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I’m a cone thread user. I love knowing I’m not going to run out of thread for a LONG time.  I’ve been using Aurifil’s 50 Weight thread for a while now.  There’s almost 6500 yards of thread on these suckers! I have a thread stand like this one so that I can use them with my regular sewing machine.  I just buy one neutral color of thread and use it on everything.
This weekend was the first time in months that I had to get out a new cone. Someone (I forget who) suggested writing the date on the inside of the new cone, just so I could see how long it would last. I’m excited to see how long I go. I guess a more accurate measure would be to know how many projects I sew with one cone of thread. But there’s not enough room to write all that inside my cone. 
I’m a little bit of a thread snob, so I really love Aurifil.  I get it at the quilt shop where I work. But to be totally honest, I didn’t know a lot about the different weights of thread and what their uses are. Until I found this awesome Pat Sloan demo video on the Aurifil web site with explanations of which thread works best for which project. So helpful. They also have an AMAZING range of colors
My only wish is that they would come up with a bobbin that lasts as long as the cone! 
To learn more about Auriful theads and to see the range of colors and products available visit the Aurifil webpageAurifil Buzz blogFlickr, or like them on Facebook for lots of giveaway scoops.  Need help finding Auriful threads closest to you? There’s an App for that. Alex has a FREE Storefinder App here.  I’m excited because we will also have a bunch of 5,000+ yard 40 wt. cones to giveaway the night of the Quilt Market Meet-up!!

In other exciting news, we have a Giveaway winner! It’s:
Jenny said…  great pattern, great fabric! thanks for a chance.

For those of you who didn’t win, but still want the Chain Linked pattern, for the rest of the week I’ve marked it down to only $6 if you use the BUY NOW button right here.   Your pattern will be emailed to you instantly for down load.

Thanks so much for the love. Happy Sewing!


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    Ok picture this:<br /><br />Option 1: <br />Use Red and Green for the Brown/Tan sections and a christmas charm pack for the print squares. <br /><br />OR<br /><br />Option 2:<br />Use 2 really awesome Christmas prints for the Brown/Tan sections and alternate using white/green/red for the print squares.<br /><br />Love this pattern – so many possibilities!

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    I&#39;ve never bought thread on a cone, and will have to give that a go.<br /><br />I&#39;m with you on the thread snob thing, I discovered Aurifil about 3 years ago and I&#39;m not interested in trying anything else, I love it so much! My favorite color is the pale silver grey. I use it to piece nearly everything because it becomes invisible, even on white. I keep spools of the silver grey,

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    I only use Aurifil cones, too…and I just ran out the other day…so I&#39;m scrambling to find an on-line source! I&#39;m definitely going to write the date on it when I get it! (Luckily I had some back-up Aurifil small spools that should keep me going for a little bit)!

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    I love aurifil too, I just discovered it recently. I didn&#39;t know they made cones, I will have to check into those!<br />I will often use white thread for a project and then color over the stitches with a fabric marker if I find that the white doesn&#39;t look great for topstitching and stuff.

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    I love never running out of thread on top, but have you figured a way to keep your bobbin filled? Seems like I am constantly changing and rethreading the machine. Any tips in the bobbin department?

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    I&#39;m like you, I love aurifil thread but I don&#39;t know much about the different weights either. I tried using a cone of thread on a stand with my viking sewing machine a couple of years ago but I just couldn&#39;t get the tension right – so I gave up. I ended up using my cone of thread for bobbins.

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    Another Aurifil fan, here. I use light and dark grey, and cream for piecing. Also love their 30wt for quilting – and the colours. Oh, the colours!!

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    Need to get some cones and a cone holder. Wish I was going to be at the meet up! Congratulations on winning the pattern Jenny! I think I&#39;m going to use solids for the blocks on my Chain Link!

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    I wonder if I could use a thread stand on my machine. I set the tension at 9 for piecing and for quilting. My bobbin lasts a long time for me.

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    thanks so so much Amy!!<br />excited to try out this pattern!<br />i just got a thread holder like that too! i never knew i needed one for my cone shape threads!

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    I love Aurifil for pieceing and fmq, especially the 50wt, I pretty mcuh only buy cones these days. I must write the date on the next one! Thanks for the reminder!

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    Those colors are so pretty, I would be tempted to just line them up and never touch them! (Or maybe touch them, but not use them up!) I also have a thread stand like that and it makes a huge difference!

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    Cone thread is the way to go! <br /><br />Aurifil is divine! I bought a spool for a quilt for my niece, and I was spoiled :).<br /><br />Great tips!<br /><br />Happy Quilting!<br /><br />

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    It&#39;s the bobbins that frustrate me too. I&#39;ve taken to winding 3 or 4 at a time and they still run out too fast. Thanks for the links to the Aurifil site. I&#39;ll check it out.

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    just bought a few spools of that thread but am using up some older stuff before I open it up! Everyone I hear from they thinks it&#39;s the bees knees!

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    Yes, I love Aurifil, also. I didn&#39;t realize they have a blog, gotta check it out! I love the Chain Linked pattern, and just ordered it. Mmmmm, what yummy delicious collections shall I use? My favorite part of starting a new project — a great pattern, then selecting the fabrics!

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    I have just started using Aurifil in the last few weeks and I love it! It has made sewing and quilting so much more enjoyable as I no longer have threads breaking and tension issues. I think I&#39;ll have to get a cone … love that it lasts so long :)

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    love the idea of putting the date on the cone. genius!<br /><br />oh, boy, i don&#39;t know if i should start ordering all my threads in cone size, but it sure is tempting. i hate running out of thread!

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