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Last week while I was waiting during my daughter’s soccer practice I started making a list of all the projects I either had in the works or wanted to start.  It is a L O N G list. This week I’ve had a little bit of time to tackle that list and I’ve been creating with a vengeance!  So I’ve got a couple of things to actually share.

First up, this little guy turned one this week.  Last year I made him this jungle quilt.  For his birthday this week I used a remnant from that quilt to make a little ribbon-tagged carry-along blanket with green minkie on the inside.  Also a new diaper clutch for his mom using a laminated fabric like the one we used for their crib bumper. They turned out pretty cute, if I do say so.

This is a new baby quilt sample for the shop where I work every once in a while. It went to the quilter’s today so I’ll share the whole quilt when it’s finished.

Also I have not one, but two quilts in the binding stage. My Strawberry Fields quilt and this one. I hope to get them finished during Project Runway tomorrow night. (Anyone else watching? Who do you like? I’m still not sure of a clear favorite this time – like Mondo last season.)
And in non-sewing fun, I made a new wreath for my front door using Vanessa’s tutorial. She makes it so easy to make it look so good. I’ve been wanting/desperately needing a stylish new wreath for my front door and V’s tutorial came with perfect timing so I shamelessly copied her. Even the color. Mmmm. I found everything for 50% off at JoAnn’s while I was trying (fruitlessly) to scope out the new Denyse Schmidt collection.
I’m happy to feel so productive. Amazing how the house staying clean from 9:00-3:00 every day opens up all kinds of possibilities. Especially if I stay away from the computer – I can get tons of stuff done. :)


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    I am amazed too that you can sew the bindings that fast. I'd love to get that much done in one day but I probably won't have the chance until the kiddos head off to school in a few years.

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    I love getting that burst of productive energy-pass some along :) Love what you posted. I have an almost 8 month old, so I can relate to the boy quilts and things.

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    I would get SO much more done if I stayed away from the computer. and yes, watching PR and AGT. Guilty pleasures…but at least I've been doing embroidery instead of just sitting so that kinda justifies it, right?

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    This is our first full week of school and I came down with a horrible cold monday night. So with post-hurricane issues, that and a primary meeting today, I've gotten nothing done! argh. I'm so mad! I'm impressed with your productivity! Everything looks great!

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    When I was your age, I did that once. That is, I sat down and made a list of all the projects and goals I had. I still have that list, with some things crossed off. It&#39;s a treasure now, a snapshot of a time of my life.<br /><br />I come across it every once in a while and note that a lot of the items on the list just aren&#39;t on my radar–amazing what the passage of time can do. But

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