What I’ve been up to . . .

I just got this pile from Poppy Seed Fabrics. Yum.
Been one of those weeks around here. I have simultaneously felt really productive and in a total funk.  I’ve been working on QuiltMarketMeetup plans, hacking up fabric for new i-spy kits (coming soon! see fabric above) and vintage sheet stuff for etsy, along with helping out with the 6th Grade Shakespearean fair at school, piano recitals, and keeping up with the Jedi training camp that has been going on around here.
I think it’s mainly too much time at the computer that really makes me feel ‘blah.’ So yesterday I just sat at my machine and let myself sew for 45 min – I guess that’s how I get my Zen time. And I felt back to myself. On top of that, today I attacked my sewing space (floor, table, machine, etc.) with a vaccuum cleaner and I feel like a new woman. :) Oh, and I think the Girl Scout cookies helped too.
And just so that this post isn’t totally boring, here’s a little shot of some snippets on my design wall. The hour glass blocks from from remnants of the pinwheels. I have just enough for a doll quilt.
Hope you get some of your own Zen time this weekend – whatever that might be.


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    We must have the same funk bug! I've been feeling the exact same way… stoopid computer is zapping all my creative energy. Looking forward to Monday!

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    You so perfectly described what I've been feeling this week! I'm glad to hear you're feeling back to normal and love the look of that doll quilt!

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    That post wasn't boring! It was exactly how I felt all week too! In a total funk. I am determined to shake it off before monday morning. Thanks for your honest posting and great ideas! Keep it coming :)

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    I hear you about the computer thing. I&#39;ve tried to limit my time to an hour a day–which is hard, because I love reading blogs and the New York Times online. But it does help to beat that sludge feeling.<br /><br />Thanks for your post!<br /><br />Elizabeth E.<br />occasionalpiece.wordpress.com

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    It&#39;s amazing how much better I feel if I sew for even 30 minutes. So funny…I was putting hourglass blocks together the exact same way recently! I hope you&#39;ll announce on your blog when you have the ISpy fabrics in your Etsy, too!

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    As you are cleaning up &quot;your&quot; sewing space, mine is getting messy and I love it! <br />Reading your &quot;keeping it REALLY Real&quot;, I was so sad at how neat my sewing space was because that meant nothing was happening in there. Happy to say I&#39;m loving my messy space these days, and the quilt in progress…thanks for inspiring me!

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