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Oh the world of Social Media. I am trying to be more hip so I finally created a Diary of a Quilter Facebook Page.  You can find it here and even “like” it if you want.  I tend to have random thoughts from time to time that only other fabri-y/quilty people would “get” (for example: does anyone else out there crack up when they see a fabric collection by Ty Pennington?) but they don’t necessarily seem worthy of an entire blog post. So Facebook seems to be a good home for those kinds of things.

(While we’re on the subject of FB I do have a personal profile there, but I’m trying to keep these two profiles [lives?] separate.  My personal page is where I discuss things like quirky hereditary traits with my relatives or memories with long lost people from my past – totally boring to most of you.  And at the same time, I don’t think all the people I went to High School with are interested in hearing all the nuances of cutting up fabric. Does anyone else have these issues? Solutions?)

While we’re on the subject, I also did something I vowed a long time ago I would never do. I got a Twitter account.  Because just what I need is one my time-sucker in my life. My handle (is that right??) is @amyusmart.  I still have no idea how to use Twitter. (I’m starting to feel like my mom who took years to figure out how the use the new-fangled VCR.)  Does anyone out there have a great Twitter tutorial for me?
Finally, I joined Pinterest. This place I love. (See top photo.) Maybe because I’m a visual person.  I’m inspired most by pretty images a opposed to lots of text. (Which, if you’re like me, you are probably bored to tears by this post already.)  I love it most for having a place where I can ‘pin’ all the inspiration I find online – so much easier than navigating my messy bookmarks files and so much more organized that my real-life inspiration board (or lack thereof.) Genius.
So there is a little report on my social (media) life, for anyone who is interested in these kinds of things. For me, social media is a blessing and a curse.  I have LOVED the connections I’ve made with all kinds of friends (new and old) because of social media, blogging included.  The curse part is trying to manage the time aspect of it all – seems to take so much time away from living real life. I feel like it’s a constant balancing act.  How do you balance social media? Your responses and suggestions are welcome.  Unless you too busy living real life, in which case I applaud you as well.


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    My husband made a comment about the similarities between Pinterest and Twitter- he said Pinterest is like a visual Twitter. You piost small amounts of information, follow people, repin (retweet), and the interface is really limited. But, whereas Twitter is in real-time, and you can miss a lot of the conversation if you're not paying full attention, some of the appeal of Pinterest, for me, is

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    I have never heard of Pinterest. Sounds intriguing….and something I would like. To second what Cate said I don&#39;t like the real-time of twitter. It makes me feel like I am always missing something, if you don&#39;t give 110% of yourself to twitter you always missing the big dance.<br /><br />Nonetheless, I will follow you on twitter because I would rather know what you said 5 days ago then

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    Pinterest is the greatest, most terrible time-suck ever. My productivity has dropped 500% since I found it. To me, it&#39;s also equal parts beautiful, inspiring, and depressing. I look at everyone&#39;s gorgeous homes, craft spaces, etc., then look at my lego-covered house which is mostly decorated in fisher price. <br /><br />look me up, my username is pslioness (real name is Stacey).

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    Social networking has taken up almost all the time I used to spend watching TV. So, I traded down time rather than figured out how to fit more in. The only time I run shows anymore is when I&#39;m on the treadmill or when I&#39;m hand-stitching. <br /><br />I&#39;d never heard of pintarest! Will have to check it out.

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    A friend of mine tweeted a week or 2 back that social media was making her unsocial in real life and I kind of agree with that sentiment. It&#39;s really easy to get sucked in and I have had to take a step back from it really! I love Pinterest but I am on it only sporadically. I like Facebook used sparingly for the same reasons you mention but there&#39;s a lot of rubbish on it too. I have

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    i find SMS are a huge time drain. I have twitter but I rarely go there and I&#39;m always shocked when I get an email saying so and so is following my twitter account. why? I never tweet!<br /><br />I check FB on my iPhone if I&#39;m sitting someplace and don&#39;t have much else to do but I hardly ever post anything. <br /><br />I LOVE Pinterest AND flickr, but they sure can take up tons of

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    I have a pinterest account that I have done nothing with, because it intimidates me. I need a tute! :) <br />I don&#39;t twitter or facebook because I spend enough time on the computer as it is.

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    I am IN LOVE with Pinterest! Also, I tweeted about Ty&#39;s fabric line and referenced someone so annoying having a cute line… and damnit if he didn&#39;t actually respond!! I told him that I liked HIM, just not that megaphone. I shall go follow you on Pinterest now!

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    I joined pinterest last week…LOVE it. I use it to keep track of all the tutorials and inspirational photos I used to bookmark, not really for socialization.

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    Pinterest I love…but it might be evil…seriously…it can take up hours and hours. So I only visit occasionally. Twitter I love…that&#39;s where I can say &quot;quilty&quot; things and catch up on what the latest is in quilting…plus, I hear about great sales there. I&#39;m a pretty lame facebook member. My family complains that they actually have to e-mail me since I so rarely check

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    I don&#39;t have a pinterest or twitter account, but was probably born a computer/net geek even though I didn&#39;t realise it till I got to university.<br />It&#39;s not about balancing social media and real life to me, this is the new &quot;real&quot; life. It doesn&#39;t need to be compartmentalised or hidden away. Do what you want when you want, it&#39;s not isolating or living in a dungeon (

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    Gotta love the Pinterest…one way to handle all the social accounts is to tie them together…like when you make a blog post it updated to facebook and twitter and same with twitter to facebook…that way something is getting posted on there for your followers to read without you having to go there so much to post…..I even post stuff from my ebay account to facebook and twitter..saves a lot of

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    I will gladly stay &#39;unhip&#39;, in the dark ages, whilst living under a rock. I&#39;m sure I&#39;ll be &#39;vintage&#39; very soon!!

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    Well done!!!!!!!!I&#39;m good on facebook, terrible on twitter and don&#39;t really understand pinterest but am on there! I find it&#39;s all taking up my time and as if I didn&#39;t have enough things to do! Buuuuut I do love facebook but yes I get a lot of requests for my personal page and I accept them if I know them and are a crafter but I also do some purges every now and then of my personal

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    My husband is always on at me for spending too much time on the computer and not enough time sewing LOL. He is right but you need to network and I love that there are people out there just like me! Give&#39;s me courage to keep going.

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    Amy- first I want to say that your tutorial on a charm pack baby quilt was my first quilt and it got me hooked!! Thanks!! <br /><br />I have just started a blog and am trying to find balance in the online social media and real world too. I love the the online world lets me connect to other quilters though b/c I just don&#39;t know that many people (face-to-face) that sew. <br /><br />And finally,

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