Vintage Sheets Baby Quilt

After a couple years of collecting vintage sheets, swapping fat quarters and amassing a collection, I’ve finally made something with them. (Well, I take that back, I did do my hoops.)  But I’ve finally pieced a quilt with them!

As I laid out the blocks one night I was worried that I was creating a hot mess. But when I came back to look at the design wall the next day, I felt better about the situation.  The colors looked so much better in the daylight and I accepted that the wild prints give it personality.

You realize, not everyone appreciates a quilt made from, what some might consider other people’s grandma’s cast-off sheets found solely at thrift stores. You have to have just the right person who would appreciate such a gift.  Fortunately I was making this for just such a person. My friend, Steph and her husband (who is a good friend and co-worker of my husband), just had their first baby girl this past fall (they already have 3 adorable boys).  Steph is a thrifting diva. She finds the greatest stuff. She’s also an amazing knitter and even reclaims her own yarn from thrifted sweaters. (Steph shares some amazing creations as well as great knitting tutorials at her blog Snickerdoodle.  She’s also very funny.) 

So, as you can see, it was a thrill for me to have just the right person to motivate me to finally cut into my vintage sheets stash and start sewing.  Also throw in the fact that it’s for a baby with a gorgeous vintage name like, Stella? Match made in heaven.

Here is happy Stella with her happy quilt. Oh the cuteness.

I was stoked to find just the right tangerine-y orange for binding. Perfect.  Adorable quilting by my friend, Meridee.

I cut my fabric into 6″ squares – so they are 5.5″ finished.  I had a bunch of vintage sheet fat quarters so 6″ squares was the easiest size to cut.  Now I need to make a quilt for myself.  Once I get my quilt laid out, I will probably sell the rest of my pre-cut squares as well as some fat quarters. I make no promises as to how soon this will happen, but hopefully sooner, rather than later.

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    I love, LOVE it! I back a lot of my quilts with vintage sheets so I certainly don&#39;t see them as grandma&#39;s cast offs… <br /><br />The binding and quilting are perfect too!<br /><br />Jennifer :)

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    honestly – only a complete fruit loop wouldn&#39;t appreciate a quilt made from beautiful, soft, old, vintage sheets. In my opinion, anyways 😉

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    This is such a lovely quilt and it sounds like it was a great fit for Stella! I love the quilting, its just beautiful – Meridee did a wonderful job!

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    Hi Amy. :o)<br />Little Miss Stella is a lucky girl. :o)<br />That is a darling quilt! There was one particular square that made me catch my breath. It reminds me so much of my &quot;Nanny&quot;, my grandma, who was my kindred spirit. :o)<br />I hope you are off to a nice week. :o)<br />Sincerely, Trish

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    Whoa….look at all that snuggly goodness and I even recognize a few of those prints from sheets we used to have when I was a kid….man….guess that makes me vintage too!:)<br />xo

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    I so love this! It actually makes me a little teary-eyed for some reason. I just love vintage color combos and patterns. Lucky little Stella to have such wonderful quilt to start her life.

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    Wow! In my opinion it&#39;s GORGEOUS! I really love it. Unfortunately (for my husband and my limited storage space), now I think I&#39;m going to have to start collecting vintage sheets to make one for myself. Adding yet another quilt to my list of quilts to make. 😉

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    you&#39;re right, that is the perfect orange. And I love all the prints together. But I probably would have had the same reaction had Id been making it myself. I have such a hard time paring random fabrics together. Adorable quilt!

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    Oh Amy, i love your vintage sheet quilt! It gives me hope for my &quot;someday&quot; vintage sheet quilt…vintage sheets are very hard to find at our thrift shop!

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    oh such a beautiful quilt! I am new to quilting. I&#39;ve just finished sewing my quilt blocks together and am wondering about quilting the whole thing. Can someone tell me – Do most hire someone to do it, or do quilters generally do it on their own machine?

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    I Love the quilt!! I am collecting some vintage fabrics from aprons, sheets pillow cases, etc.. and hope to get enough to make a quilt FOR MYSELF!!!!<br />Blessings<br />Gmama Jane

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    gorgeous! I love vintage sheets. Been collecting and swapping for 2 years. Plans to make 4 quilts for the house (one in each bedroom) and 4 for our camping trailer. This is beautiful

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    Oh my. Is it so wrong to be jealous of a little baby named Stella? She gets the great name AND the great quilt. <br /><br />I&#39;d love to snuggle under that beauty. Vintage sheets make my heart pitter patter. You did a beautiful job, and the binding is tops!

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    Here&#39;s the truth: it&#39;s even BETTER in person than in the pictures. I love it to pieces and I&#39;m pretty sure (judging by the inquisitive looks she gives it during tummy time) that miss Stella already has a deep and abiding appreciation for it&#39;s utter awesomeness.<br /><br />It will be cherished forever, Amy. Thank you!

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    This is gorgeous, Amy!:) I too love vintage sheets and have started a quilt of my own. I think I&#39;m going to have to make a baby quilt now that I&#39;ve seen yours:)- such a lucky little girl!

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    I LOVE your quilt. All the wonderful patterns. And the orange binding sets it off perfectly. A beautiful quilt for the new baby.<br />I started my collection of vintage sheets by saving the sheets we had when we first got married–and have been adding to it slowly.

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    Beautiful! I have recently come across some nice vintage sheets and can&#39;t wait to create something. I can only hope mine turns out half as nice as yours!

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    Shout it out, LOVE VINTAGE SHEETS!!! There is sooo much color there. I&#39;m holding on to my childhood sheets (with pack-man, and mickey mouse) for just the right project. I haven&#39;t figured it out yet. But one day I hope to.

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    gorgeous – as always! Love your quilts!! You have great sense of how to put fabrics together. I love the backing fabric and binding – perfect finish to a gorgeous quilt.

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    I just came over from Somedaycrafts feature. The quilt is gorgeous, I love it. I just made my first quilt from squares cut from old jeans with a thrifted sheet as the backing. So soft and comfy!

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    My mom has a baby quilt made from old sheets by my grandmother, more than 30 years ago. So yeah, *really* old sheets :) My sisters and I all fight over who should get it. But my mom insists on keeping it. <br /><br />Your quilt is beautiful. I love how soft and simple it is. Love!

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    I love this quilt! I am in the process of collecting vintage sheets. Lookes like you have found some nice ones.<br />The quilt is so cheerful and beautiful!

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    Oh my goodness, is this beautiful and so cheerful! Thanks for the inspiration. I&#39;ve been hanging on to my Grandma&#39;s vintage sheets for years now just because they make me happy looking at them. Now I know just what to do with them, but I&#39;ll make a regular size quilt for myself. What a beautiful job you did and thanks for sharing it!

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    I love this quilt and I just had to comment because I made a very, very similar quilt from a couple of Urban Chiks Dream On charm packs with a thrifted vintage pillowcase thrown in for my little baby- Stella! I just thought the colors and vintage prints screamed &quot;Stella!&quot;.

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