotta love new, little fans. Watching the old movies with them for the first time is so fun!

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    Absolutely lovely. It&#39;s funny &#39;cause I&#39;m working on a similar pinwheel quilt myself :). I do love those pinwheels, totally reminds me of spring days.<br /><br />Great job as usual :).<br /><br />-Q

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    If you ask my kids….who are going to be 24 and 22 in April…what their favorite movie is of ALL time….yes…it would be Star Wars! We have such a collection of legos and action figures and BOOKS…all kinds of books. Gotta admit…I with them!:)

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    Love the pinwheels! So fun with the stripes in there too! Must make one of these! Good luck with the Star Wars phase, next step (if he isn&#39;t there already) obsession with Star Wars Legos. My 7 year old has practically memorized the Lego Star Wars Dictionary.

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    looks great!<br />and you&#39;re right, it is so springy!<br />i loved the sunshine today … hoope it continues! :)<br /><br />by the way – come join my scrap swap if you want! or mention it here in case any of your readers would be interested :)

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    This is lovely! I&#39;ve got a bunch of other projects claiming my attention right now, but a spring-y pinwheel is definitely next on my list – I need some spring after this winter.

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    ahhh, this really does look like spring and summer all rolled up into one! The colors are great! I had looked at the tutorial a few weeks ago because I am going to make that design for my newest grandbaby. Haven&#39;t chosen a color or fabric, I think I now have the perfect idea!!! :) Thanks Amy, I may even check out the kits!

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    Very sweet – love the fabrics. I took a peek at the tutorial and I think I need about another year of practice before I attempt THAT! You make it look so easy. :) <br />PS thanks for commenting on my new little blog! Time for me to make some Spring table runners now!

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    Just finished a pinwheel quilt myself. Can I ask what kind of batting you used? The batting I had picked for my last few quilts seems to be a bit thin. I use a lot of white and it seems you can always see through a bit. <br />

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