I’m a Stranger

Have you heard of Justin Hackworth? He is a local photographer here in Utah and does amazing work. (Maybe you’ve seen some of his pictures of Nie Nie or Designmom?)
Anyhoo, for the past 3 years Justin has done a project called 30 Strangers to raise funds and awareness for the local Women and Children in Crisis center. Justin takes photos of 30 strangers for the month of April. The participants are chosen randomly from comments left on his blog.  I’ve entered for the past 3 years and this year I was chosen! I was so excited because I think Justin’s images are wonderful.  My mom and my girls accompanied me to our shoot on Monday. You can see some of our pictures here.
I am looking forward to seeing more. I have a history of bad luck with photographers. Photographers lost my Jr. Prom pictures, my high school graduation picture, and some of my wedding pictures! I’m glad to know I am in good hands this time with Justin.
And to make Justin that much cooler, his wife is named Amy AND she is a quilter. (A fine combination, no?) She took this photo. While fortunately I officially qualified as a stranger to Justin, I have met Amy briefly a couple of times. Including the time she was there to reassure me in line at Costco one day when the older woman ahead of me complimented me on the lovely children I was with and asked me if they were my grandchildren. 

Thank you, Hackworths!


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    Oh, I love the photo. Both of them actually. I know you'll enjoy the family pictures. My family took some last summer when we were together that I just love. And I can really relate to the spools of thread – I'd like to frame that one for me. Very cool. Enjoy!

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    Grandmother? Are you kidding me? That lady must not of had her glasses on because you look like a little kid…in photos and in person!:)<br /><br />I love your icon photo too!!<br />xo

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    That photo of you and your daughter is so sweet – and the one with your mom and daughters is priceless – really! I don&#39;t think enough families take photos that include ALL generations.

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    I&#39;m baffled at the fact that someone has asked you if you were a grandmother! What the heck???Maybe what was in her head and what came out of her mouth got mixed up?!? I&#39;ve been asked on several occassions when I was &quot;due&quot; when I WAS NOT pregnant. I don&#39;t know what&#39;s worse, but I can empathize with you. Don&#39;t worry though. That lady was crazy to think they were

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