Tutorial: How to make children’s clothes out of take-out bags

Another Tutorial this week and today we have a special Guest Blogger. Thanks to the response from my Father’s Day post we have an official tutorial for making upcycled children’s clothing from plastic take-out bags. Think of the myriad of possibilities when this look would come in handy. This is my husband’s first opportunity to share his own creativity on this blog.  Perhaps this tutorial will be useful enough to hit the big time.  We await a call from Martha any day now. Let’s give him a warm welcome:

Hi Amy’s blog friends. I’m flattered and grateful for all your positive comments about my solution for our boy’s accident at lunch one day. I was surprised by Amy and many of you writing that you wouldn’t have thought of it. So I will take Amy up on her invitation to write a tutorial how to do so. And thanks so much for all the nice comments and validations you give Amy!
1.       Get little boy into bathroom and clean him up while keeping 1-year-old from touching the urinal. After failing at the second part, wash his hands really good and never tell his mom that happened (until writing blog tutorial years later).

2.       Contemplate putting 3-yr-old’s wet pants back on, but decline because that would be uncomfortable for him. Contemplate letting him go pants-free, but decline because of what his mom will say.

3.       Never consider for one second what the other moms in the fast-food place might be thinking about your parenting abilities.

4.       Look around bathroom for anything that could help. Attempt weaving a paper-towel lava lava or kilt. Fail.

5.       Poke head out of bathroom and look around for other materials. Tell 3-yr-old to stay put while you carry 1-yr-old and grab take-out bag.

6.       When 3-yr-old refuses to let you tie bag around his waist, poke holes in the bottom and rebrand it as cool “overalls” like workmen wear. Breathe sigh of relief when he accepts the idea.

7.        Let boys continue to run around circular booth in fast-food joint until mom’s event ends.

8.       Embrace any perceived judgment or derision from any of the other moms there. Tell yourself they are just wishing their husbands would spend more quality time with their sons.

9.       Eagerly anticipate emailing your guy friends the photo of your son wearing a plastic bag as overalls.

10.   When 3-yr-old demands to go visit your office, decline because the bag is a little bit see-through and his mom would be mortified.

11.   Hold firm when he throws a tantrum and insists, “Put some black tape over my private part like on America’s Funniest Home Videos!”, even though that it is an impressive argument.

12.   Present him with pride when his mom arrives to pick him up.


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    Good thinking, Dad. I recently fashioned a "dress" out of a garbage bag when our 3 year old threw up all over herself on the airplane. Desperate times call for creative solutions. :)

  2. says

    Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures! My nephew once had to pee in a Mountain Dew can and my sister&#39;s words were, &quot;Jake, just stick it in there.&quot; Yes, I am totally serious. <br /><br />www.skippitydodahquilts.blogspot.com

  3. says

    This is sooo going to be my go-to tutorial for the next accident!! I&#39;ve got to add that it&#39;s extra fabulous that you didn&#39;t sneak out in shame but finished up at the restaurant first!

  4. Anonymous says

    Personally, I like the kid&#39;s suggestion to use the black tape. Creativity abounds in your family!<br />–Becky C.

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    Baahahaha!!! That was GREAT! I&#39;m forwarding a link to my daughter-in-law and my son. Just in case he&#39;s presented with a similar challenge some day soon. :)

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    Hahaha!! Oh my gosh, I had to click over on this because I thought – &quot;wow, Amy&#39;s doing kiddo clothes, how awesome!!&quot; This seriously made me laugh – too funny!!<br /><br />Lindsay

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    ha! i love it. am forwarding this to burke so we can laugh together. he&#39;ll be glad to know he&#39;s not the only one still watching america&#39;s funniest home videos.

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    I haven&#39;t laughed that hard in a while! Also, I&#39;m sharing this with my hubby since we have a little boy we&#39;re currently potty training.

  9. Anonymous says

    This made my day. I never laughed so hard and your hubby is not only creative in clothing design, but gifted in his writing. Such a good read. I plan on sharing this with my son who has four boys. Clever.<br />Sandy

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    Absoluetly fabulous! I haven&#39;t laughed out loud at a post in a while. Thanks for the fun. Dad-parenting is the best, great job!

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    I&#39;ve read through all the comments so far and I&#39;m still laughing and I still have tears in my eyes. That was so funny hearing it from him. I can see the chain of events. Thanks for sharing him with us Amy!

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    My husband was two thumbs up for the creative and gumption for the DAD, and loved the humor. Gave us a morning laugh. He doesn&#39;t usually so any interest in my blog reading :&gt;)

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    Haha, this is HILARIOUS!!! :D<br /><br />But you forgot point 13: Never show picture of former 3-yr-old wearing a plastic bag &quot;overall&quot; on his 21st birthday party.<br /><br />;)

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    OMG! I&#39;ve read this several times and each time it makes me laugh out loud and share with others! Kudos to ur husband! What a creative family. Hilarious!

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