Quilt Retreat

I got away for 24 hours of sewing bliss.  Check out this hive of activity. 
The greatest women with their machines humming.
We stayed at the Zermatt Resort – a Swiss-themed getaway in Midway, Utah.
I’m sort of over snow, but it did add to the ambiance.
All we needed was a Matterhorn.
The food was delish. Tacos and gellatto.
But the best part was Sandy Klop.  (Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful sewing close to the real live Sandy!)
She was even more lovely, fun, gracious, hilarious and patient with all of us paparazzi than you would expect.
More pictures to come. Including Sandy’s trunk show!


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    So jealous. We've finally finished graduate school and it was a perfect year for me to attend the quilt retreat (no nursing babies, pregnancy, a little income) and we move…to Arkansas! Someday, I will get back for that retreat. Glad it was fun.

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    I'm sorry but I'm HATIN'! She is my fave fave. Seriously, I am glad you got to see her though because I know you are a fellow American Jane fan. I did get to touch her 2×2 quilt in Houston and meet her friend Kaye…CLOSE!

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    It must have been the weekend for quilt retreats. I and four like minded sewing friends went to a lovely country town called Alexandra in Victoria.<br />There was much sewing, talking, laughing, eating, drinking, more sewing and lots of projects started and even completed.

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    Sandy Klop is super nice! When I first started quilting she worked in my local quilt shop and used to help me pick fabric. That was before she was &quot;American Jane&quot;. Now I look back and wish I had gotten to know her better!

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