May the Force Be With You

I’m off to the elementary school Halloween parade with my favorite glamour witch, wizard,. and a couple of Jedis. (What is the plural for Jedi?)  And to gorge myself on candy. I can’t do the sticky stuff with my braces this year, so I’ll just have to pound down the chocolate. :)

See you tomorrow!

Modern Churn Dash Quilt

Early last spring I made a red and white Churn Dash quilt as a challenge from a quilt retreat out of pretty traditional quilting fabrics.  I really enjoyed making it and liked the finished product. All summer I wanted to try the same block with a modern feel. Finally this fall I picked the fabrics and went for it. And here is the Modern Churn Dash quilt.
This quilt has been on a journey.  
The quilt was nearly finished with the binding machine sewed  to the front of the quilt, and I was planning to hand sew the back before the Sewing Summit.
Well that didn’t happen. I just showed the quilt with the binding unfinished. Sigh. (Picture thanks to Trish.)
So I took the quilt with me on our recent road trip to a couple of the National Parks in southern Utah.  (I’m so grateful that I don’t get carsick.  I love all that time for hand sewing!)  I thought while we were there I would snap a quick picture by the side of the road to change things up from all the pictures I usually take at my backyard fence. My husband realized what I was doing and convinced me that since we literally at Bryce Canyon National Park, for crying out loud, we should use that one-of-a-kind landscape as a backdrop.
I’m glad he talked me into it.  He even climbed out onto a ledge to get a good shot (at his own insistence. I was trying not to freak out.) So there we were with all kinds of tourists walking past us, my husband on the edge of the canyon holding up a quilt while I took a bunch of pictures.  Our kids hid from embarrassment while we did it. But it’s a pretty awesome shot.
Here’s what Bryce Canyon looks like without quilts in the way. It’s pretty amazing.
So is my husband. He even figured out how to make children’s clothing out of plastic bags once.
To make this quilt I figured out a quick method to put two blocks together at the same time with next to no fabric waste.  I finally put it all in a pattern which is now available here or on etsy.
Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!


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Lily and Will II Baby Quilt

In the wild, happy, fun craziness that this month has been, I did not get a chance to properly show-off this quilt with it’s most adorable accessory. This is my new little niece who is now a month old. Is that hair to die for? I’m having baby-hair envy.  My own sweet babes had a few lovely wisps, which is better than their mother had. My parents called me Kojak when I was a baby. In the most loving way, of course.
I SO love the prints and patterns and colors in Anne Sutton’s Lily and Will II collection.  Girly and babyish without being cliche and saccharine. The fabric came out last year and is harder to come by now, but there is still some yardage available at Fat Quarter Shop.  Burgundy Buttons is out of yardage, but does have some pre-cuts.The tutorial for this quilt is at Moda Bake Shop (here).
 [And due to my post-summer brain mush, there was a corretion in the sashing yardage that was required. I had not listed enough. So if you already printed the tutorial and headed off to your local quilt store before last week, I am dreadfully sorry. All is correct as of 10/19.]
And there you have it. Isn’t life sweet?
We had a great family vacation to a couple of the National Parks in southern Utah. Gorgeous scenery and weather. It was good to get away from life for a bit.  And the greatest part was my kids were so great in the car. I think there is a distinct possibility that road trips may actually be fun for the next few years. We’re going to have to capitalize on this golden age we’ve got going before we’re inundated with teenagers. And I mean that in the most loving way.