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Just a little FYI – the kits for the Chyrsalis quilt I designed for Moda Bake Shop are now available at American Quilting in Orem, Utah. You can order one by calling 801-802-7841.

While we’re on the subject, I frequently have people ask me about quilt kits because I occasionally have some in my etsy shop. But none at the moment.  If you’re looking for other quilt kit ideas, visit the  American Quilting blog for photos and prices of some of the kits that are currently available there.  You’ll have to call (phone) the store to order – but they’re happy to help and will ship it right away.

Also, just to clear up some past confusion: I am merely a humble, part-time employee at American Quilting. I work the floor about once a month, make samples and assemble kits at home and occasionally maintain their blog. The store is owned and run by the very talented Amy McClellan. I am the Amy that makes it confusing around the place, and because I talk about the store sometimes, some have thought that I was the owner. (This in part comes from the fact that the blog posting I do for the shop has my name on the bottom of the posts.) I can not even pretend to know the intricacies and hard work of running a quilt shop. I can barely keep my sanity intact as it is. But I do feel pretty lucky to have that association. I’m going on 7.5 years since I’ve been employed there.  I love it and the talented women I’ve been able to work with. It’s pretty much my dream job.

Thanks for all the pinwheel love. I’m currently working on those kits for AQ as well. I’ll post when they’re at the store as well.


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    You deserve to have your dream job, you wonderful woman you.<br /><br />Question: does the quilt shop happen to sell vintage i-spy quilt kits? I&#39;m horrified and embarrassed to admit that I lost the one I got from you. I&#39;ve turned my house upside-down looking for it, but no luck. And Jack-Jack *really* needs me to make him an i-spy quilt.

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    I live close to American Quilting and can often be found there, wandering around. I&#39;ve wondered if I would ever bump into you, even though you&#39;d have no clue who I am! It&#39;s a lovely store.

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    Amy, thank you for the Quilt Kit post. I just ordered two baby kits from American Quilting. The girls were so nice and very helpful. I will definately be checking their blog more often.

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    I was right by American Quitling yesterday. I was so excited to finally see where it was. Unfortunatly, I was with my husband and HE said we didn&#39;t have time to pop in. :( But now I know where it is.

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