Monday, August 8, 2011

Guest blogger: Pamela of French Knots

French KnotsHi friends. While I'm having some family time my friend Pamela from French Knots is blog-sitting for me today. (I'm in love with her new blog design and that pink Bernina sewing machine!) She has a cute project to share - perfect for a quick summer craft. Especially if you're like me and your itching to make something but have little time to actually complete a project right now. This one is a fast, fun finish - and a great one to do with kids too!

Take it away Pamela!

Hello.....Quilters and Crafters alike. I'm Pamela from Frenchknots. I have a fun, quilty, crafty blog about all the things I enjoy and fill my day with. I am really excited to be sharing a clever idea with Amy's readers that combines two of my favorite things: letter writing and quilting!

Last spring Amy and I had the opportunity to attend Quilt Market in SLC. If you all remember Amy helped sew a few projects for Sarah Jane with her new fabric line "Children at Play".
At Market, when I picked up Sarah Jane's "Children at Play" fabric portfolio I was over the moon for all her fabrics. I literally stared at the fabric swatches for days after Market. I couldn't bare to not keep the portfolio, but how best to enjoy it? Then an idea hit me: make the paper swatches into cards.
So, I went to my local craft store and bought some simple plain note cards. Using my sewing mat, rotary cutter {I have a separate blade for paper} and ruler I quickly cut up all the lovely, little swatches.
Once everything was "just sew" I glued my paper fabric swatches onto the cards. Added a few stitch lines and stamped a few "sew"eet sayings.
I love personal, handwritten notes. I have a motto: "when sending a card to anyone, always write a personal message."

I feel really lucky to have used the "Children at Play" swatches for making these cute cards. Even if you don't have a portfolio to cut up... there are many great paper ideas out there to make your own cards: newspaper, magazines, catalogs, old books etc. Great Creative! and add your own personal touches and embellishments with buttons, ribbon, stamps, stitching etc.

Thanks Amy, for letting me come and spend a day with your friends!!

Pamela is the author of the crafty blog: Frenchknots. She lives in Utah with her husband and three sons. When Pamela isn’t crafting with her sons, she is quilting, cooking, reading and or running; not in that order or all at the same time.

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angela said...

Very cute idea! I love doing this with those last bits of beloved fabric as well. Love your addition of the stamped notes!

Pamela said...

Thanks Amy, it has been an honour to guest post with Diary of a Quilter today!

My Sweet Boys said...

I'm sorry this question might be off the subject but maybe you can help. Im a new quilter and just started. I really enjoy it and want to upgrade my ver very basic machine but i dont think im ready for a Bernina, can you recommend anything? So far im looking at a brother.
Thank you

CJ said...

CUTE cards! I wanna make some now. :D

Ella said...

Very Cute Cards!!! Love it!♥
@ My sweet Boys....Everyone is ready for a Bernina, it is the Best machine you will ever own and the easiest to use, you will never regret it!!! Even if you just get a basic one!!!

Live a Colorful Life said...

I love the personalized cards. Such a great way to use these little paper swatches! I couldn't bear to part to with teensiest scraps of Flea Market Fancy so I did something similar by sewing them bunting-style on a card. I love your idea too! I have lots of paper leftover from scrapbooking day!

SlaveToMyNeedles said...

Love the cards, as well...Great post...
Off to check your blog, now..:)

Michele said...

Wonderful idea for using up the tiny scraps. I will definitely file it away for the future.

Ineke van den Akker said...


Kehkshan said...

These cards looks so cute and lovely...I like your idea...
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