Vintage Red Lattice Quilt

On our recent vacation, we spent a day at my husband’s Aunt’s wonderful home.  While we were there she let me photograph three vintage quilts that she has.  Fortunately she’s visited my blog so she didn’t think I was a total weirdo for asking if I could pull quilts outside and take pictures of them.

This quilt was the ‘newest’ of the three vintage quilts. (I’ll share the others in the near future.)  She received this one as a wedding gift in the 1970’s.  I was first drawn to it because I’m such a fan of red, but then it was fun to look closer at all the vintage fabrics.

I think I would love reprints of a lot of these. The dark blue on the left reminds me of Denyse Schmidt’s recent Fairgrounds collection.

 Love this print too. 
I think it would be fun to recreate this quilt with all kinds of scrappy fabrics. It really is wild.
And here is where this quilt lives. No wonder it’s such a happy quilt.
In other news: first week of school here. Crazy.


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    Beautiful quilt and the house is not too bad either. What a view! It looks like the quilt could end up as one of those long term projects where you find a few fabrics at a time.

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    I love that quilt! Are the ties at the center of each diamond the only "quilting?" I have been wanting to make a tied quilt for ages but am concerned about how it will wear. In any event, that is gorgeous.

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    Love that quilt, and want to live where your Aunt lives! Wouldn't that be a grand give-away? JK, of course, but a girl can dream!

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    That quilt is so beautiful! I am really new to quilting, I've only made 3 so far.. I'd love to recreate that thing, but it baffles me how you would go about it. Would you really piece together seven strips for each block, and then join them together, or is it simpler than that?

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    Definitely a happy quilt! I'm thinking your husband's aunt would be overwhelmed if we all showed up on her porch! What a fabulous place to live! Just perch me in a corner of that porch with my sewing machine. I'll even volunteer to mow the lawn! Looking forward to seeing the other two quilts!

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    what a wonderful quilt – its been an inspiration to me! I have been quilting for ten years or so and collecting quilts for that long too.<br /><br />I am going to create a new blog showcasing my quilts and my vintage quilts. <br /><br />Thanks for a beautiful blog.<br /><br />Bonnie

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    Beautiful quilt and lovely place to live. Maybe all who responded hear could have a picnic on her lawn. Of course, we would invite her and everyone would bring a quilt to show!

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    You crack me up! Now see….where you are in life totally affects your definition of &quot;vintage&quot;. I call vintage quilts, ummmm, I&#39;d say 1950&#39;s and before. 1970&#39;s? Dang it girl, you&#39;re making me feel really old!

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    Love this quilt and love its location. Can I be that quilt, it sounds like it has had a happy life. Hey are you going to do a tutorial or quiltalong on this one. Would love to join in. Thank you for sharing.

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    Thimbleanna – I think in this case &quot;vintage&quot; means &quot;Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic.&quot;<br />I have a vintage &#39;65 log cabin wedding quilt, myself. A gift from my maternal grandmother.<br />Quilters then used wider strips and red solids and made happy quilts.

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