Vintage Sheet Destash

Ever since I finished Stella’s vintage sheets quilt, I’ve been hacking up my sheet stash and I finally have some to share.  Most are for sale in my etsy shop, but I also have one to give away!
I am giving away one of these sets of die-cut pennant sets all out of vintage sheets. 
Just leave a comment to enter. Giveaway will close Monday, March 15 at midnight MST.
I also have a few sets for sale.
I have sets of 50 6″ squares available as well. 
POST EDIT: So sorry. These are gone.
Vintage linens fat quarters
Finally, I have about 10 sets of Vintage Sheets cut into Fat Quarters (pieces 18″ x 22″).  They are random collections, but all good. Mostly white backgrounds.  Sadly, when all of this is gone, that’s it. I’ve saved a few bits and pieces for myself, but most of it will be happy with a new home.
And just in case you are looking for ideas to use all this vintage sheet goodness, check out the Vintage Sheets Blog! While you are there you can have another chance to win a second set of pennant triangles – and a bunch of other great vintage-sheet-giveaways! 
Thanks for all the great input on your own social media consumption. Makes me feel better about myself.
Thanks to everyone who entered- it’s fun to share the vintage love. :)
WINNER:  Susanne said…
Soooo cute fabrics :)
Best wishes


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    These are gorgeous Amy and I would love a bunting made out of them! I follow your blog and as usual- I'm always inspired!! Thanks!:)

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    I've been wanting to jump on the vintage sheets bandwagon, and just rec'd a scrap pack from Jeni/In Color Order, but as soon as I started thinking about it, "they" always say NOT to use sheets for your quilt backs b/c of the thread count. Are vintage sheets of a lesser thread count?

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    I have a baby girl being born in June and I can totally see a vintage sheet bunting hanging in her room. However, I would love to be the winner of any of it!

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    So cute! I love vintage sheets but have trouble finding them lately (taking 3 girls to the thrift shops are a bit hard now) = ) This would be so cute in their room!

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    I just finished piecing the blocks for a vintage sheet quilt for my sister. I do not need the temptation to spend more money so I will avoid your shop…for now. I wouldn't mind winning though.

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    The vintage sheets are so beautiful. I've never been lucky enough to find any that are as lovely as yours. And I love the bunting. I think it would look very sweet in my sewing room.

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    I've been stashing vintage sheets for a year and a half, but I haven't made anything yet. The sheets are few and far between in our thrift stores here in the South, ugh! Anyway, I'd love to win– pick me, pick me!

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    I love love love vintage sheets… and would just go crazy over a chance to win your bunting flags… that is really a great idea! Please put my name into the hat:D thank you!!!

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    Sign me up for the penants! I just actually bought the charm packs from your shop. Your destashing is dangerous to me….seems I am always buying/coveting your cast-offs! LOL! Can't resist gorgeous fabric that is already cut up for me :-) We'll see if I get to this set before the Christmas quilt kit!

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    I've never sewn with vintage sheets–probably because I can't find them anywhere around here! Love what you've done with the pennants–and good luck with the destash. :)

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    Love the bunting. I have been hunting for vintage sheets here, but vintage lately has been pink and blue from the 90's. So not what I mean when I ask at the 2nd hand stores. I would love to win :)

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    NEATO! I have some vintage sheets of my Grandparents that I've been wanting to do something with… these would be a great way to round out the collection. Thanks for the giveaway – great idea!

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    So springy!! I love it! I love the big floral patterns of vintage sheets and of course would love a chance to win some!<br /><br />kellyjo.haines(at)gmail(dot)com

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    Don&#39;t enter me. Seriously. I am trying to destash and haven&#39;t even tackles the vintage sheets yet. But how do you cut your triangles? Really, the size looks perfect, and knowing you, you have probably developed a nifty trick! Do share!

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    Super fun giveaway, thanks! I would love to make a little pennant for my daughter&#39;s room, to go along with her V.S. quilt….

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    I can already see it hanging in the backyard while having a fun little party with my girlfriends. I love it. Thanks for the opportunity to win something so cute.

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    What a beautiful giveaway. Those vintage sheets remind me of Spring (so happy it is almost here!) Would love to display in my new sewing room :)<br />Thanks!<br />beth.dodd at

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    Those are so cute!! I would love to win them. I follow the VS blog too. She&#39;s got great ideas. Can&#39;t wait to build my stash enough to make a simple 4&quot; block quilt out of all my pretties! Jenn

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    I like the colors of vintage sheets, but I can&#39;t get over the fact that they are used sheets. Old used sheets. But I guess if it&#39;s a non quilt I would be ok.

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    I got some of my aunt&#39;s and great aunt&#39;s vintage sheets (they were still using them!) when they died. I sold them in the cleaning up yard sales…now after seeing your great ideas I wish I had them back! Your bunting looks so cute!

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    I really, really need a new bunting to replace the stingy one I now have hanging.<br />Since I am &#39;of a vintage age&#39; these are perfect.<br />Hugs,<br />Gerry

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    Well if this isn&#39;t the sweetest giveaway yet!! I love vintage and I love buntings! This is a win-win propostition, please count me in!!

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    OMG! You have so inspired me!! Now every time I walk into a thrift store I hear a sweet voice(Yours!lol)&quot;Welcome to your new addiction Trina. Bed sheets to the rear&quot;

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    This would be such a pretty bunting to hang at Easter and for birthdays. Thanks for the chance to enter the draw – the vintage sheet prints are lovely. I do not own any vintage sheets and would enjoy using these to cheer my mother.

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    I have been drooling over your stash for days now. I scoured my local thrift stores but found no lovely sheets. I would love this sweet collection. Thanks for the giveaway–now I bette scurry over to your Etsy shop and see what&#39;s left.

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    I love vintage sheets, so far I have collected…..2. Needless to say I&#39;m super excited at the idea of getting my hand on some more :) thanks for the chance.

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    Ooooh, these are delicious! I love original vintage, and the feelings of times gone by it evokes. I would make an heirloom quilt with these. Judith xo

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    I just picked up some vintage sheets at a thrift store and have been trying to find some more pieces to go with it—I&#39;d love to have some from your stash to make my quilt!

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    I&#39;ve been watching your blog for awhile now and just became a follower. I have recently seen many people using vintage sheets for quilts and crafting projects and am VERY excited at the possibility of winning some for myself! I&#39;d love to try using some.

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    As one that actually slept on some of those patterns… they look better now than they did then!!!<br />I&#39;d love to make a pennent banner for the sewing room here… It really needs some spicing up!

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    Bought a few of my own vintage sheets a couple weeks ago. Can&#39;t wait to have the perfect project. And count me in for the giveaway! How fun!

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    Oh I am on a HUGE vintage sheet frenzy at the moment – these would be great. I always admire your selections of fabrics (in this case, vintage sheets). You have a real knack!! Would love to win these!<br />Anna<br />

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    Those vintage sheets are so gorgeous and they make the loveliest bunting. I&#39;d love to make some for my little daughter&#39;s room.

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    Sweet looking collection! I really love the look of vintage sheets, and have a bunch from my mom, but the funny thing is that we&#39;re still *using* them as sheets!

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    I would love to have these. I have been thinking about making a bunting to go in my sewing room, this would be perfect! Thanks for the great give away :)<br /><br />Jessica<br />jjd05c (at) gmail (dot) com

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    I just went to your shop to see if there was any vintage sheet fabric left to buy but it has all gone so fast. So i am really hoping to win your die cut pennant set. thanks so much for such a lovely giveaway.<br /><br />x

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    oh my…i think i have just found a new addiction…really amazing…but how do you get your hands on the old sheets???please pull my lucky number out…lol…xxx

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    Love these vintage sheets. Makes me think I might have an old sheet in the back of my linen closet. Will have to look. Would love to win so I could make something special. Thanks.

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    I&#39;ve been dying to make some pennant bunting and just saw a great idea for how they can decorate my sewing room….draped all around the window!

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    What a little breathe of spring your post is bringing me. We still have so much snow. I love the colors of vintage sheets and you have such a fabulous collection.

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    I haven&#39;t jumped on the vintage sheet wagon yet, maybe this would be the perfect opportunity. After all, it&#39;s fabric, and who doesn&#39;t love fabric? Thanks for a great giveway.

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    Hi, if it´s still Monday in the USA, I would like to paticipate in your giveaway. I love those fabrics.<br />Quilting greeting from Germany

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    i&#39;m in! inspired by you, i now have a stack of sheets all ready to be cut and sewn. i am going to make a new picnic quilt for this summer. :)

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    I&#39;ve wanted to make one of these for a long time. I have fabric square hanging over my baby&#39;s crib, but they are intended for a quilt for her once I had collecet enough squares to make one, and I have that now, so I will be taking those down and will need to replace it. This would be perfect for her room! (I&#39;ve started to collect vintage sheets, I have a ways to go to get a good

  45. Anonymous says

    The fabric is awesome. Such pretty colors. I wonder if my sheets will ever be considered vintage??? Hmmmmmm……. count me in for the giveaway. <br /><br />Suzanne Mooney<br />

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