Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Soul Blossom Lattice Quilt Pattern Available

The pattern for the Soul Blossom Lattice Quilt is now available by clicking here:

The quilt measures 67.5" x 82". Also included is a Twin Size option measuring 75.5" x 90". (And newly added Queen and King size options) The pattern is 10 pages with color photos and illustrations and comes in downloadable pdf format. You can print it instantly for your personal use. Cost is $9.00.

Fabric requirements:
Throw (67.5” x 82”):
Squares: (32) 9 ½” squares (One Layer Cake or a total of 2 ¼ yards of fabric)
Side setting triangles: (7/8 yard total or (5) 14” squares)
Corner Setting triangles: (1/4 yard total or (2) 7 ¼” squares)
Cornerstones: 1/6 yard
Sashing: 1 3/8 yards
Outside border: 7/8 yard
Binding: 5/8 yard
Back: 4 yards

Twin (75.5” x 90”):
[fabric same as above except the following]
Sashing fabric/first border: 1 5/8 yards
Outside border fabric:  1 1/6 yards
Binding fabric: ¾ yard
Backing:  5 ½ yards

Squares: (50) 9½” squares (One Layer Cake [set of (42) 10” squares] + two 9½” strips OR a total of 3½ yards of fabric) 
Side setting triangles: (7/8 yard total or (5) 14” squares) 
Corner setting triangles: (1/4 yard total or (2) 7 ¼” squares) 
Cornerstones: 1/4 yard, Sashing: 1 5/8 yards, Inside Border fabric: 7/8 (may be same as sashing fabric), Outside border: 1 5/8 yard, 
Binding: 3/4 yard, Back: 8 yards

KING SIZE: Squares: (61) 9½” squares (Two sets of 10” precut squares OR a total of 4 1/4 yards of fabric) 
Side setting triangles: (7/8 yard total or (5) 14” squares) 
Corner setting triangles: (1/4 yard total or (2) 7 ¼” squares) 
Cornerstones: 3/8 yard, Sashing: 2 yards, Inside Border fabric: 1 (may be same as sashing fabric), Outside border: 2 1/4 yard, Binding: 7/8 yard, Back: 9 yards

Sorry about the day delay in listing. I was hoping my son wearing a plastic take-out bag would prove a good distraction.

As a reward for your patience, here is the link to the Butterscotch Oatmeal cookies recipe that we used.  (My kids are always suspicious when there are large chunks of something remotely 'whole-grainy/healthy' looking in the cookies, so I put the oatmeal in the food processor before I add them to the cookies. Works like a charm and helps me justify eating so many of them.)


  1. Awesome!!! I told my LQS owner about this quilt. I think she's interested in selling your pattern - do you have it in paper versions? I'll put her in touch with you!

  2. Love this pattern! I'll have to have it soon!
    Beautiful quilt!

  3. So cute! Does it come in a paper pattern?

  4. I'm so excited. i will be purchasing soon!!!!! YEAH!!!! I am almost finished with my second Amy Butler quilt but nothing as beautiful as this!

  5. i LOVE it, and the quilt is so lovely!! :)

  6. I'm so happy the pattern is available! I've been stalking your blog, anxiously waiting. I've just ordered mine.

  7. Is American Quilting selling the layer cake? I've looked all over the Internet for 9.5" squares and can't find it (I want to avoid buying fat quarters if I can).

  8. What a great pattern to highlight any large print Amy! I'm going to measure my Soul Blossom to see if I have enough.


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