Snoa Flinga Throw Pillows

I finished my Snoa throw pillows. They make me happy. Why did I not get more of this stuff when I had the chance?  Wait, why am I asking that? Like I need any more fabric to hoard. Still, I wanted to not waste the panels I have. Hence the reason I sashed the larger pillow rather than cut into more of the fabric. And I actually prefer the sashed throw pillow now. So maybe I’m smarter than I thought.

Another current Scandinavian love. 
We graduated to the small Legos this Christmas. 
Oh the time these babies buy me.
Finally (sorry, pardon the tangent) – Downton Abby you totally left me hanging! For another year! I was hoping for some Cranford-like closure, with room left for a sequel. But no, loose ends all over the place and only Gwen seems to be heading in a happy direction. Argh. . .  We’re still friends though.


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    I love the pillows, too. And I am also shocked that Downton Abbey left us wanting… SOMETHING!! Edith had it coming to her. I hope Mary comes clean about her secret to the one man who might actually be able to accept it, and her.

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    Oh!! Love the pillows! You gave me an idea for a small amount of cherished fabric I&#39;ve been hoarding :D<br /><br />If the power goes out here today I&#39;m totally getting out my legos to play with (what, not just for kids!).

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    After he announced the war and it ended, I yelled out, &quot;WHAT? SERIOUSLY?&quot; I&#39;ll have to watch this whole season again right before the next so I can better pick up where we left off!

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    Love the pillows! I&#39;m with you on downton abbey! It was a hard series to get into but by the second episode I loved it. Can&#39;t believe it&#39;s already over. My mom said she kept swearing that night saying the next season is only in production! We have to wait??? Yikes! Btw- I loved Cranford too!

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    Those pillows are gorgeous! Perfect for Valentine&#39;s Day. I can&#39;t wait until my son&#39;s old enough for real Lego&#39;s…I guess I&#39;ll just have to be happy with the amount of time Mr. Potatohead buys me!

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    Both my husband and I yelled &quot;WHAT?? It&#39;s over???&quot; at the same time when Downton Abby ended. I can&#39;t stand waiting… I have the same Scandanavian fabric in grey from Ikea – now I know what to do with some of it!

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    The follow on series is supposed to be out this fall … with a Christmas special.<br /><br />I know I couldn&#39;t believe how it ended … like there should be a commercial … and they continue with the story.

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    LOVE these pillows – great simple design to highlight the fabric panel in the center. <br /><br />Do you know if that series is available online? Id never heard of it but it looks good!

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    Your pillows are beautiful. Legos are forever and Downton Abbey is my newest obsession. I even bought the seven UK episodes on iTunes so I could see a few tidbits that were left out of the US version. Glad we are going to see more of it!

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    The pillows are gorgeous. I love Ikea, but didn&#39;t realize until recently that they even sold fabric. Now I&#39;m itching to make a visit and make some pillows for myself.

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    Downton Abbey did the same to me!!! OMG I thought there would be some closure, but no!!! I don&#39;t think I can&#39;t wait so long to see more of these great characters!

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    Those pillows are gorgeous!<br />I don&#39;t know if you know already, but I thought it would be fun for you to know that &quot;snö&quot; means &quot;snow&quot; in Swedish, &quot;snöa&quot; means &quot;to snow&quot; and &quot;snöflinga&quot; means &quot;snow flake&quot;.<br />Have a wonderful day!

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    O.K. when we go to lunch (no pressure) we must talk about Cranford. Ugh, frustration. BTW, love that little heart pillow. I will be stealing that one!!

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    Love the pillows and all the fabrics. I will have a closet full of pillows soon. Making pillow case for granddaughter and for million pillow case. I love the Cranford series.

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