Two worlds collide: Denyse Schmidt at JoAnn Fabrics

(photo shamelessly pilfered from Lori Holt)
People. Did you hear that Denyse Schmidt has a new line of fabric at JoAnn Fabrics? Yes, you heard me right.  I read it today on True Up and Bee In My Bonnet. Lori even has said fabric in her possession. (Check Lori’s post to see more pictures and colors.) I have to admit I didn’t love Greenfield Hill (forgive me if that sounds blasphemous.) But this stuff is calling my name.
Lori also assures that the fabric quality is good and is found in the Fine Fabrics section. It retails for $9.99 a yard.
Wouldn’t you know it, it’s Spring Break around here.  “Hey kids! Let’s bag the zoo and go to JoAnn Fabrics!”  uh . . . probably wouldn’t get a very welcome response. But next Monday, I am there. Coupon in hand.


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    yessss! my nearest joanns is an hour drive away. :( I called and they didn't have it in yet, I'm waiting – impatiently, like a fabric stalker.

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    I love the reds! Also the Lecien red and white print below. Beautiful.<br /><br />I feel for you soccer mom. I when I signed my daughter up for T ball a few years ago I said I could be assistant coach if they needed me (I am a good organizer, even if I can&#39;t throw a ball) and I ended up being coach. Oh, and I was 5 months pregnant. I didn&#39;t feel like I made a very good coach, but

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    Thanks for the heads up. I won&#39;t buy fabric at our Joann&#39;s though. They cheat us. Sad to say. They stretch the fabric and then cut it so close to their thumb they practically cut it. When I ask them to remeasure always they have been short. So sad. We have two other shops in town that give 3 to 4 inches more over what we ask for. Generosity pays off as that is where I buy my fabric. (And

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    I&#39;m going to check out the Joann Fabrics near me this afternoon. I&#39;m not that familiar with all the designers yet, are there others that are regularly carried at Joann&#39;s?

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    i&#39;ve found out this morning on flickr…and immediately posted a shoutout on my blog to us friends…too bad joann&#39;s isn&#39;t selling it on their website. but then, they don&#39;t ship internationally :(.<br />my fingers are crossed that someone will listen …because these fabrics are calling my name, too!

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    I saw Lori&#39;s post this morning and was heading to my closest Jo-Ann&#39;s (1/2 drive) today anyways. I didn&#39;t ask but I did not see any of it anywhere! I too will be stalking!:) Thanks Amy!:)

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    I didn&#39;t like the last line at all. But this stuff is beautiful! I was just there yesterday, but I wasn&#39;t looking for it. I may have to go back tonight!

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    I was at Joanns yesterday afternoon and saw some gorgeous prints. And wouldn&#39;t you know it, they were hers. The fabric feels like butter, it is so incredibly soft! Now I wish I had bought some of it…. I better wait for some more coupons though :)

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    Ok – I bought some. I could not resist. <br /><br />But I don&#39;t think the base fabric is as nice – the weave is not as tight as I am used to from quilt-shop-cottons. But – it is drapier. Also – it is priced at $10/yd – which I expect at a quilt shop (with better service, better cuts, no &quot;take a number&quot;) – but there are 50% off coupons this week/weekend.<br /><br />Still – not

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    You know I work there – so of course when I saw them, I about died! I didn&#39;t even realize they were Denyse Schmidt cuz it just said &quot;DS&quot; on the end ofthe bolt and i didn&#39;t take a close look. !!! wow – yay!!

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    Oh, that is amazing!!! And ditto on the Greenfield Hill, by the way.<br /><br />Can I bribe you? We don&#39;t have JoAnn&#39;s up in Canada….would you be willing to buy extra when you go on Monday and sell it to me via your etsy shop?? I would loooooove to get my hands on some! Fully serious here :-)

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    My friend went shopping yesterday and bought some of everything they had, for both of us (I LOVE friends like that). She went back today and all the dots are gone. Gone! I heard there are 21 prints and we are missing five of them, but still, having 16 is pretty good!

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    I agree with Marilyn. The cutting thing is ridiculous. Once they cut off the last 1&quot; of fabric on the end of the bolt, rather than including it in my (five yard) purchase. <br /><br />I have mixed feelings about this, as I think our little quilt shops should be the places we go for fabrics–or reputable online shops. I am not a fan of JoAnn&#39;s quilt fabrics!

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    I went to the Joann&#39;s near where I live and they only had part of the line. I purchased small amounts because I wasn&#39;t sure about whether I liked it or not…I wish they would have had all of the line because I couldn&#39;t purchase the tiles and that was what I really wanted!!

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    What section is everyone finding these fabrics in? I went yesterday (Melbourne, FL) and couldn&#39;t find any – and the folks that work there couldn&#39;t help me. Are they mixed in with the calicos on the walls? Thanks!

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    I just went to JoAnn&#39;s =D I&#39;m new to sewing, so looking online is even more overwhelming than in person! I picked up a few yards of this fabric (since I don&#39;t have any) and it is soooo soft!! There wasn&#39;t very much of it though…only about 1/2 of a small shelf, but the shelf below was empty, so maybe they are getting more?

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    Any Aussie quilters who are looking for this fabric – I found it at Spotlight for AU$16.99 (with 20% off!). I was so excited! <br /><br />Amy – I love your blog, I&#39;ve only just started quilting and I&#39;m 30 and my friends think it&#39;s a hobby for grannies :) Thanks for sharing. <br /><br />Sarah, Perth, Western Australia

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