Monday, March 7, 2011

A handy quilting tip

(This probably isn't going to be an Oprah-worthy 'Ah-ha' moment, and some of you are going to feel totally unimpressed, but for the simple-minded folks out there like me, here is a little tip that has simplified my quilting process recently.)  

You know when you lay out your quilt blocks, then stack them by rows so that you can take them to your machine to start sewing? After carefully placing all those blocks, you definitely want to keep those blocks and rows in the right order. Previously I've marked my rows with pins or stick on labels. Sometimes chalk pencil, but that always seems to fade.  Well, I just stared using my water-eraseable marker and it works like a charm.  Easy to read, no falling-off labels, etc. and it comes off easily when my top is pieced. Thanks to Mary for the reminder not to iron over it. And I would suggest removing it as soon as you're done piecing those rows. So there you go.
Here's another little stack I'm hoping to sew together today.
Also working on those i-spy kits.
Here is what should be doing, but keep putting off: school play costumes. This one is for a wizard hat (cone shaped) that we need to embellish first. I don't have much silver lame in my fabric stash, so I'm going to have to procure some.  We're also responsible for a renaissance princess costume, but finally caved and bought one online.  (It's purple and my daughter is thrilled.) I figured by the time I tallied the pattern and fabric costs + time it would just be cheaper to by one. (I feel so lazy.)  For as much as I love to sew, I just do not love using synthetic fabrics to make costumes. I sound like such a snob. lol.

Finally the winner has been announced for the Modern Basics book. Thanks so much to all who entered.  Amy is sharing a little more about her quilts today.  If you want one Amy still has some available signed copies in her Shop. It's also available at Amazon.


  1. I'm so the same way about sewing costumes. And mending... I dislike that even more. I too am a sewing snob. :-)

  2. Just don't iron the marker in case it sets!

    I have done a pencil nuymber in my seam allowance, too. I always do the number in the top left so everything goes in the correct direction...sometimes that matters.

  3. Good tip. I am glad to see you're not anti-blue pen. It has such a bad reputation in some quarters. I'm with you regarding domestic sewing. I have had the fabric for curtains for over a year, but the fabric is still lying in its roll, which is still in its shop covering!

  4. I like to put the blocks up on my design wall then take a picture with my phone or camera and then just reference that as I'm sewing.

  5. I don't have one of the pens you are talking about but will look into it. I just ordered Amy's book and she said she would get it in the mail tomorrow. I'm so excited, she signed it!!!!


  6. Well, I guess I can do away with that stack of sticky notes now!
    And thank you so very much for the beautiful book and apron pattern, I love them both:)
    I'll be singing your praises over at my little corner in a few days.
    Is it snowing yet at your house?

  7. I had the AHHHa moment...better than OPrah!! hahah
    LOVE the tip!!

  8. Oh I think that qualifies for an "Ah-ha" moment since as soon as I read it I thought "WHY didn't I think of THAT!" duh!!
    As for being a sewing snob--me too.
    I am a quilter. Not a mender, costume maker, hemmer of pants that you bought extra long cuz they were on sale and just thought of me while shopping....(seriously),etc.

  9. I just wanted to leave a quick note and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. If I lived in Utah still I would love to meet you. Thanks for doing such a good job. Lara

  10. That's a great tip!! Oprah would be proud. So nice to find your wonderful blog!


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