A good day at the Thrift Store

Warning: Thrift-nerd post ahead. I haven’t been doing much thrifting lately. Partly because of time but mainly because I just don’t need more stuff. But every great while I pop it to check on the pyrex. Because it’s like a train wreck for me, I just have to stop and look. And lately, zilch.

Well, the Saturday before Easter I was doing last minute shopping, sans kids, and totally striking out everywhere. I could not find a decent sweater vest for my 7 yr old and no new DS fabric at JoAnn’s. Rats. So I was driving by my favorite thrift shop on my way home and thought, I’ll just run in for 5 minutes. Jackpot! Two things that were on my wish list and one I didn’t even know I wanted.

First of all a big yellow pyrex bowl.  I’ve wanted some bright yellow pyrex but never find any, and I’ve needed a big summer salad bowl. Woo.  It’s not in mint condition, but it will do. I was so excited.

Then sitting next to the yellow bowl was this beauty. I’m not a super-expert on pyrex and I had never seen the dark blue, but I loved it. With those cheerful daisys? How could you not.  And this one is in mint condition.  Most of my vintage pyrex collection is in the 1970’s harvest tones so I’m always excited when I find something out of that realm. As I did a little google research, I discovered that it’s Blue Colonial Mist or something like that. (Someone with a knowlege far superior to mine feel free to jump in here.) There’s even a similar bowl available on ebay right now!

Then finally, the vintage sheets. After just recently doing a big vintage sheet destash, I’m pretty discriminating about accumulating any more. But there it was a whole sheet in one of my favorite patterns. I’d found a pillow case in this pattern a while back and wished there were more.
 I’d even framed it and hung it in the center of my hoops wall because I loved it so much. What am I going to do with the sheet now that I have it? I have no idea. But for $5 I figured I could eventually come up with something good.
Yay. And then I succumbed to two other good ones because I do need a few other non-white sheets to finish off the quilt I want to make. 
And so things evened out that day. Which made me think of this random Jack Handy article for the New Yorker. I highly recommend it if you are a JH fan. If not, you are going to think I am a total weirdo.


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    I have quite a lot of pyrex but mine are white with various designs. Love the blue Colonial one. I&#39;ve not had much luck thrifting recently but I live in hope!<br />Hadn&#39;t heard of Jack Handy but that was brilliant article, still laughing .. my sort of weird.<br />Carol xx

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    I actually ended up with that whole daisy set of Pyrex when my grandmother moved into the nursing home. It&#39;s lovely! Congratulations on your thrifty finds! Not too shabby for just sticking your toe in the water after a hiatus.

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    These look like the kind of things I got as wedding gifts. Oh, wait…..those ARE the kinds of things I got as wedding gifts! (in 1970) I love the hoop wall! What a great idea!!!!

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    Congrats on the great finds! I&#39;ve been searching for that daisy print yellow sheet…my mom used to have it in our guest room when I was little and I absolutely loved it! Maybe someday I&#39;ll find one of my own :)

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    Great finds! I recently got turned onto vintage pyrex by my SIL…not a good thing :0 There&#39;s so many cool patterns out there! Question on the sheets – how do you use them in your quilts? I&#39;ve heard you shouldn&#39;t use them as backings because of the looser/different thread counts, is this true? I&#39;d love to know as I have a few vintage sheets myself I&#39;m dying to use and

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    My mom had a full set of the blue and white pyrex. They nested in each other alternating blue with white flowers and white with blue.<br /><br />The smallest only held about 3 cups, and the biggest was for double batches of cookies or muffins.<br /><br />Enjoy!

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    Love your new Pyrex bowls. I think you&#39;re right on the name of the blue one. I have a set of them but tend to forget the name myself because I think it should at least have the word &quot;daisy&quot; in it, but it doesn&#39;t!

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    savers or DI?<br /><br />i really need to do better about stopping in thrift stores. i always have kids with me and don&#39;t want them begging for old junk (even though that&#39;s what i&#39;m buying – haha).

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    Great score at the thrift store. I have a huge yellow pyrex bowl that I found for 4.99 at the Salvation Army last year! I love thrifting…like finding buried treasure!

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    Thank you for introducing me to Jack Handy. Loved it!<br /><br />I don&#39;t have anything to say about thrifting, because I&#39;m a complete imbecile about such a delicate and patience-needing art. Maybe some day. When I&#39;m ready, though, I&#39;ll come to you for pointers.

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    nice scores! I found my first pyrex bowls this past weekend. A big yellow one like you have, a medium in red and a smaller one in blue. I was so excited! It&#39;s kind of fun to find a few things like that, but now I&#39;m addicted!

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    LOL I totally blame you for my new vintage sheets obsession! Luckily they are super-cheap LOL! I can usually get them at our local store for 1 or 2 dollars. I&#39;m a sucker for colorful clear glass drinking glasses. With 2 boys, we&#39;re always breaking them, so I stock up every time I see them :). It&#39;s also the only way to go for kids&#39; dress clothes!

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    Haha, I LOVE your thrift nerd posts! Those bowls are gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. The big yellow one is the largest in a set of four, the other three nest inside in red, green and blue. They are hard to come by! And the blue is just plain pretty. Pretty Pretty Pretty! I really need to go up there more often….. like tomorrow… yep, tomorrow.

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    I love the big yellow pyrex bowl. you could visit my blog… first entry…. bigyellowbowl.blogspot.com I just stumbled upon yours tonight after work. :) Thanks

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    You are so entertaining to follow – I too have a pyrex obsession but always refrain from adding to my own couple of pieces. I can&#39;t bring myself to use the 2 big bowls I do have 😀 I love the evening out article too – perfect.

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    I have 4 mixing bowls in the white/bowl pyrex family like your blue bowl. I got them for a wedding gift in 1985 so that could be a starting point for you to find the age. I use them all the time and still love them after all this time.

  17. Leslie says

    I believe you are correct. The blue bowl is Colonial Mist. I am lucky to have all 4 bowls. The smallest 3 came from a yard sale. The hard to find large bowl came from Salvation Army. Sometimes I am lucky. They come out to play on patriotic holidays mixed with some red bowls.

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