Quilt Market Eye Candy

A little more Quilt Market eye candy to share.  Man, I took so many pictures -enough for multiple posts. But rather than dragging this out forever I decided to just overload you all at once and get it over with!  So without further ado, let’s go. I loved the quilt booth above by Zen Chic– I thought the subtle colors and design of that modern quilt were so soothing.
Some Michael Miller love. Designer Sandi Henderson’s award winning both full of thrift store finds. Her new collection Secret Garden is lovely.  Also new Michael Miller designer Emily Herrick and her collection Going Coastal. Fun, bright and cute. Emily’s booth was also an award winner. Both girls were so lovely and yes, nice. :)

Moda favorites new and old: First my perennial favorite and new BFF (i wish!) Sandy Klop. Actually, Sandy is so real and genuine she really does make you feel like one of her old friends.  And she didn’t even treat me like some lunatic stalker (which I totally am). And then new favorite Cabbages and Roses. I’d bought the Fat 1/8th pack  of their new collection the night before at sample spree and then, low and behold, Union Jacks! We are destined to get along well.

Bonnie and Camille’s new collection for fall, Ruby. Super cute. (As I look at this picture, I am kicking myself for not snatching one of those little sample packs!)

More Moda designers: Aneela Hoey and her new collection Little Apples, lovely Liesl from Oliver + S, Joanna Figueroa (I didn’t ask for pictures with many designers just because I felt like a geek, but I did ask for one with Joanna because it was the same day I was on Moda Bake Shop using her fabric, a cosmic coincidence. But I still felt like a geek), and Kaari Meng from French General who was, you guessed it, so nice.

The Kona booth and meeting Katy! (Katy sent me a lovely parcel once and I’ve loved her ever since. Plus, she’s hilarious. And I just wanted to stand next to her all day, just so I could hear her lovely British accent.) And Joel Dewberry’s gorgeous booth. Very impressed with Joel and his lovely wife Laurie.  My favorite touch of their fabulous booth was the family picture. Love it. (I think I take special pride in the Dewberrys because we share the same alma mater. As does Heather Bailey, btw.)

 Check out these amazing designs by Don’t Look Now.  Blows my mind.
 I love all this inspiration and ideas from the Basic Grey booth. Cool stuff!

Beautiful color at the Anna Maria Horner booth. Love the colorwheel made of floss. Lots of great stitching going on – literally – in the AMH booth.

 Ahh! Japanese imports – my absolute favorites! The Kokka’s and Echino’s prints including Heather Ross’s Far Far Away prints. Wonderful. I wanted to just sit and rifle through all their samples.

 Here’s a tiny bit of the Riley Blake displays. Above is Lori Holt’s new line Oh Cherry. Lori’s quilts are amazing.  It almost made me sad to see them have to be folded up and squished together instead of spread out in their glory.  Lori is local so I’m hoping to get another peak at them in full some time. Also Deena Rutter’s Happier line and the quilts I made for her. woot! Finally, I loved that Riley Blake had a Man Cave complete with flat screen TV playing the movie Hoosiers
Next Lizzy House. Her new collection 1001 Peeps is great – esp if you are a Castle Peeps fan. And my favorite? The pearl bracelet print in green. And it is the perfect shade of green, no less. I can’t wait to get my hands on some.  Lizzy was beyond nice to share with me one of her coveted 1001 Peeps bags from Schoolhouse. (I need to get a picture.)

Speaking of young designers, there were some fabulous new designers with their first booths at Market. Wow – I am impressed with these girls. Some great designs! Clockwise starting top left: April Rosenthal of Prairie Grass Patterns, Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew, Amber of Gigi’s Thimble and Julie of Jaybird Quilts. Good luck girls! I think you’re amazing!  Perhaps one of them is the Eleanor Burns of tomorrow. (Speaking of EB – I’m totally kicking myself for not getting of picture of her in her astronaut costume.)

And finally, the award for nicest person at Quilt Market (okay maybe it’s a tie with Sandy Klop) is Jennifer Paganelli. Talk about real and down to earth and super, super fun. She’s a gem and she makes everyone feel like they’re her funnest friend on the planet.

If you’re looking for some more inspiration and insight into Quilt Market, check out these talented girls: Kim and Kris of the DIY Dish or Daria of Boutique Cafe. Daria will soon have video interview with lots of your favorite designers on Boutique Cafe, so stay tuned.

Okay, you are probably totally Marketed-out by now, as am I. But if you’re somehow not, be sure to check KPKM for more Market hoopla.


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    Fantastic photos Amy, you look so happy to be there amoungst all those wondeful designers and their beautiful quilts. I wish we had things like that here in Australia.

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    Lovely photos, and the collages are super as well! Must admit I'm a bit jealous that you went to the totally awesome market, but I'm quite grateful to see your lovely pics :) thanks for posting them all!

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    Thank you so much for sharing this and giving peek at what went on!!!I wish we had lovely quilt fairs like that here !!!!:(, Thanks again.

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    I love seeing all your pictures of Market. Where have I been? This is the first I've heard of Zen Chic. Love that Modern quilt hanging on the wall.

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    Is it ok to have favorites….your market posts have been the BEST!!! Thanks for making me a mouse in your pocket. It has been SEW much fun!!!

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    This was an awesome post Amy! Your photos of Ruby were the best lighting I've seen in blogland – it is beautiful. We could have had so much fun at Market (if I had been there) HE HE !!

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    O my…Market looks so fabulous! Really bummed I couldn&#39;t go. <br />Great post! Seriously! I am new to everything quilt and this has given me some insight as to what its really all about: good times, talented good people, and fun! Not to mention all the amazing quilts :) Thanks again for posting and updating us all on everything you&#39;re up to. You are an inspiration!

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    that photo of the 2 of us is too cute! It was so awesome to finally meet you face to face – thank you for organising the bloggers meet up too, it was great fun!<br /><br />My award for nicest person at market is also Jen. She is so genuine and caring and right on the ball with everything. You can&#39;t fail to love her.

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    oh my head is spinning with all the quilt and fabric loveliness i have just looked at. i can only imagine that being there had to be beyond wonderful

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    This was a great photo post,I love it.<br />I relook all the quilts and fabrics,they are absolutely wonderful.Thanks for sharing them.

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    Oh what a wonderful summed up news of the Market…this is my roller coaster ride for the morning…thanks for all those lovely pictures and news tidbits

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    I forgot the Man CAve. I thought that was sooo funny and perfect!! <br /><br />I adore Eleanor Burns. She taught me everything I know. She and PBS in the 90&#39;s!!!!

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    I&#39;ve been living the quilt market vicariously through your posts…thanks so much! I sure wish I could have been there- it being just a few miles away from me…. someday hopefully! <br />p.s. It was neat to find out you all went to MY Alma Mater also! :)

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    Did you see the England Swings line? They featured it at the Fat Quarter Shop blog today and I totally thought of you. She even has a song that goes with the line.

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