A shout out to Dads

My and my Dad circa 1979. Love the hair and those plaid pants.
I realize it’s totally late in the day for this but I want to give a quick shout out to Dads since today was Father’s Day in the States. 
I’ve learned that it’s a great thing that men and women don’t always think alike.  A few years ago I had an event I really wanted to attend and luckily for me it was right by my husband’s office so he offered to take our little boys during his lunch break so I could go. When I returned to the car afterwards, I found my almost-4-yr-old wearing a new outfit: 

Turns out he got so excited about having lunch with Dad he didn’t want to tell him when he needed to get to the bathroom and had a little overflow issue. At first my husband wasn’t sure what to do because I had neglected to bring along any back-up pants.

So he came up with this wardrobe option to get them through the rest of lunch, give me time to finish my thing , and get us back home again. I don’t think I would have come-up with it in a thousand years. But it totally worked. Good job, Dad. I’m so glad you’re my partner in this crazy adventure called parenthood.

Maybe I can get him to do a guest post tutorial on how to make children’s clothes out of take-out bags. Might be a popular one.


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    That is too funny! I sure hope you do let him guest host your blog with his ideas! My husband definately doesn't do things the way I would – but ya gotta love em for trying!

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    Bahahahaha! That&#39;s AWESOME! And the fact that the bag has &quot;Thank You&quot; printed on it is perfect, what a riot!<br /><br />You may have something there, perhaps you should trademark the idea!

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    What a creative solution!!! Your husband is a smart man!<br />Mine fixed his broken zipper once at work by closing his fly with duct tape! Creative, but very distracting!!!

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    OMGosh Amy…that is too funny!<br />After looking at the photo and reading what the deal-e-o was…I almost needed to make some for myself…lol!<br />xx<br />lori

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    LOL! I got a BIG laugh out of this one. I&#39;m always amazed at how resourceful my hubby can be when I&#39;m not there to &quot;run the show&quot;. This is a classic!

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    Oh my gosh, Amy, I forgot about this. I just showed our parents and the Bowens and we all laughed to tears. Great story. PS, Dad appreciates the shout out.

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