Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer log cabin quilt + moms and daughters

Last week I helped my mom finish a project.  She was making a log cabin quilt as a wedding gift for the daughter of her best friend growing up in Berkeley, California. It was fun to help her.

(Don't you love that little playhouse? I dreamed of having something like that as a little girl - and now my own kiddos have that to play in at grandma's house. They are lucky ducks!)
After presenting the bride-to-be with lots of options, and thinking she would probably want something modern, my mom was surprised when she requested a log cabin quilt in very classic colors. Nothing wrong with choosing a classic!

My mom pieced all the log cabin blocks. I helped with the borders, back and binding.
 The quilting was done by the talented Becky Heslop.  I loved the blue and white shirting for the back.
It's been a mother-daughter-themed weekend around here. After camping with the whole family Thursday night, my two girls and I came home Friday afternoon to take showers and go the the Justin Hackworth 30 Strangers exhibit - all photographs of mother daughter combinations at which 5 mothers (list here) read short essays that were both poignant and hilarious about motherhood. (If I find links to the essays themselves, I will share.)

Their words were just what I needed to hear - to remind me that I'm not alone in this crazy adventure called motherhood and that even though sometimes it is one crazy, demanding, exhausting ride, it is one worth taking. Then my girls and I followed that event with frozen yogurt, an introduction to the movie Hello Dolly, and Saturday morning breakfast at IHOP (the boys were still camping).

Then lunch Saturday with my own mom and all three of my sisters (this is a rare treat!) Hooray for moms and daughters. And log cabin quilts for another mom and daughter. (I had to tie it together somehow.)


  1. What a special weekend. :o)
    How wonderful to have a girls time together and making such dear memories.
    The log cabin quilt is just gorgeous!
    I love the classic colors used and so beautifully done. A log cabin is on my list to do. :o)
    I hope you are having wonderful weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  2. You have to love a girls weekend. We had one in January with My mom, sister, niece and my daughter (5). My daughter loved it and ask when we are having another girls weekend.

  3. it is beatiful!!!!

    muy muy bonito, me encanta!!!

  4. it's beautiful! And yes, I love the play house in the background. It was my dream too as a little girl to have one!

  5. What a beautiful quilt! I love it!

  6. Beautiful Quilt! SWEET playhouse. Family and friends and wonderful memories.

  7. The quilt is fabulous, the bride made a choice she can live with the rest of her life, a true classic! Your story of mothers and daughters is just as fabulous, from an envious mom/mother!

  8. What a beautiful place your parents have! And what a beautiful quilt. Quilts made with traditional block patterns are always my favorites. :D

  9. I love your Log Cabin quilt, it's beautiful. What a great choice of fabric colors, classics are always a good thing.

  10. What a beautiful quilt. The couple receiving it will surely love it through and through. And, yes! That's a marvelous play house, all right!

  11. It's a terrific quilt and who doesn't love log cabin, it's a classic. I dream of having a potting shed like that.

  12. Love the quilt. What a great weekend.

  13. What an incredible and yes classic quilt Amy (and Mom)! It will be loved forever!
    This motherhood thing never ends I hope you know - I waited for a text from my thirty year old daughter when I knew she was out volunteering at night when her husband was out of town. Enjoy when you know where they are.

  14. Beautiful quilt, cute playhouse, fun time with your daughters, mother and sisters = Fabulous week-end!

  15. It sounds like a very productive yet fun~filled week(end). I don't have a daughter but I definately enjoy time spent with my Mom & sister :) Thanks for sharing!

  16. gorgeous quilt and great to spend time with your girls.

  17. Beautiful; so classic- it will be treasured always.

  18. What a beautiful quilt! I just got a bunch of fabric from my mom this weekend and she put an order in for her own quilt from me. Love spending time with my mom :)

  19. Cherish those times together. I miss my mother and daughter times so very much. I lost my mother to Alzheimer's in 2003 but I have wonderful memories to carry with me. I can honestly say, I live with no regrets. I gave my mother all my love, care, and respect while she was alive and can be at peace now that she is gone. May you have that peace one day as well.
    Gmama Jane
    May I invite you to become a follower of my little blog as I enjoy following you SEW much

  20. Beautiful...what a precious gift!

  21. I saw this quilt awhile ago on your blog and found it again! I would love to make don't happen to have the pattern for this one do you??

    1. Hi! I don't have an email address, so hoping you will see this response here. I don't have the specific pattern for this one - my mom is the one who made it and I'm not sure exactly what she used. But there are lots of Log Cabin patterns available. I'm sure a quick google search will pull up lots of options. Or ask at your Local Quilt Shop. They're usually very good about those kinds of things. Good luck!


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