New Fabric and a Keeping it Real kid birthday

 I recently got a sweet bundle from The Fat Quarter Shop.
 A few cute Cosmo Cricket prints on clearance as well as some sweet Lecien prints also on sale.

But this one is my favorite: a new Lecien print called Sweet Broderie. I love it. I’ve started making a new round of Union Jack blocks and I want to add this one. The Fat Quarter shop has also generously agreed to sponsor our Quilt Market Meetup and will be giving away 3 $75 gift certificates that night!

In non-fabric-quilt-world stuff, life has been full around here. Last week we started the soccer season (I had my coaching debut), had grandparents and uncles in town which was a lot of fun, and celebrated a 5 yr-old birthday.  I was really hoping that my new 5-yr-old would go for the idea that we could have fun celebrating his birthday with family (we did a lot of fun things that day) and forgo a party with friends. But he was having none of that.

So I agreed to a a friend party on my terms (because by the end of last week, I was feeling pooped): only 4 friends (who came home with us after preschool), coloring pages printed off the internet, a homemade cake with store-bought frosting, sprinkles and  handmade lego-sculptures on top, and BYOLS (bring your own light saber.)  Oh, I also gave them each a glow stick to wear around their neck. We played some Star Wars themed music and had light saber duels, ate cake and ice cream and the kids just played. And I’m happy to report, they were very happy with it all. And so was I.

Don’t get me wrong – I like cute-themed, well planned kid parties.  For some people it’s something they enjoy and look forward to doing, but sometimes it’s just not going to happen. So I share the mundaneness of this party in case you are like me and looking for permission to not hire a pony and a bouncy castle and a Darth Vader impersonator for your child’s next birthday party and to not feel guilty about it either. Throw some cake and permission to fight with light sabers with the Imperial March playing in the background at most little boys, and they will be totally thrilled.


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    I think birthday parties can be simple and wonderful. Good for you. At our 3-year-old grandson's party two weeks ago, the local firehouse sent the hook and ladder truck to his house for about half an hour. It was fabulous (and good community PR). All our daughter-in-law did was ask if she could bring some kids to see the truck, but they offered to bring the truck to the party. I think the

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    I love what you did for the Star Wars birthday party! I am very fond of simple parties (especially for Littles) and I think that my son will be enjoying something similar when it comes time for his 6th birthday party in June. Thank you for sharing!

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    I love the Union Jack pillow and quilt top! I come from a very English family (ie: tea times and border collies) and I would love to make something like that for them. Will you be posting/selling the pattern?

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    Dude, totally. I am not into the eye-candy party throwing thing. They're fun to look at, and I'm glad that some ladies can pull it off, but it sounds like stress to me. Your boy's party looks rockin'! xox

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    Love Sweet Broderie. I have some of that line too. Also, my daughter&#39;s 3rd birthday is in a few weeks and we are doing low key too. I think a marching band- make a few homemade instruments with containers I&#39;ve been saving up and march around the yard. Then some cake and juice boxes and call it day. :) <br />Loving the low key but just as happy birthdays!

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    Hooray for low key birthday parties and moms who let their kids play with plastic toys! By the way, there is a &quot;lego&quot; candy that actually fits together like bricks. We put these on my son&#39;s birthday cupcakes this year and it was a hit with the 7 year old boys for sure. They are sold in bulk candy stores…they&#39;d be good for treat bags, too- 2 birds, one stone.

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    The rule at our house was a friend party every other year. In between were family parties. With three sons and me teaching school, that worked for us. Of course, we way overdid it when we had a party, but we had as much fun coming up with unusual party ideas as the kids had at the party.

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    I have been letting my kids decorate their own cakes for a few years now and they LOVE it! I make a sheet cake and frost it and then they go to town with toys. Transformers, Indiana Jones, Barbies, whatever is their favorite. We haven&#39;t done Legos yet, that will be this year I am sure. Did the frosting come out of the little parts OK?

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    I totally agree with you! I think with the proliferation of blogs and all the amazing party planners out there, it&#39;s easy to feel like &#39;only the best&#39; will be good enough. But you know what? Those kids will remember what a fun time they had, not what kind of cake it was. <br /><br />And I love that fabric. Thanks for sharing. :)

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    Congratulations on being content with birthday parties that are more simple. Those were the kind of parties my kids were raised on. The slip and slide party in the backyard is still listed among the most favorite.

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    I&#39;m all for simple and casual birthday parties, and I really think the kids prefer it, too. Even when I do plan more elaborate games, we usually end up skipping it because the kids just want to play together.

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    I&#39;m all for keeping expectations low. Yes, there are people whose hobby is party-planning. I am not one of them and I have contented myself with not feeling pressured to do something that just isn&#39;t &quot;me.&quot; Too stressful. Are my kids suffering? Nope. (And we don&#39;t even do gifts from friends either.) It&#39;s all about a simple celebration of friendship.

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