May the Force Be With You

I’m off to the elementary school Halloween parade with my favorite glamour witch, wizard,. and a couple of Jedis. (What is the plural for Jedi?)  And to gorge myself on candy. I can’t do the sticky stuff with my braces this year, so I’ll just have to pound down the chocolate. :)

See you tomorrow!


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    I have braces too (now that I'm in my 30's) and believe me Starbursts do not work… not for me anyway. Love your blog! Love your taste! Thanks for sharing.

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    Happy Halloween! You are lucky you still have a Halloween parade at school. We don&#39;t, just a regular day.<br /><br />Love your Jedi&#39;s- I&quot;ve been trying to talk my twins into being Luke and Leah for years- so far no go!!<br /><br />Have a great night!

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    So so cute! Is it wrong I told my six year old the orange ones were my favorite and she overwhelmingly delivered a bunch to me as we went through her candy together?

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