New Projects

Last week while I was waiting during my daughter’s soccer practice I started making a list of all the projects I either had in the works or wanted to start.  It is a L O N G list. This week I’ve had a little bit of time to tackle that list and I’ve been creating with a vengeance!  So I’ve got a couple of things to actually share.

First up, this little guy turned one this week.  Last year I made him this jungle quilt.  For his birthday this week I used a remnant from that quilt to make a little ribbon-tagged carry-along blanket with green minkie on the inside.  Also a new diaper clutch for his mom using a laminated fabric like the one we used for their crib bumper. They turned out pretty cute, if I do say so.

This is a new baby quilt sample for the shop where I work every once in a while. It went to the quilter’s today so I’ll share the whole quilt when it’s finished.

Also I have not one, but two quilts in the binding stage. My Strawberry Fields quilt and this one. I hope to get them finished during Project Runway tomorrow night. (Anyone else watching? Who do you like? I’m still not sure of a clear favorite this time – like Mondo last season.)
And in non-sewing fun, I made a new wreath for my front door using Vanessa’s tutorial. She makes it so easy to make it look so good. I’ve been wanting/desperately needing a stylish new wreath for my front door and V’s tutorial came with perfect timing so I shamelessly copied her. Even the color. Mmmm. I found everything for 50% off at JoAnn’s while I was trying (fruitlessly) to scope out the new Denyse Schmidt collection.
I’m happy to feel so productive. Amazing how the house staying clean from 9:00-3:00 every day opens up all kinds of possibilities. Especially if I stay away from the computer – I can get tons of stuff done. :)

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Summing-up Summer

At The Secret Garden, Thanksgiving Point, Utah
Most of my kids started school this past week. On Tuesday my baby starts Kindergarten.  
This is a day I NEVER thought would come, and here it is. Isn’t life weird?
Weirder yet, my oldest started Junior High School. I think I am far more terrified of that idea than she is.
So, summer. We did it. I don’t know if we did it perfectly (please let me know if you find someone who did) but I think we did it well. I was much more sane than last year, that’s for sure, and yet I still have some of the same mixed emotions as last year.
I was going to write an inspiring post about the depth of my thoughts and emotions about soaking up summer and motherhood and priorities and living in the moment and how fleeting childhood is, blah, blah. . . .  But every attempt I made to write those thoughts I come up with total blogger’s block.
I guess my brain is officially fried.  So I will let this sign I found on Pinterest speak for me instead:
from the beautiful blog, Rhonna Designs
This is what I learned this summer.  Priorities. And sometimes I was more successful than others, but it was good to know I could simplify or put aside stuff like sewing, blogging, mopping the floor :), etc. for my highest priority, which is my family.  And that would make life happier for all. And it worked. Most of the time. :)
I’m looking forward to getting back into our routines and I have a list a mile long of Works-in-Progress, etsy plans, blogging updates, patterns to write, and maybe even a cleaner kitchen floor, while the kids are in school.  In the mean time, thanks so much for hanging out with me and for your patience with my lack of creativity and maybe some flakiness over the past months while my family came first. I know that you were probably doing the same. You people are awesome.
PS Linda and Carol are the winners of the Inspirational Projects giveaway. Yay for Linda and Carol. I’ve sent you both emails.  Thanks to all who entered and for all of your nice comments. They made my week fun.

Orange Peel progress and a giveaway

Progress on my orange peel quilt (that has no orange in it). 
This one will take a while as it’s my take-along handwork project right now.
The nice people at British Patchwork and Quilting spotlighted this blog in their Wandering the Web section of their August 2011 issue. I was so grateful for their shout out. And to make it even more fun, they sent along a few copies of their recent publication Inspirational Projects for me to share with you nice readers.
Leave a comment if you would like to have one of these copies for yourself. Be sure to leave an email address if you are a no-reply blogger so that I can contact you if you win. I will leave the giveaway open until Saturday Aug 27, Midnight MST.
Thanks again British Patchwork and Quilting!
If you’re looking for other fun goodies:
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