Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm in France!

eiffel tower picnic
image here
Okay, I'm not in France, but some of my creations are! I was so excited checking on Design Mom last week (did you know they're living in France right now? Sounds dreamy!) to see a little quilt I made spread under the Eiffel Tower. 
Seems appropriate because there's even a cute little Eiffel Tower on the quilt itself.
eiffel tower picnic
image here
Here's another shot of the quilt.  I knew Gabby back in college days and she was gracious enough to ask me to guest post on Design Mom a couple of years ago when I was a very new blogger. I sent her the quilt as a thank you. Fun to see that little quilt go on an international adventure!
Also, last week, my hoops made the front page of the French sewing site Thread and Needles. Fantastique!

I studied French in high school and college and got fairly fluent - at least I could understand most of what was being said, if I couldn't exactly express myself well.  Now those skills have tragically fallen by the wayside - all I really use them for lately is reading the names of French General fabric collections. Oh well, c'est la vie. I'll have to get on Thread and Needles more often to brush up on my francais and for now live vicariously through Gabby's adventures. Vive La France!

PS Don't forget the Vintage Sheet bunting giveaway ends tonight. Thanks for all the vintage love - I wish I had more to share with all of you!


Katy said...

Magnifique! Ooooo la la! :)

Tender Mercies said...

You are so famous in France! And suddenly I'm having such grand memories of BEING in France with YOU and all our London girls. Those were the days! xoxo

bethanndodd said...

that is SO cool!!!

Kris said...

What a darling quilt you made for her!

Betty Lou said...

Your quilt is an international star!

Carol said...

How thrilling for you to see your quilt in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower (it is a lovely one)
Not surprised your material and hoops were featured, fantastic idea.
Carol xx

Nedra said...

Felicitations! (no, I don't speak French, but I am very happy for you!)

lifeinredshoes said...

Perhaps you should pay your old chum a visit during her stay? :)

randi said...

well, at least your quilt gets to be there, right? what a fun place for a quilt to live a life! :)

A Plain Path said...

How exciting! What a great photo of your quilt!!