Happier Brickyard Quilt

 This is quilt #2 made from Deena Rutter’s Happier fabrics.
I really love the way that this one shows off the cute prints.
I’m excited because this one will also be displayed in the Riley Blake booth at Market next week. I know there will be tons of other quilts and displays – mine may end up in a tucked-away corner – but I’ll know it’s there and that makes me happy. :)

I pieced the back with some of the trees and the more of the stripe and used the green with blue dots for binding. This fabric lives up to it’s name – it IS very happy.

I am writing a pattern for this one. When all the craziness around here dies down a little. Because, let’s face it, the craziness never completely goes away.


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    It IS very happy. And how marvelous to know that so many ladies (and a few fellas) will be oohing and aahing over it in the Riley Blake booth. I love the orange pops of color – I would never consider myself an orange person, but I just love orange on quilts! I need to add orange to my stash. Congrats on another gorgeous finish!

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    Amazing! I am going to be free motion quilting for the first time (other than practice) this weekend. Any tips, tricks, or special techniques???<br /><br />Kate

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    I&#39;m in love with this quilt! So happy and fun. Congrats on having it on display at market. <br /><br />And pattern? Yes please!

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    Oh Amy – this quilt is just wonderful! You did great displaying the fabric with a classy twist! And be sure to take a photo of it in SLC because I&#39;m sure it will be prominently displayed!

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    What a beautiful quilt!! I&#39;ve been looking and looking at tons of quilts this week. I want to make my daughter a full sized quilt with bigger squares like yours. If you write up a pattern that one may be the one I use! I haven&#39;t seen any others come close to the idea in my head! :-)

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    This is a wonderful quilt and will have many quilters wanting to make it. I have never made a brick quilt but want to do so since seeing your happy quilt. I love it. I think I have a pattern. Now what to use. Thank you, Thank you.

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    Hi Amy:<br />Hey, will you tell me, when is the garden quilt show that Amy sponsors? I have occasion to be in Utah two times this summer, just wanting to make some quilty plans. Thanks!

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    I am in love with this quilt! One day when my skills improve, I will definitely attempt it.<br />I think my favorite part is the way the stripes go in different directions. Beautiful.

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    Love this quilt and its colors. Perfect for this time of year. Thank you for sharing.<br /><br />Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

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    I love this quilt and it is &quot;Happy&quot;<br />Congratulations on having it on display at Quilt Market! Yes please, may I reserve a pattern<br />when it&#39;s available? I shall keep looking. Always gratefully, Luba

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