Monday, July 25, 2011

Checking in

Well I thought I'd check in.  We're still here. 
As you can see, we're doing our darndest to live summer to it's fullest.

I actually did a little bit of sewing last week while my husband was in Zion Nation Park with a youth group from church. This weekend was a holiday weekend with a state holiday - Pioneer Day - in Utah. Nothing like another good excuse to have a parade, hit the pool, eat some barbeque and light some fireworks!

On top of all of that, I decided to re-read the last two Harry Potter books. It's the Pottermania in the air I guess. Actually, I read the Deathly Hallows four years ago when it came out - and I read it so fast that I can barely remember any of it and then I realized I couldn't really remember the sixth book either, so I decided to read that one too. I'm enjoying reconnecting with Harry (one of my favorite summer pastimes) and neglecting most of my sewing or other projects until I'm done.  

I saw this video this weekend and it was a great reminder of what my priorities should be for the rest of the summer. (Sorry, I feel like this has become a redundant theme of mine this summer. Many thanks for the encouragement and wise words many of you have shared on the subject as well.)

In the mean time, please no one remind the kid in the picture at the top how little of summer is left.  When I made the mistake of rattling-off the list of things on the calendar over the next month and finished by saying, "And then school starts!" we had weeping and wailing.  Whoops.

Thanks for putting up with another ramble-y post. I have good stuff (including giveaways) coming up so hang in there. In the mean time, enjoy those summer moments!


  1. Love your post! It's nice to see that you all are having such a wonderful summer. And I totally agree with you about enjoying HP during the summer - have you tried the audio books? Read by Jim Dale, they are awesome - and you can sew and listen at the same time!!!

  2. i know what you mean! it's always good to slow down and get to the important things!

  3. You just enjoy the beautiful summer with your family. There will be time for everything else later, but these days are precious and create memories for your children to remember when they are older. (And they will remember them - they will want to re-create them with their own kids.)

  4. Thanks for being the 'priority police'! I say that sincerely. . .you are awesome and help me to remember what matters most!

  5. Here's to enjoying more summer fun!
    Enjoy it before it's gone!

  6. My 51 year old husband says he still gets sad when they start with the back to school ads.

    I guess that means either he's still a boy at heart, or the back to school blahs never go away....

    Anyone else remember that great Staples ad where the Happy Dad is dancing around tossing school supplies into the cart while the kids follow behind scowling? The song in the background is "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"...

  7. lol Jean! I'd forgotten about that commercial. So funny! Thanks for the reminder and the laugh!

  8. Thanks for the inspiring message!


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