Summer is rolling along

This is where I dream of spending some quality time, but it’s just not the right season.

I continue to be amazed at how busy summer is. With four kids I often feel like Julie from the Love Boat trying to direct everyone to their next activity or destination all the while trying to make sure everyone is happy and having fun. (Although everyone happy and having fun all at the same time is just not that realistic.) This week’s activities include hosting a birthday party, swimming lessons, and a family camping trip. whew.

So I’m grateful for those occasional breaks with fun sewy-friends at fabric stores while eating Cafe Rio food and laughing hard. I’m also excited to go to Justin Hackworth’s 30 Strangers Exhibit on Friday.  As always, life is full, but life is good.

Happy Bastille Day.


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    I hear you on this one! It seems like a waste to be inside when the sun is shining. Today we are having a pool party and then tonight we are going to see Harry Potter at midnight. :)

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    I was thinking the same thing right after we talked about summer. I just shouldn't plan to do any sewing in the summer. Or I should schedule it and have my hubs take the kids to the park. Either way – my expectations need to be much lower. Love the HSTs!

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    I'd can't think of anything I'd rather have an opportunity to do than being a cruise director to my kids over the summer. Enjoy every second of it – it really does pass by quickly. It just doesn't always feel that way! :)

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    Boy, do I know how you feel. If I didn't have county fair coming up pretty quickly I wouldn't be sewing at all. I have a few things I need to finish up to enter. And I love to be in my sewing room so much. I just can't believe how nice weather and yard work and T-ball and cookouts and everything else just takes over. I think maybe that is why I really don't mind winter that

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    Be so thankful for summers and children. Having time to sew isn't as rewarding. I'm thankful for my sweet grandchildren. They make my life worthwhile but how I miss those days gone by.

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    Hi Julie…er…i mean Amy!…lol<br />I know exactly what you mean!…just enjoy it because you know it all goes away too quickly…<br />They grow up so fast!<br />I know you&#39;re having fun with your kiddos and hubby…it&#39;s all good and your adorable half square triangle quilt will still be there waiting for you when the school bell rings:)<br />xx<br />Lori<br />P.S…i think you&#39;re

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    I&#39;m setting up my sewing area in the basement — and plan on spending many hot days down there where it&#39;s cool (and doesn&#39;t require me to turn on the AC!)

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    Love the colors in the HST strips you have on the ironing board. I just completed a similar top in blues, greens and purple. I may just be crazy enough to start a second one in the orange and red theme.<br />liz

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