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This pile of fabric is for a project has been on my ‘to-do’ list for way to long. It’s a baby present for someone who is approaching  his first birthday. Yikes. Part of my problem is that I couldn’t decide on the perfect pattern.

 Then I came up with this. Now I don’t want to stop!  Almost all the fabrics came from my stash (which is totally awesome) with the exception of the Robert Kaufman Metro Living navy circles (which I got here) and some Sarah Jane navy polkadots (available here.) I love that navy blue is growing popular again. It’s been kind of scarce lately. I’ve always been a navy fan.

 And just for fun, I thought I’d share a picture of my lunch. Right from the garden. (The orange ones are ripe – I’ve never grown those kind before. They’re equally good.) Another reason September is my favorite month of the year.


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    Perfect pattern for those fabrics! Now you just need to add a scoop of cottage cheese to those tomatoes to make my favorite lunch this time of year!

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    Your blocks are over the top fabulous! I think that quilt will be worth the wait! Is there a pattern for that block? I LOVE the way the white frames everything and I agree…three cheers for navy!

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    Just love the blocks and especially the colors…just perfect. Can you tell where to find this pattern? I have a huge stash and this would be a very good choice to reduce some of it. Thanks so much!

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    I love your 'baby' quilt… and I'm sure he will… it's such an attractive pattern in great fabrics… and as for your tomatoes, you have to see if you can grow some of the ones that are small (grape tomato size) and shaped like pears… they are delicious!

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    The navy and green are so fun, what a lucky boy he will be!<br /><br />I&#39;m with the other commentors on this one… pretty prettyyyy please, share the pattern, it&#39;s simple and beautiful!!! <br /><br />Sorry for the deleted comment, I had a spelling fail 😉

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    LOVE the quilt blocks…perfect for a baby boy! I have the same problem…I wait and wait to start projects because I so want to have the perfect pattern for the fabric! Or vice versa!

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE the way this quilt is coming together. The colors are great (I&#39;m a navy lover too!) and the design is perfect for the fabrics. Can&#39;t wait to see it finished!

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    You&#39;re right about the scarcity of navy fabrics! I&#39;ve been gathering fabrics for a navy and white quilt, and have been surprised how hard it is to find navy.<br /><br />I love how these blocks have turned out!

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    I adore those blocks! These colors and patterns remind me of men&#39;s ties- perfect for a little boy. I&#39;d also love to know where we can find the pattern! And your lunch looks completely delicious. Our tomatoes are done for the season- it was just too hot.

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    Very cool blocks. I can&#39;t wait to see the finished quilt. I am jealous of your tomatoes. We moved this spring so I didn&#39;t get to plant this year at all. I am anxiously waiting for the opportunity next year.

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    I just fell in love with those blocks! The colors are so perfect together! I don&#39;t blame you a bit for not wanting to stop 😉 Will there be a pattern soon? <br />Smiles~Beth

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    Beautiful! These colors and the pattern would be perfect for my new baby boy to-be&#39;s room. I&#39;m hoping you will share a quick tutorial on making the blocks. :)

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    I love the blocks! I&#39;ve been trying to find a good scheme/pattern for my almost four year old and this is the best I&#39;ve seen!<br /><br />Mmmm, tomatoes . . . :)

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    Oh, those blocks are so beautiful! Please, please share how you put them together. I have a little problem with sewing in straight lines, but I would try to change my ways for these blocks!

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