To Market, to Market

I’m reposting this, thanks to the Great Blogger Outage that erased the previous version +comments. (Grrr.)
Here are a couple of final sneak peaks of projects I’ve been working on this week. It is for a VERY cute new collection for Michael Miller by new fabric designer, Sarah Jane. I’ve been a big fan of Sarah Jane’s prints for a couple of years now so it was a huge honor to get to help her put some things together for her booth this week.  You can see more of her new collection here.
I promise to share finished project pictures next week. Once the madness of this week dies down.  I am so excited to go and just be a proverbial fly on the wall of this craziness called Quilt Market. I was going to try to make a new bag or cute camera strap before I go, but that’s not looking likely to happen at this point. (Which is kind of okay, because I don’t know if I could handle the stress or the politics of whose fabric I would choose! :)  Anyone who’s been before have any good advice for a Market novice like me?
If you are wanting the latest Market updates (because let’s face it, it may be a couple of days for me to recover and post pictures) be sure to visit PamKittyMorning for the list of reports. (Click above.)

I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be trying to put together a booth for Market. It must be insane. Or the stress of trying to go and market yourself – I feel very relieved not to feel that pressure and to be able to just go and enjoy the spectacle of it all. Or the stress for a non-party-planning-type-person trying to figure out how to plan a bloggers meetup/party? Oh wait…

For anyone still interested in coming to the Quilt Market Meetup who wasn’t able to get reservations: the weather forecast is looking awesome so we’ll have extra overflow space on the patio. Yay! Feel free to drop by. We only have enough swag for those with reservations, but we’ll have plenty of food and door-prizes for all.  I only wish we could have ALL of you there. You are such fun people. People who get my fabric-loving-weirdness. :)

Reports to come . . .


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    I shall be at your bloggers meetup. Because it's the closest I'll get to Quilt Market and I want to feel some of the excitement and craziness! So I'm really glad you planned it!

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    I won't be there Amy, but my advice for a first time Market attendee is to try to meet as many designers as possible! Seeing the fabric and quilt designs is amazing, but I wish I had attempted to meet more people. If I have a "next time" that is what I'll do. Have a blast Amy!

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    Loving that preview of Sarah Jane's fabric – I have also admired her illustrations, and hope a local shop picks up her fabric!

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    Love those little dots and pinwheels! I haven't been to a Quilt Market so I don't have any real advice but I will say that you should have fun, take LOTS of pictures and make sure you don't have any "I wish I woulda" moments. Take care!

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    Have a wonderful, wonderful time. I will be sending so many happy thoughts your way. I'm a little sad I can't join you, but so happy for those that can attend. Make sure to show us lots of pictures!

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    Totally green with envy right now!! I can't wait to order Children at Play. It's delicious!! Have a brilliant time at market! Oh so jealous!

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    Wow! That's a really cool line — I spotted the hopscotch on your pinwheels……and those paper hats and airplanes, super cute! Thank you for the heads-up on this collection — looks to be a summer release. Gotta love Michael Miller!!

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    oh amy, i love those prints so much, can't wait to see more of the projects you made with them. That tufted pillow or cushion looks so fun! have fun at market. when I went I was so in awe of everything. And plus I'm not the social butterfly type, but the designers are all super friendly and love to hear from bloggers. :)

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    I noticed that blogger erased this post because I really wanted to comment on that wonderful pin wheel quilt but couldn't. I absolutely love the color choice with the blue, red and pink and is that hand quilted?? So jealous. I don't have the time nor the patience to hand quilt but I adore how it looks. Thanks for reposting :)

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    I am over the moon with those hand quilted pinwheels! I am loving the colors and combinations! That gingham is so sweet and a perfect cherry red!!

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