Easy Bunting/Pennant Tutorial

You know me – I like quick and easy. Okay, some might say I’m lazy. So I thought I’d share my super-simple and very quick method for putting together a cute pennant for anyone else out there like me.
I like to use two fabric triangles per pennant, just to give some more body to the pennants and help them hang nicely.  (I die cut my pennants using my Accuquilt Go Cutter, but you could cut them with a rotary cutter as well.) To sew them together I just match the triangles wrong sides together and sew a 1/4 inch seam along the two-hanging sides, leaving the edges raw.  After sewing, I starch and press the pennants.

I then use Wrights Extra Wide Double Fold Bias Tape (available at any sewing store, Walmart, etc.) to string the pennants together.  I tried pinning once, but it was more of a pain then a help.  I’ve found it much easier to tuck the top (unsewn) edge of the pennants inside the fold of the Bias Tape and sew across the bottom edge of the tape, sewing the pennant in the process. As I get about an inch and a half away from the end of the pennant, I insert the next pennant, overlapping about an inch and continue sewing the tape shut across the top of the triangle.

Thats it. Easy, peasy. No pinning, no turning triangles right-sides out.  It’s not the most Martha way to assemble pennants, but it goes together quickly. I like to let the fabric do the hard part of making it look cute.  The end.
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    Thanks Amy, its my daughters 3rd Birthday next week and I was looking for a Tutorial, I may use scraps I have and Scraps for the binding tape too. Your the best, great timing!

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    Thanks for this! I also bought some vintage pennants from you and have been wondering how to proceed. I can't wait to get to town and buy the bias tape!

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    Question. I've been following your blog for awhile now. You are an experienced quilter and would like to know if I should send my quilts to the quilters or attempt to quilt it myself on my simple sewing machine. I am a novice quilter, intermediate sewer. I am making two twin size quilts for my daughers as their bedspread so it will get a lot of use. I used good quality fabric and my

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    I think it's funny that the sheets I had on my bed (which are in your project here) as a child that I hated so much are now showing up as "vintage" and are so loved by others. It just makes me smile to see.

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    I'm with you on easy. This is how i do it!! I'm more lazy though. I don't even double layer my pennants. I need to make a spring one now!

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    I'm not sure how anyone who quilts can classify themselves as lazy. This is adorable though, and I plan to make one out of vintage sheets for my daughter's first birthday thanks to your inspiration. Thank you!

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    i don&#39;t know if i&#39;ll hear back from you but i&#39;m wondering where you found that green/pink/yellow/blue floral in the photos on the sewing machine? my mom had yards and yards of it in the late 70s because my older sister&#39;s room was covered in it (curtains, wallpapered, blanket, sheets, etc) very curious! :)<br /><br />erin7as@yahoo.com

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    I love this bunting! I&#39;m making some for my courtyard wedding, afterward I want to turn in into a keepsake quilt. Do you have any great tips for how I should do it?

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