Thursday, May 26, 2011

Giveaway winner and Help for tornado victims

Before we get to the winner I just want to share a way we can help those in the US affected by the horrific tornadoes and storms in the mid-west and the south.  Jane shared with me this site, 'Bama Bound Quilts, where they are taking donations for those who were made homeless by the round of storms in April.  If you are aware of other groups taking donations, please share in the comments. I will add them to the post.  You can also make donations through LDS Charities where 100% of your donation goes directly to those in need (none of your donation goes to administrative overhead) or to the Red Cross.

For more opportunities to help or contribute check here:
Old Red Barn Co.
Patchwork Times

I'm continually amazed by the generosity and the difference made by the blogging community coming together in service.

And now the Sew Mama Sew giveaway. Holy guacamole. I think that's the biggest response I've ever had. I'm really sorry I don't have something to give each of you. And now, the winner of the Robert Kaufman roll-up is #549:
Jess said...

drool... this is awesome!
Congratulations Jess, you lucky duck! But do not despair if you didn't win this time - I have another sweet giveaway tomorrow!
(And because a post is not complete without a picture, I finally pulled out these blocks and laid them out for a quilt last night. I think it's going to be a good one.)


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Dana at Old Red Barn blog is raising funds for Joplin MO with all funds going to the Red Cross:

Deborah in Atlanta said...

Congratulations, Jess. "Drool" is right!!!

QuilterB said...

Judy Liquidara at Patchwork Times is collecting money for the Red Cross in Joplin and quilts. Check her blog for information.

~The Bargain Babe said...

Bama Bound Quilts is so neat! I just clicked over to see the site!

I'm hoping to go on a mission trip/work trip with my church this year to Joplin. They need soooo much help.

Evelene S said...

Congratulations Jess!

Erin said...

Congratulations Jess, and thank you once again Amy for hosting this great giveaway :)

Erin x

Rae Ann said...

Amy... We have several semi trucks leaving in the next few days for Joplin, The trucks will be leaving from our warehouse in American Fork, UTAH. The last one will be next Tuesday, the 31st, and we'd like to see them full if possible. Everything is needed, as these people lost all that they had. :( Summer clothing socks, and shoes for warm weather; diapers, pillows, blankets, emergency kits, toys, toiletries, laundry soap, backpacks and duffle bags, tents and camping gear, anything and everything you could spare... New condition please!
Anyone living in Utah wishing to donate... give me a holler on my blog... or e-mail me @ Thanks!
Oh... and congrats to Jess!

Wendys Hat said...

What a great cause! Thanks for sharing!