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Well, I succumbed.  I finally got my hands on some Denyse Schmidt Sugar Creek fabrics from JoAnn’s.  These are my daughter’s favorite colors right now, so I think they’ll be a fun project for us to put something together for her room.  Now that Junior High is official, we’re transitioning into ‘big-girl room’. I think these will serve us well, don’t you?

These fabrics are 30% off this week at Joann, including online. Just saying.

Then there’s this pile.  I really have so many projects in the works right now I’ve been trying to just shop my stash (which is very fun as it is.) But then I found these three and couldn’t walk away. The two on the right are from Joel Dewberry’s newest collection, Heirloom. That orange floral just call’s my name. (It’s available here or here.) I’ve always wanted to make one of Amy Butler’s bags and I think this is the fabric to use.
The lovely gray print is from Taza by Dena Designs for Free Spirit. It also comes in a perfect yellow. I don’t know what to do with it, but I just loved it too much to leave it unattended.

And now, I must go on a fabric buying hiatus until I finish 5 unfinished projects. I’m making that declaration publicly so that I won’t cave!

This is one of those projects in the works, thanks to the lovely generosity of a new friend.  Sweetwater’s Countdown to Christmas.

Well, just as I was embarking on my fabric-accumulating-hiatus, this pretty bundle arrived on my doorstep. It’s a new collection by Amanda Murphy called Veranda (available at Fat Quarter Shop).  There may even be some leftover to share – stay tuned!

Oh dear, so much fabric, so little time.

And now this post is why I cringe any time a neighbor or friend from my real life tells me, “I found your blog!” because I sound like such a nerd extolling the virtues of fabric. In my real life I don’t walk up to people at church or PTA meetings or the grocery store wildly describing my latest obessesions in fabric. I don’t even get that excited about it around my own family. But I know there are those of you out there like me who “get” this weirdness and I thank you for indulging me. (And so do my family and neighbors who are spared all the details of something they just don’t appreciate like you and me. :)


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    So funny that many of our fabric obsessions are the same – I purchased a stack of the new Dena Schmidt that looks a lot like yours myself! And I&#39;m really crushing over the Joel Dewberry Heirloom line, but haven&#39;t seen any in person yet, so I&#39;ve managed to resist……<br /><br />So gush all you want – I&#39;ll enjoy it vicariously!!

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    My baby has GRAY eyes. Apparently that is fairly uncommon so I want to make a gray quilt in honor of that. Your Taza pictured above is on my MUST list for the quilt.<br /><br />I like Denise&#39;s stuff at J&#39;s too, it will be perfect for your daughter&#39;s more sophisticated room. :)

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    i have a giant pile of DS prints that i just cut into–a tumbler quilt for a wall hanging. i can&#39;t wait to start it!<br /><br />it is nice to have understanding people online who love to talk fabric. i have a couple of real life friends who &quot;get it&quot; but mostly my friends just think i am kinda nutty! :)

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    yum. You&#39;re making me drool and also distracting me from the pile of projects I should be doing instead of drinking coffee and surfing blogs!!!

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    That fabric is beautiful! I don&#39;t even have a sewing area at the moment…..My mom just took my king sized quilt I&#39;m working on to trim the sides and I recently received the Kate Spain Terrain in the mail……but now I want to go to Joanne&#39;s and get some of that material you just teased me with!

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    Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you. I am on a no spending spree for a while… until I can save up for an iPad. :) But I have a ton of fabric to work with and many project ideas. I can&#39;t wait to see what you make with all this gorgeous fabric!

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    I don&#39;t mind people knowing that I have a blog…I just don&#39;t want to know they&#39;ve ever seen it. When I hear a real life friend mention that they saw my blog I just want to curl up and DIE! I never write things I&#39;d be ashamed of (like mean spirited things) but boy oh boy…just the sheer fact that I can go on and on about quilting is kind of embarrassing in and of itself.

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    Beautiful fabric. I keep my blog a secret from any outside my immediate family. Not sure why. But you may be right, my neighbors or relatives may think my love of a piece of cloth (okay lots of pieces of cloth) is odd.

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    Indulge away! I have the same issues. I have a couple girlfriends who I may randomly gush about fabric to, but they just smile and nod and roll their eyes. It&#39;s almost like a secret society thing, us fabric-aholics. It&#39;s so great to have found a place where I can totally agree with another fabric lover, get my fabric fix, and still look sane and normal in my everyday life.

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    It is very much a secret socity. All crafting is hush hush it seems. Once a week I am taking something out the porch to work on, and I get very embaressed when the neighbor comes out to chat and I am crafting away. My son has even said at different times that so an so&#39;s mommy doesnt have a cabinet full of fabric or a room full of craft supplies and he just didn&#39;t understand why! :)

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    They are all just lovely! I have 8 unfinished projects right now so you are doing better than me 😉 One of them is with that adorable Countdown to Christmas line (I love those colors!) Thanks for sharing with the rest of us fabric nerds 😉 SMiles~Beth

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    Wow! I love all those different patterns! My favorites are the gray and orange ones. I think those two colors go so well together! <br /><br />Since I&#39;m pretty new to this whole sewing scene, buying fabric can be a little overwhelming for me. So far I&#39;ve only purchased a few fat quarters. How much do you typically buy of any one fabric? A yard? Two yards? Actually I&#39;m not

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    I went to get the DS fabric at my local JoAnn&#39;s, and they didn&#39;t have that yellow loopy one that I&#39;ve been wanting! I got a few others anyway :) <br /><br />I make my husband feel the fabric I bring home. He does it just because he thinks it is so hilarious!!

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    I have been thinking of getting some of the Veranda fabric (the colors and patterns are perfect for a gift for my mom), but as I am new to quilting, I am not sure what to make. Was thinking of a mug mat (thought that would be a nice easy thing to start with), but then didn&#39;t know how much fabric to get. Way to many questions when you are just starting out. :)

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    I so understand the pull and urge to have all those pretty fabrics. I want to run out and buy them too. But I will resist, especially after I spent yesterday ordering 3 years worth of pictures from Snapfish. It will take me a while to sort and scrap or album 7100 pictures.

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    I know what you mean…I thought about posting about my new fabric purchases on facebook, and then I realized no one would get it, so I just do a quiet happy dance about my latest treasures! (Once again, I realize how much I should actually blog regularly, so that I could have encouragement from other fabric addicts that it is ok to keep buying new things when you fall in love with them!) And I

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    I think those fabrics are very citrusy and wonderful!! I&#39;m still savoring the blues and pinks you showed us from the 80s , it really got my attention and I&#39;m looking for those colors and I don&#39;t seem to find them anywhere !!!

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    I know exactly what you mean about keeping mum on your fabric obsession outside of your blog. I love, love, love all my fabric but I don&#39;t think other people want to hear about my obsessions (other than my crafty friends).

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    oh, yes! fabric is so touchy feely, stuff you have to have to smooth over, tend [wash, and when you&#39;re ready, press] cut with relish, sighing that it&#39;s being cut. i must repenish my stash, fill in the gaps left by removal, make a new stack when i cannot resist a piece or two of a new collection. i do not show my sister and friends my stash anymore.

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    So nice to know I&#39;m not alone in all this. You all make me feel a little less like a crazy person.<br /><br />@Sarah brings up a good question – how much fabric do I buy: Usually, if I don&#39;t know exactly what I&#39;m going to do with it I buy 1/4 or 1/2 yards(if I REALLY like it). I like scrappy quilts and projects so I don&#39;t need a lot of one fabric, unless it&#39;s for a back.

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    I&#39;m excited to see what you are going to do with the Christmas fabric! I&#39;m wanting to make a Christmas quilt and could use some inspiration.

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    OMG, Amy! I love, love, LOVE, L-O-V-E, Veranda!! <br /><br />Reading your blog is a highlight of my day. My (very patient, loving) husband is very tolerant of my fabric &#39;problem&#39;, and I don&#39;t have &#39;real life&#39; friends to share with, so I love reading about your &#39;problem&#39; oh so very much. Go on, and on, and on!! <br /><br />Karissa

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    I share your fabric love. I think the DS Sugar Creek fabrics will be awesome for your daughters room. I sometimes wish they wouldn&#39;t come out with so many fabrics so often, I have a hard time looking the other way and I have a stash that I could never use in 5 lifetimes! :)

  24. Patty L says

    I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I just started reading and I read back a whole year yesterday! Thanks for great photos of gorgeous fabric and some nice tutorials – I will be back :)

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    ooh, i get you, girl! I feel the same way and I know that my family/friends probably just scratch their heads and wonder at my fabric obsession. It&#39;s comforting to know there are so many women out there who do totally get it! I&#39;m one of &#39;em! xo amy

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    Ran to J&#39;s today and picked up some DS that was left. I&#39;ll have to order the rest online. I like Sarah (a previous commentor) wonder how much to get. I got 1/2 yard cuts and then what I knew was the binding I got more, and more of what I thought might be a border…but I always wonder if that&#39;s going to be enough….guess I&#39;ll end up with a small quilt!!!

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    You are not a nerd! :) I love love fabric, I just wished I could sew as well as you, then I would probably create with fabric more often! Love all of your creations! Thanks for sharing–and by the way–sure miss the neiborhood. :( I didn&#39;t really say goodbye to anyone because I was tired of crying!

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    Isn&#39;t it great when you have quilting friends! Their eyes don&#39;t start glazing over when you start talking about fabric. They just get it!

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