A flippin’ sweet 4th of July

Pretty much nothing beats the 4th of July weekend in a small town in Idaho. 
 Throw in a trip to the sand dunes, a lake and a bunch of cousins
 followed by snowcones, awesome uncles, and a parade. How can you beat it?  
All that was missing was a llama, a game of tether ball and a flippin’ skit.
Good times. Except the part where the small town fire truck drenches you unexpectedly at the end of said parade. But maybe that depends on who you ask.


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    i agree, erin!! those pants are the BEST!! :)<br /><br />looks like lots of fun had by all!! glad you had a wonderful 4th of july!!

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    Lovely photos kiddo…I was thinking about you when I went to a local antique store and saw a hexie quilt sort of like the one you found last year.<br /><br />We enjoyed our small town parade too…nothing better than the fife and drum corp going by and then shooting off their cannon!;)<br />xo

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    Hey your in trouble….I recognize that parade and those pants and realized you were here! :) We were sitting in front of Broulims and we went out to to the Dunes/lakes too!!!!!!!!!! How did I miss you! :) -Al

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    yeah for small town Idaho! In fact, that parade and Snoasis looks familiar, I think I was also there. Looks like fun. And come on, getting drenched feels good.

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