Saturday, June 25, 2011

Etsy Update and Fabric Destash

I've been updating the etsy shop today. The biggest announcement is the return of the i-spy charm packs!
They come in two different options: 50 squares or 65 squares + the pattern for the i-spy quilt.
The pattern is also available separately. I am no longer cutting full kits for the i-spy quilt but the pattern gives the yardage requirements for the rest of the fabrics.  I like to use an Essex linen/cotton blend for my off-set squares because I like the texture change and it's so much easier to work with than 100% linen. I buy it from Canton Village Quilt Works. I use the colors Natural or Sand. (And it's a great time to buy from Canton Village because the whole shop is 15% off through June 28 with the code welcome15.)
Also listed is a charm pack of 3.5" squares from American Jane prints. All of the fabrics are out of print and hard to find. These squares could be used with the i-spy squares for a cute little project or would be great for hexagons. I used many of them on my hexagon project last summer (I use the 1.5" size hexagon template - that's 1.5" per side).

Also listed are a collection of American Jane (and friends) pre-cut pennant triangles to make your own pennant buntings or quilts. There are 21 different fabrics/triangles per kit.

And there's more. You can check it out at my etsy shop.  I'm happy to send all of this fabric to a loving home.


  1. awesome! i've been trying to destash, too. so far, i've just cut squares for my hexagon kits, but i think i want to sell some bigger pieces as well :)

  2. Oh I just looooove those American Jane charms & pennants! Yum- I cna't get enough of the 1930s charm!

  3. I will *definitely* be watching your shop this summer!! :o)
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful fabrics with us! :o)
    Sincerely, Trish

  4. I got excited and bought a set of ispy blocks with the pattern. =) I have been waiting for you to list your ispy squares, I am so excited that I was able to grab some =)

  5. Me too--love the I Spy blocks and pattern--just snatched some up quick for the little grandson on the way!

  6. love that i-spy quilt, now I want to make one for my son, thanks for the inspiration! xo amy

  7. Just ordered the I SPY charm squares, it's the perfect little quilt to make to use when I go hang out with my grandkids! I also purchased a Baby Geniuses Speak up charm pack and very well might end up making this a reversable quilt! Thanks for the inspiraton!

  8. Oops, that should have been I 'purchased the Baby Geniuses charm pack RECENTLY from another online shop', they are cute but certainly not fussy cut like yours will be :) Didn't want to confuse anyone reading. (need to use that preview button!)

  9. I just recieved a set of your i spy squares that I bought from you. I love them, but was wondering, didn't you say the pattern came with the squares? Or do I need to purchase it separately?

  10. Hi, do you have any more of these kits? Super cute!

    Heather Spencer


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