Union Jack Quilt Blocks

I’ve started making new Union Jack blocks. (Here’s where the last round went. And here.)  
I worked on them almost the whole time I was at the Retreat a couple of weeks ago. I even showed this one to Sandy Klop because the blue with white dots fabric is from one of her first collections, Apple Pie. (I’ve been hoarding it for just the right project. And here it is! This is the “just the right” project where I’m finally pulling out a lot of those lovingly-saved fabrics.) 
I’m also pleased to report Sandy liked my block. She’s just nice like that. (I felt kind of like a proud Kindergartener showing my teacher my play-doh sculpture.)
Many people have asked what pattern I am using for my Union Jacks – I’m using this pattern by Busy Bee called Victory Garden. It is a great pattern and very easy to follow, even if you are new to quilting. I’ve modified it a little so that I don’t waste as much fabric (the ‘blue’ field of the Union Jack wastes a lot.)  So I end up kind of paper piecing those blocks (the ones with the diagonal stripes) instead.
And yesterday I found a way to break away and run to JoAnn with out too much childhood trauma inflicted. A lot of the Denise Schmidt collection was already gone (including the dots!) but I got a few pieces. I’m thinking these will work in my Union Jacks as well.   I’m going to try and check back in the future for more. 
Because I’d also love to make a quilt like this one that my mom made in the 1970’s. Or this one that crazy mom quilts just made. I love them both. Puts me in the mood to just sit around and cut up fabric. But this is not the week (spring break). Instead we’re off on an exotic adventure to the Library and Costco. (If I could just shower already.) Wish me luck!


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    Love your Union Jack blocks – so fresh looking! And I managed to score me some of those DS dots at Joann's this morning…… 50% off with a coupon…. 😉

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    Those look great! Love how you paid attention to cutting the stripes/dots evenly. The "neat cutting freak" in me really appreciates it. lol

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    So beautiful! I'm going to need to make one of these for my little sister, I think. She's in LOVE with London. Thanks for the lovely idea!

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    The first block in this post is my favorite! It's just so bright and cheerful. I think I could come sleep at your house sometime just to cuddle up to some of your lovely quilts.

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    Loving the flags. They are turning out so cute and the new Denise Schmidt fabric is going to make a darling flag. I already hit joAnn's too and I want to go back and find the one's that weren't at the Draper store. Did you go to the JoAnn's in Orem? I will have to go there too!

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    What a sweet quilt your mother made, the fabrics chosen are lovely. It is a beautiful thing to wrap up in a quilt made by a loved one, isn't it?

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