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Today a little bit of UK inspiration in honor of Will and Kate.  (Hope you’re not already suffering Union Jack overload.) If you’ve been around for a while you know I’m a bit of an Anglophile. (Hence the desire to make my own Union Jack quilt.) I’ve lived in England a couple of times, 3 months in London as a student and later 18 months in the northwest (Manchester, Liverpool and the Isle of Man). I think I left a piece of me over there.
Here are a few pictures I’m loving:

Room Seven USA - Spring 2011 Collection Childrens Clothing Bags and Bedding
 Children around the World Set-- Paris, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam
Allsorts Bunting

You can see more of my favorite British images on my Rule Britannia Pinterest Board.

And a few more of my own blocks. Maybe this summer they will finally get sewn together.

Enjoy the festivities, that is if you enjoy that sort of thing. I’ll be setting my dvr (not enough of a die-hard to sacrifice my precious sleep.)  When I lived in London, we lived very close to Kensington Palace and we could hear Diana’s helicopter over head sometimes, but I never actually saw her. I did see Charles and the boys (they were young lads then) at a Royal Shakespeare performance in Stratford. (We had a great view from the balcony of Charles’ bald spot).  Never saw much of the Royals in Liverpool. But they have their own British royalty. (I did visit Penny Lane and see George Harrison’s home.)

And speaking of the UK, anyone watch Upstairs, Downstairs? Thoughts, opinions? Comparisons to Downton?

Have a festive weekend. Cheers my dears.


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    So many great projects using the Union Jack! Having lived in London definitely adds to all the excitement. :) Now I know how we have a common friend…missions! Have a wonderful weekend.

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    Oh my goodness, this was the wedding of the century. She was, absolutely, the most beautiful bride I&#39;ve ever seen, looked just like Grace Kelly. Kate&#39;s image will be timeless, and their &#39;first&#39; kiss will be remembered forever. They are the couple that will pave the way for modern living. This morning is a day I&#39;ll remember forever. <br /><br />Loved it, and love the union jack

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    I&#39;ve been really enjoying both Upstairs, Downstairs and Downton. I&#39;d didn&#39;t see the original Up/Down, but I don&#39;t think that&#39;s detracting in the least from the experience. I think it&#39;s interesting some of the similar themes between the 2 progammes, but I do prefer Downton. I can&#39;t wait for the next season to come out!

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    OMG…I was getting ready to comment on this post and Will and Kate came out in a convertible all decked out with him driving….So freaking sweet!<br /><br />Got up at 5am est to watch the wedding.<br /><br />Love your blocks…<br /><br />Love the photos…<br /><br />LOVE her dress…<br /><br />LOVE U/D and Downton. I need to get Maria to visit those spots…and Buckleberry while she is

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    Love it! Unfortunately I have only seen the UK on the inside of a Heathrow Airport. I need to remedy that one day! I&#39;ll watch parts of the wedding with my daughter tonight!

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    I woke up accidently so I watched the wedding and loved it! Also your flags are wonderful! I am not as crazy about Upstairs, Downstairs as i was about Downton Abbey. I loved that!

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    I&#39;ve never even heard of the movie you mentioned, is it on television. Dang, I&#39;ll be sad if I missed it, I love these types of movies. So I was all excited about the quilt market until I realized it wasn&#39;t for the &quot;general public&quot; Do you know if there is a way to get tickets?

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    I used to watch the original Upstairs/Downstairs and loved it. I&#39;m from Manchester so the brit in me loved the wedding and the dress was gorgeous. I loved that William looked at Kate and whispered &quot;you look beautiful&quot; Aahh moment.<br />Love the Union Jack blocks and the cupcakes

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    New to your blog and I can&#39;t get enough.<br />Absolutely love these blocks! Can&#39;t wait to see them sewn together.<br /><br />Great post!

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    The latest Up/Down was way too short — could have seen more, although leading up the the War, I&#39;m sure I wouldn&#39;t liked to have seen the changes to the household.<br /><br />Can&#39;t get enough of the scenes from the Wedding — but, I have a question for anyone. When they were in the carridge, William saluted a couple of times and when he did Kate put her head down. I apparently missed

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    Loved all the pageantry and patriotism of it all! Made me want to hop a plane to London. Nice to see Will and Kate seem so genuinely compatible and happy together (as opposed, tragically, to Charles and Di.)<br /><br />Connie, thanks so much for your sweet comment. I think Will was saluting as they rode past the Cenotaph on Whitehall- a memorial to British veterans killed in war. I think it was

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    The wedding was amazing! We watched and we made cakes and had them with tea during the service. :o) My DD2 kept waiting for the vicar to say &quot;you can kiss the bride&quot;…she was mighty upset when she realized we had to have lunch and wait until they appeared on the balcony before she would see the kiss!! LOL

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    I love your Union Jack flag blocks and I was glued to the wedding – I watched it with my mam and she cried a couple of times! As you can imagine, the papers and news are full of the wedding and I love seeing all the photos! <br />Connie, Catherine (Duchess of Cambridge!) bowed her head as as a mark of respect as she received the royal salute from the guards and as they passed the cenotaph.

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    I have lOVED that Sarah Jane London picture! Her stuff is so great.<br /> <br />UP/Down just didn&#39;t do it for me at all. In fact, I thought there was still one more episode. Guess not. Oh well, i won&#39;t miss it. I was riveted by Downtown Abby. Had to watch it again on Netflix. In fact, I could watch it again. Very character driven. I cared about all of them and I can&#39;t wait

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    This is such a fun post Amy! Wasn&#39;t Kate so beautiful? I remember when Dianna got married(and her dress), and I thought Kate was as beautiful as Dianna. Hmmm…I guess I never grew out of the princess phase. :)

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