Blogiversary and a Giveaway

Guess what? Today is my 3rd Blogiversary. I know you’ve had this day marked on your calendar, waiting with baited breath for this significant milestone to arrive. Just kidding. Even I almost forgot. Last year I totally forgot about it, and this year, by sheer luck, I happened to think to check before it came around, so I thought it would be fun to have a little giveaway!

First of all, thank you so much for visiting this corney blog about quilting.  Thank you for the kind comments and encouragement that you leave.  I will be honest – some days blogging stresses me out.  I worry about getting my pictures to look the way I want them to in my mind, I often kick myself for writing blog posts late at night when my brain has already shut off for the day and then worry that what I wrote sounded whiney or incoherent, and I’m often plagued by that nasty, un-healthy ‘comparison/inadequacy’ menace to all bloggers.  Throw in the guilt I often feel about not always having the time I’d like to respond to every comment or meet everyone’s requests (I’m a chronic “pleaser” so this can get rough), not to mention the guilt and worrying whether my time at the computer is the best use of my time. :)

BUT I’m so grateful for the nice feedback you give me regarding my hobby, for supporting my little etsy shop, and for the fun opportunities that have come since starting this blog.  By far my favorite part of this adventure has been the great people I’ve met (some times in real life and sometimes in cyberspace) since jumping into the blogosphere. That is by far the funnest part – you awesome people!

So to thank you, I have a few giveaways with no-strings attached. Thanks to the generosity of Amanda Murphy and Robert Kaufman fabrics I have 2 Ten-Square (42 10″ squares) collections and 2 Roll-ups (42 2.5″ strips) of Amanda’s newest collection, Veranda to share. I’ll be giving away one set of both and one of each. (see top photo.)

And I wanted to give away something totally “Diary of a Quilter.” So I’ve got a little bundle put together of an I-spy charm-pack, some American Jane pennant triangles and a few goodies I collected at Market last spring. This means we’ll have 4 winners! First winner gets first pick of the prizes, and so on.

Leave one comment until Friday, October 7, midnight MST.  I’ll randomly pick a winner sometime over the weekend and announce on Monday.

Thanks again for being my “peeps” in blogland! Mwah!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Winners are: Amy, luckymom, WandaFish, and Funky Kim. Congratulations ladies! I’ll be contacting you!


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    Congratulations on your 3 year bloggiversay!! I have been with you for most of that and thoroughly enjoy each of your posts! Here is to another 3 years and then some. :)

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    Happy three years! I love your blog just how it is – brain turned off or not – it keeps it real, you know? Your blog is what got me interested in the vintage fabric look, so thank YOU! Here's to many more years of blogging and sewing happiness!

  3. Anonymous says

    congratulations … and many more!<br /><br />i don&#39;t often get to look at blogs (in part because i am working on my first-ever quilt!), but when i do, i like to come here for so much inspiration. you&#39;ve taught me so much, too. thanks for all that you share!<br /><br />and thanks to you, amanda murphy and robert kaufman for this great give-away opportunity!<br /><br />kathy <br />(&

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    Woohoo! Three years! I LooooooOOOooOve your blog. :) I think your tutorials are great and I plan to make a couple snowflake pillows for Christmas time. :) Thanks for all your hard work on the blog–we really appreciate it!!!!<br /><br />arbitraryaardvark (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Congratulations! I really love your blog.You have show us so many wonderfull ideas any time!<br />Best wishes for many next years<br />Gabi<br />from Germany

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    Happy Anniversary! I love stopping by your blog! I think I would say my favorite tutorial is the table runner. Thanks for sharing your sewing with us!

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    Since discovering modern quilting your blog has been my greatest source of information and inspiration. Thanks and happy aniversary!<br />Donna

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    Congrats on 3 years….And I looked back on a earlier blog..March 16, 2009..vintage kids..oh I love that…super cute also the Retro Christmas also..Thanks for the chance to win….And good luck on many more years on your blog…

  9. Anonymous says

    Amy, <br /> Congrats on your anniversary! It was go great to meet you in person and I always enjoy reading your blog posts! Thank you for the generous giveaway!<br /><br />Ashley<br />

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    Happy blogiversary. Love reading your blog, as the mum of twin toddlers that loves quilting, I enjoy the &quot;real life&quot; of your blog :)<br />Thanks for the chance to win some lovely giveaways.

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    What a great giveaway! And Happy Anniversary to you! (today is my 24th wedding anniversary). I have just recently discovered your blog….love it!

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    Congrats!!! I loved this post. It was so nice to read that I am not the only one that worries about how my blog sounds, or if I should be using so much time blogging. And I couldn&#39;t agree more that the best part of blogging is all the friends you meet. I can&#39;t wait to meet you in real life this weekend at the Sewing Summit!!

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    Amy, you are the nicest person in all of blogland. I&#39;ve followed you for two years, and you do indeed please. Thanks for the fun giveaway.

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    Happy Blogiversary! I started a quilt blog a few years ago and just let it wane …. it takes a lot of time and effort and I definitely appreciate it because I enjoy reading – so thank you for your time and efforts! Here&#39;s to many, many more posts.

  15. Anonymous says

    Thank You so much for blogging. I read your blog and learned so much from you. I just started to piece quilt last week and thanks to you I can do it.. I love your tutorials they&#39;ve helped so much!<br />Shellie N

  16. Anonymous says

    I am a 57 year old woman who has not made a quilt in 25 years. I&#39;ve stopped working and am feeling the urge to quilt again. I am so impressed by your blog and all the quilts and pictures that you take the time to post. It is amazing to me that young Moms can do all that you do! I love, love, love the tutorials and plan on making a few for baby gifts. The charm packs, jellyrolls, etc. are

  17. Anonymous says

    Amy,<br /><br />Thanks so much for the inspiration, ideas and how-to&#39;s you post here, it&#39;s been one of my go-to sites ever since I started quilting a year ago. Happy Blogiversary, and many more!<br /><br />nictarpey at gmail dot com

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    Happy Anniversary! I love getting a peek into your sewing projects and hearing about the funnies in your life. So glad we can keep in touch through our blogs! By the way, I LOVE the baby quilt your just finished. Love the colors and all the fun prints. You are Amazing! Hope you and the family are doing well and adjusting to school life. Can you believe our girls are in Jr. High?!

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    I love your blog! Congratulations on three years! You&#39;ve inspired me to start quilting, and I just got a machine from a friend last week, and put together a crib-sized quilt over the weekend. Thanks for the inspiration and creativity you provide.

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    I&#39;m thrilled that you continue to blog and often &#39;stop by&#39; to catch up. Keep up the good work, don&#39;t give in to guilt – life is too short. Thank you for the opportunity to win x

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    Congratulation on this nice milestone! I have to say, that even if I never met the writers of the blogs I read, I do feel sometimes like a friend! So please continue posting and sewing! xoxo Flávia

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    Congratulations on 3 years! (me too in a couple of months) Keep on doing it your way, wouldn&#39;t keep coming back if I didn&#39;t enjoy it so much :)

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    I never comment but always enjoy your blog, the incentive of your beautiful quilts and the peek into your very real life. Thanks for taking the time to blog.

  24. says

    Happy Blog-a-birthday :) You summed up how I feel most days :) Hope there are many more years to come!! And I would do the happy dance for some of those goodies :) Thanks!!

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    Happy blogiversery :) I check out your blog everytime you post because I&#39;m a beginner sewer and what you do is very inspiring and teaches me loads. Thanks!<br /><br />PS: I don&#39;t know why you need to compare!

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    Let&#39;s see if this actually posts! I have tried a few times, but to no avail. I LOVE your blog. My introduction into quilting was a slow one, and at present, my machine is collecting dust. However, I am hoping to jump back into it, head first, now that the weather here in the South is finally getting cooler. &#39;Cause let&#39;s face it, it&#39;s hard to think about how cozy a quilt is

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    Wow! 3 years of blogging! That&#39;s super! Thanks so much for the fabric inspiration you have given–so I wasn&#39;t afraid to try. :o&gt;<br />Thanks too, for the generous give-away!

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    Three Years! Congratulations! I appreciate your blog entries and read everyone one of them. Love your blog and your tutorials. You inspire me.

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    Three years… I think I&#39;ve been reading it for almost that long. I totally enjoy your blog, Amy. You are creative but real. You have 4 kids so you know what busy is. :-) Congratulations!

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    Congrats on blogging for 3 years. I first came upon your blog from one of the easy bricks quilt that you designed for Moda Bake Shop – and it was the first quilt that I made! Once again, congrats. I look forward to reading more blog posts.

  31. Kirsten says

    I just recently found your blog, and I find it very inspirational! I always feel so motivated to dig out my sewing machine after reading my quilting blogs. Congrats on 3 year, and here is hoping for many more to come!

  32. says

    Congrats! Starting up and getting a following is not easy, but your blog is one of my favorites. Inspiring for those of us just starting out and crossing out fingers someone likes our quilts as much as we do! :-)

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    Happy 3 years Amy!<br />I agree with you, blogging can be stressful at times, and I definately at times feel that feeling of comparison/ inadequacy. But at the same time it is an adventure, and I have met so many online friends, and met some in real life too (like you).<br />And Sewing summit is this weekend and we get to meet more friends, yay!

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    I am so glad to be one of your &quot;peeps&quot;! If I hadn&#39;t found your blog, I would have never attempted to start quilting in the first place. I have done numerous table runners and I&#39;m working on the Vintage I-Spy quilt right now! Thanks so much Amy. :)

  35. says

    Congrats on three years – that&#39;s a great achievement. I really enjoy your blog, thanks so much for sharing your quilty life with us!

  36. says

    ¡Felicidades! And thank you very much for the chance to win. It&#39;s amazing how fast time goes by.<br /><br />lauramdd (at) terra (dot) es

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    Happy Blogiversary! I&#39;d have to say a big &quot;thank you&quot; to you for putting in the time to make such a great blog! It has really been a great resource for me being a new sewer. So, thank you! And great giveaway by the way! :)

  38. Heather Prescott says

    I love reading your blog. It is what I start (or end, depending on the day) :-) my day with. You are awesome! Congratulations on three years, I have been following for 1 1/2 years!

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    Congrats on 3 years! This year was my 15 year wedding anniversary and the hubs and I both totally forgot, so I can understand missing last year&#39;s blogaversary!<br /><br />Cheers,<br />Chelsea

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    Happy Blogiversary! I have loved getting to know you through the great wide interwebs. It is so fun to meet people who obsess about fabric as much as I do. It makes me feel less geeky to have geeked out friends too. :)

  41. says

    happy blogiversary! , think i just made a new spelling of that word…..<br />However, thank you for sharing all the wonderful things you create. i am a fan.but you know that already.

  42. says

    I made my first quilt top two years ago but had never been brave enough to do an entire quilt without begging help from my mother in law- until I stumbled across your blog. Your tutorial teaching how to bind a quilt was so clear and easy to understand that I finally gave it a try. I finished my first &quot;solo quilt&quot; a few weeks before my daughter was born. She sleeps with it every night. <

  43. says

    Happy blogiversary! I love your cute blog, it inspires me to make quilts as beautiful as yours! Oh and I love the beautiful fabric that you are giving away! Pick me :)

  44. says

    I appreciate the time you take to blog, even when it feels like the last thing you want to be doing. Thanks for all your efforts and inspiration!

  45. says

    You&#39;re sweet and I love your blog. It&#39;s one of my favorites and one of the first ones I discovered in Blog land! Thanks for all you have taught me! Congratulations and best wishes in all the years to come!

  46. says

    Happy Blogiversary! You have inspired me to take up quilting and I love it. Don&#39;t do it very often, but love it none the less.

  47. says

    I have been a follower on Goggle Reader for some time and so enjoy your blog! You have nothing to worry about because your photos are awesome and your content is so current to today&#39;s quilting. I use your photos as my screen saver so hope you don&#39;t mind. Just keep up the great work!

  48. says

    Happy Blogiversary!! I just started reading your blog and think you do a fantastic job and are clearly very talented! Thanks for the inspiration and the chance at the giveaway! <br /><br />marian dot griffin 87 at gmail

  49. says

    Congrats on your anniversary! I have been loving your creativity hoping to have some of it rub off on me 😉 Thanks for inspiring so many.

  50. says

    Congratulations on this milestone! I have not yet passed my one-year blogiversary, so I can hardly imagine a three-year one! Awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  51. says

    Here&#39;s to three wonderful years of blogging!! I have enjoyed every single posting!! Thanks for throwing my name into your fantastic give away!! Such a generous give away!<br />Take care!<br />Paulette

  52. says

    Congratulations on your blogiversary! Congrats on 3 years and to many more! I love your blog! Thanks for the chance to win the goodies!

  53. says

    Congratulations! I&#39;ve loved you blog for a good long time. Here&#39;s to many more blogiversaries!<br /><br />lily79{at}gmail{dot}com

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    hi Amy,<br />happy blogiversary! I like your blog and I have been a follower since I´m blogging myself.<br />Thanks for this great giveaway and the chance to win.<br />You are very welcome to visit my blog too.<br />Bente<br />Quilter´s are all over the world :o)

  55. says

    Thank you for sharing with us! I stumbled on your blog a couple of months ago. I went to the beginning and read all the way forward. Phew, I didn&#39;t realize that it was almost three years worth. :)

  56. says

    so very generous! thank YOU for all your hard work to share your creations with us. . . it is a lot of work to photograph, think of something interesting to write about, etc.<br /><br />smiles!<br /><br />leisel

  57. Lisa Bays says

    Three years! Wow a lot happens in three years. I just started quilting/reading your blog within the last year and you have been so good about answering my email questions related to one of your patterns. Proud to say the king size quilt is at the longarm lady&#39;s house. Yippee! I will totally and unabashedly tell you today is my birthday and if that in someway tips the scales in my favor

  58. says

    Love your blog. It&#39;s the first quilty blog I stumbled across once I got the itch to quilt. I used your charm pack quilt tutorial to make my very first quilt. You are inspiring and lovely and so very much appreciated! That being said, I expect to win this time, ok? Grin 😛

  59. says

    Happy blogiversary! I just started quilting this past summer and your blog has been a constant inspiration to me. I was even inspired to start my own blog! Thanks for doing what you do!

  60. Sandi K. says

    Happy Bloganniversary to you! Love your blog! Have been a follower for about 3 months now. Just started quilting in the last 2 years.

  61. Anonymous says

    Congratulations on your bloggiversary!! I love to come to your blog and read about quilting and I love to be reminded about the important things in life! And of course I would love to win some fabric with which I would make a quilt from your patterns ;)<br />Greetings from Germany, Inka<br />inka(dot)mangels(at)elaborate-consult(dot)de

  62. says

    Finding your blog has been a gift! I love your insight to quilting, and making it so approachable to a beginner. I am currently making a twin size of your Simple Stripes quilt for my youngest daughter – thanks for such a cute tutorial. Thank you for all of your inspiration!

  63. says

    3 years! Congrats. Thanks for three years worth of great quilts and such for our general viewing pleasure. Thanks also for the fabulous giveaway.

  64. says

    Happy anniversary! Boy does time fly! I love the fabrics – I am working (in my head still) on a pennant quilt and really need more purple for my purplicious twin…

  65. says

    I love to read your blog, but wish I commented more often, because I keep up with the projects! Thanks for sending out the ideas and inspiration- I do like the something totally &quot;Diary of a Quilter&quot;!

  66. says

    Well Happy Blogiversary! :) You do such a great job and I always love coming to see what you&#39;re up to. <br /><br />What a fun giveaway to celebrate. Thank you so much for the chance to win it!

  67. says

    Thanks for writing, even if it gets stressful at times. I&#39;m currently making a baby quilt based on one of your designs. Thanks for the inspiration!

  68. says

    I&#39;m so glad you are willing to share your &#39;hobby&#39; with us! You do beautiful work and are so inspiring! Because of you, I now have 3 finished quilts, one in the works, and fabric for (heehee) many more! Thank you!

  69. says

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for all the sharing and teaching that you do. Its really been helpful and inspirational for this newbie quilter. =) Many more years!

  70. says

    You were one of the FIRST blogs I came across when I started getting involved and I&#39;m so glad I did!! Congrats on 3 years, I hope you&#39;re successful and continue for many many more!!

  71. says

    Happy Blogiversary! I LOVE your blog and everything you make, so keep on blogging!! Thanks for a fun giveaway!<br /><br />linsey004(at)yahoo(dot)com

  72. Anonymous says

    This is my first time commenting as I am a relatively new &quot;stalker&quot; ;0 I love your blog and you inspire me. I have been a quilter for 13 years and love your fresh ideas!! Keep up the great work and I am loving the chance to win some new fabric for a new project!!<br /><br />Patti from Indiana

  73. says

    Happy anniversary! I love the idea of a giveaway to celebrate this milestone. Your blog has been an inspiration to this novice quilter, and I cannot thank you enough for your invaluable advice, tips and tricks. Keep it up as long as it makes you as happy as you make us!

  74. says

    I really admire bloggers like you who can do it so well! I gave up blogging a while ago because I can&#39;t take pictures and I always ended up hating what I posted! Thanks for the awesome giveaway on your special day!

  75. says

    I have so enjoyed reading your blog. I&#39;m new to it, and I start my first quilting class on Saturday, and can&#39;t wait to be able to enjoy a craft as much as you seem too.

  76. says

    Congratulations on 3 years!!Thanks for sharing and inspiring us.<br /><br />Thanks for a generous giveaway and a chance to win.<br /><br />usairdoll(at)gmail(dot)com

  77. says

    Congratulations on you Blogiversary!!! I love your blog.. It was the first binding tutorial that actually made sense to me! It also was the first quilting blog I read and then told my 2 quilting friends about : ) Here&#39;s to many more years blogging!!!

  78. says

    I&#39;m brand new to quilting and to your blog site – my Mom (Debbie Cunningham) introduced us and I know we&#39;ll be best friends through the coming years! Congratulations on your successful quilting business!

  79. says

    Three years is a long time, I&#39;m sure you&#39;ve loved every minute, I know I look forward to the great blogs you talented women have for us. Keep up the great inspiration.

  80. says

    Congrats on three years! :) That&#39;s quite a milestone. I just passed one year and that was exciting! Haha. Anyway, I love reading your blog! Thanks for the chance to win.

  81. says

    Congrats on your bloggiversary! Thanks for sharing all your ideas and projects with us! They have been my inspiration and I am sure many others. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  82. says

    Congratulations on your 3 years of blogging! I&#39;ve enjoyed visiting your blog and learning more about quilting. Love the Veranda, so hope to win a little. Amanda Murphy is very nice, talented, and generous. Of course, your Market goodies are bound to be interesting too. So, thanks for celebrating with such a nice giveaway. Blessings!

  83. says

    Congrats! Three years is a long time, you should be proud of yourself. You always post lovely projects.Wishing you many more wonderful years

  84. says

    I absolutely love your blog and visit often to see what the latest quilt is. You inspired me to try making 4 quilts for my family before Christmas and so far I&#39;ve got the quilt top to one of them almost finished. <br />Look forward to seeing all your new projects. :)

  85. says

    It seems like yesterday…the times sure goes quickly! I&#39;ve been following your blog for just about three years then. I wanted to say congrats and of course I have to comment to get my name in the hat.

  86. says

    What a fun giveaway! Congratulations on three years and here&#39;s to more. I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to more of it to come.

  87. Nomia Elliott says

    Thanks for your inspiration! I&#39;ve only just begun quilting, and I find your blog to be very inspirational. Thank you!

  88. says

    What an accomplishment! I am in awe! Three years of entertaining and educating people, while maintaining a family is incredible! Kudo&#39;s to you!

  89. says

    Three years – wow! Congrats…I love reading your blog. So, thank you for the inspiration and the chance to win some awesome gifts!

  90. says

    Congratulations on 3 years! I know it&#39;s not always easy keeping up with a blog but I enjoy your posts and appreciate the effort. Thanks! <br /><br />Paige dot dullaghan at Verizon dot net

  91. says

    Awe… you&#39;re a dedicated blogger. I&#39;m a new subscriber and I enjoy visiting with your blog each time you post.<br />I&#39;d faint onto the floor if I won either one of your gifts.<br /><br />Thanks for all you do.<br /><br />Debbie Reaves

  92. says

    Oh my gosh, three years, way to go! You have one of the best blogs, I just love Diary of a Quilter:) Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your blog! I appreciate all you do for all of us in blogland!!!

  93. Anonymous says

    At the risk of sounding like a nana doesn&#39;t time fly when you&#39;re having fun! Congratulations!<br />

  94. says

    Hai Amy..I have been your silent reader since June 2011 cause I&#39;ve been attracted to quilting since I got my own sewing machine. So your tutorials on quilting are very useful for me. Also other tutorial i.e. messenger bag. Eventhough I have not done any quilting yet, but your blog is on my bookmark since then.<br /><br />Thank you for sharing to us about your experience and Happy third

  95. says

    Congrats! Your blog got me started with my first little project. Now I&#39;ve got an honest to goodness quilt in progress that I&#39;ll start binding this week. (I&#39;ll use your tutorial of course.) Keep it up!

  96. Anonymous says

    Congratulations on 3 years of blogging! 3 years ago I didn&#39;t know what a blog was, so I&#39;m glad I finally discovered blogs. I really enjoy yours!<br />Lisa<br />Lalexander733 (at) gmail (dot) com

  97. says

    Congrats on 3 years of blogging. I love your blog and can&#39;t wait for an email that you have a new post. I also follow you on FB so sometimes see it there. Keep up the good work. There are so many of us out here waiting for the next one!

  98. says

    Happy 3 years of Blogging! I enjoy your blog (would love to have it all appear in my reader instead of clicking over)…just thought this was a good time to throw that in. :) I&#39;d love to win your giveaway. Keep up the good blogging work.

  99. says

    I am very happy to be a follower. And I wish I could make it easier for you to blog – I know I am not judgemental and just happy with all I am learning. :)

  100. says

    I love your blog! Thanks for being an inspiration to me. I have a lot to learn about quilting still, but seeing your projects gives me incentive to try. Here&#39;s wishing you many more years of stress-free blogging!

  101. says

    Happy 3rd blog birthday! I&#39;ve just started this past year reading great quilt blog like yours! never yet one a giveaway-so I continue to try :) Thanks for all the things you share via your blog.

  102. says

    happy blogiversary!! i am new to the quilting world, and to quilting itself, and i happened to stumble upon your blog when i was looking for blogs about quilting. it was so inspiring to me and it really hooked me into wanting to try my hand at sewing! so thank you!!! you are an inspiration to me. :)

  103. says

    I thank God for Amy being &quot;corney&quot;, I SO look forward to your blog every single day! Thank you for all you&#39;ve taught me that you don&#39;t even realize, your sweet spirit, and just being YOU! Happy Anniversary!

  104. says

    I really enjoy your posts! I am just about finished with an Amy Butler Bliss quilt inspired by the one you made this summer! Thanks!

  105. says

    Congratulations! Three years is a real accomplishment. When I turn on my computer, you are on my homepage. I look forward to checking out what&#39;s going on in your corner of the world.

  106. says

    Happy Blogiversary!!! I&#39;m glad you do blog. I love reading your posts and look for updates every day :) I especially enjoy tutorials: what great ideas! These are great fabric picks and thanks so much for the chance to win.

  107. says

    Congratulations on your blogiversary! I so enjoy reading your &quot;late night ramblings&quot; and look forward to all of your inspiring projects!

  108. says

    Happy Blogsversary! I hope you have many more years of wonderful blogging! Thanks for this awesome giveaway……I would love to win this!

  109. Cheryl says

    Love your blog and all the great ideas and tutorials. Happy 3-years anniversary! Looking forward to many more.

  110. says

    Just recently found your blog, love it! My quilting skills are lacking- but have found great tips on here that will help me out. Thanks for sharing.

  111. says

    Happy Blogiversary! Your blogland is so warm and cozy. I first found my inspiration to quilt from your blog and I followed your Quilting 101 tutorial for my first quilt. You do a fantastic job so you should NEVER feel &#39;inadequate&#39; in your blogging. Thank you and I look forward to all your wonderful posts.

  112. says

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! I am a newbie to your site. I have only been following you for about a couple of months now but have really enjoyed reading your blog! Keep it up!

  113. Anonymous says

    Congrats on 3 years of great blogging ~ your posts, tutorials, and quilts you are inspirational. Thanks for the chance to be a winner.<br /><br />Ann<br />stitchingmatters at gmail dot com

  114. says

    Love giveaways! I&#39;m hoping to get that Veranda jelly roll so I can make it into a quilt for my daughter. (Using the Heartstrings pattern from Black Mountain Quilts – have you seen it? So cute!) But even if I don&#39;t win, I love your blog and never think of you as whiney. Ever. :)

  115. says

    Happy Blogiversary! Landmarks are great to remember. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life. It&#39;s nice to know there are real people with feelings and normal lives. That you have time to quilt (and finish – my challenge) and blog and still keep the family going is amazing to me. I&#39;m a working mom that travels for work and hand-piecing is easy to take along. I&#39;m also thinking

  116. says

    Congratulations! I only recently discovered your blog and really look forward to each new entry (still catching up on the older ones. Love seeing your creative patterns.

  117. Anonymous says

    Hey there, I have read your blog for something like 18 months or so…it is bookmarked on my favorites and I check out what you are up to at least 2 times a week. I love your &quot;corny&quot; blog…it is a highlight of my me time. Congrats on 3 yrs in the blogosphere!<br /><br />Victoria

  118. says

    Congratulations on three years! And thank you for your blog – it was so helpful when I just started to learn to quilt this year. Your tutorials were clear and easy for me to follow.

  119. says

    I almost came into American Quilting this summer to do a little browsing and to hopefully meet you, BUT we didn&#39;t have the time! These are fun prizes! Thanks for it all Amy!

  120. says

    Happy 3rd Blogiversary! While I haven&#39;t been with you for all three years, I&#39;ve really enjoyed following you and being inspired by you for the last several month. Thank you so much for that!!! Hoping that you&#39;ll continue inspiring all of us .. Hugs!

  121. says

    Wow, 3 years! Congratulations &amp; thanks for an awesome blog. I discovered your blog about a year ago when I started quilting &amp; was so happy that I did. It has been &amp; continues to be an entertaining read &amp; a generally inspiring quilting resource. Thanks so much.

  122. says

    Congratulations! Yours is the first quilting blog I bookmarked when I embarked on this crazy quilting hobby a couple of months ago, and it&#39;s such a great inspiration and resource. Thanks for everything!

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    I know I enjoy reading your blog. Don&#39;t put some much pressure on yourself and enjoy sharing. :-) Thank you. Take care and God bless, Cory

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    Happy Blogoversary! I so enjoy your blog and all of your inspiration that you leave us with. Keep it up, please! Thank you for the chance at your giveaway. :)

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    Congrats on your 3 year mark! Put my name in the drawing the eye spy pack made me comment to win. Wish I could come meet you at the Sewing Summit.

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    Happy Blogiversary!! I&#39;ve only just discovered you but a dedicated follower already :) One of these days I&#39;ll actually get together the courage to start my first quilt… In the meantime I&#39;m happy to use you for inspiration!

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    I&#39;m another of your long-time, regular followers. Congrats on your blogiversary and know that all the effort you put into your blog is much appreciated by your followers. As a beginner quilter I have benefited so much from your blog and all you share. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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    Congratulations on your blogiversary! I look forward to each new post you make. Thank you for continuing to write and share with us. And thanks for the opportunity to win a great prize!

  130. sharon calver says

    A wonderful and inspiring blog. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. Congratulations on your 3rd birthday.

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    Happy Bloggoversary. 3 years is one big commitment, congratulations. Love your photos, they look great, no need to worry about them, we can&#39;t see in your head.<br /><br />Thank you for sharing,<br /><br />Di

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    Happy Blogiversary! it&#39;s already 3! Where does the time fly, eh?<br /><br />Thanks so much for a wonderful giveaway and good luck to everyone.

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    I am new to your blog, but happy 3!!! I love all you do, but more importantly I can so relate to your worries. But don&#39;t fear…you are awesome!! And brave for even blogging!! whooo hoo!! I am going to jump in and attempt my first ever quilt…starting small with rag quilts for my little princesses…hope that is a good start. But already I am a fabric addict, so your giveaway looks so

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    I used your Easy Baby Quilt Tutorial for my first quilt. You have an awesome website/blog, I check it daily 😉 Thanks for all the helpful hints, and inspiration!<br />Lauren

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    How generous, but quilters are generous and so are the bloggers who share so much of their time, lives, and projects – and teach us so much with the tutorials. All I can say is thank you.

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    Amy,<br />I am new to your blog ( about a month), but I LOVE it ! I love the work you do and the colors you use and all of the helpful links and ideas! Keep up the fun and creative blog and Happy Anniversary! Betsy Davis

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    Oh my goodness, I&#39;ve always enjoyed reading your blog and have it on my daily reads. I&#39;m sorry there was some days you felt stressed out but honey, don&#39;t. Whatever you post, again, I always enjoyed reading. So thank you!

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    Congratulations on 3 great yrats…..I have enjoyed every post.<br />Thank you for sharing your talents, ideas and style……plus your humor.

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    Muchas felicidades desde España….me encanta tu blog……y todo lo que muestras……….no tengo blog te dejo mi dirección……

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    Congratulations! That&#39;s why I like your blog- you&#39;re so honest and down to earth. And a very talented quilter who has taught me lots and for that I appreciate all that you&#39;ve shared! :) Here&#39;s to wishing you many more years of blogging!:) Great givaway- thanks!

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  145. Heidi says

    Congrats on your blogiversary! I am a relatively inexperienced seamstress and have loved reading your tutorials and getting ideas from your quilts. Now I&#39;ve just got to pick one and get started!

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    The only sad part about this is that I just discovered your blog a few months ago! To think of all the fun quilty stuff I was missing out on for the last 3 years… Happy blogiversary and thanks for the great giveaway!

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    I&#39;ve been following your blog for awhile and always get inspired! Thanks for the tips and sharing your work. Happy bloggiversary! :)

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  149. Sara B says

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