Spring, an App, and a Sale

We had a gorgeous spring weekend around here. (Finally!) And I’m kicking myself for not taking outside pictures of some current projects while the weather was beautiful. Because today it is raining, which is nice for my tulips, but bad for quilts.

Las Vegas
Since I don’t have any project photos, I will share this cool little App from Robert Kaufman that April showed me over the weekend. It’s free from the App store and SO handy (if you have an App device.) It’s a quilting calculator and helps you quickly calculate things like how much batting or backing you need for any size quilt, how many pieces (of any size) you can cut from a piece of yardage, bindings, borders, set-in triangles, etc. It rocks!!
I am so not ‘in-the-know’ on cool things like that.  Any other cool Apps, links, calculators, and the like, that anyone wants to share? Please tell!
And in celebration of finishing your taxes (if you’re in the US) Burgundy Buttons is having a great sale on lots of yardage, including Bella Solids and lots of new Moda collections like Central Park, Chrysalis, Sunkissed, Lollipop – even Sherbert Pips! It all ends tonight! Something to brighten up your tax day. 


  1. says

    Unfortunately, my husband is the one with the iPhone and I doubt he will want that app. It&#39;s neat though!<br />And the sale…….any extra money I had was sent off with the tax form! :o(

  2. says

    Is there some way to use the app on your computer? I don&#39;t have an app phone. <br /><br />Signed,<br /><br />Need this app immediately!!!

  3. says

    This is a pretty good deal. I can download iTunes to my laptop and use the calc on it at home<br />and it looks as though I can download it to my NookColor since it is capable of reading iTunes file format.<br />Thanks for this BIG tip, Amy.<br />Hugs,<br />Gerry

  4. says

    Ooh thanks for the tip, I I just checked and this app is available for Androids too, so if you don&#39;t have an iPhone, but an Android phone like I do, you can download it from Market.

  5. says

    I found this app a couple of months ago and it has come in so very handy. I expecially like it for calculating bindings and backing.

  6. Heidi says

    Thanks for the heads on the calculating app! To me, that is the worst part of quilting–all the math. I think I&#39;ll get a lot of use out of this!

  7. says

    Ii have an app on my ipad called BlockFab. It has a library of blocks then different options you could do with them like Tile, w/Plain, Sashing, Pair, and Combine plus it gives you the sizes and amounts for each piece you need. Pretty cool plus it&#39;s free! :)

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