Modern Churn Dash Quilt

Early last spring I made a red and white Churn Dash quilt as a challenge from a quilt retreat out of pretty traditional quilting fabrics.  I really enjoyed making it and liked the finished product. All summer I wanted to try the same block with a modern feel. Finally this fall I picked the fabrics and went for it. And here is the Modern Churn Dash quilt.
This quilt has been on a journey.  
The quilt was nearly finished with the binding machine sewed  to the front of the quilt, and I was planning to hand sew the back before the Sewing Summit.
Well that didn’t happen. I just showed the quilt with the binding unfinished. Sigh. (Picture thanks to Trish.)
So I took the quilt with me on our recent road trip to a couple of the National Parks in southern Utah.  (I’m so grateful that I don’t get carsick.  I love all that time for hand sewing!)  I thought while we were there I would snap a quick picture by the side of the road to change things up from all the pictures I usually take at my backyard fence. My husband realized what I was doing and convinced me that since we literally at Bryce Canyon National Park, for crying out loud, we should use that one-of-a-kind landscape as a backdrop.
I’m glad he talked me into it.  He even climbed out onto a ledge to get a good shot (at his own insistence. I was trying not to freak out.) So there we were with all kinds of tourists walking past us, my husband on the edge of the canyon holding up a quilt while I took a bunch of pictures.  Our kids hid from embarrassment while we did it. But it’s a pretty awesome shot.
Here’s what Bryce Canyon looks like without quilts in the way. It’s pretty amazing.
So is my husband. He even figured out how to make children’s clothing out of plastic bags once.
To make this quilt I figured out a quick method to put two blocks together at the same time with next to no fabric waste.  I finally put it all in a pattern which is now available here or on etsy.
Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!


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  1. says

    ROFL, love the backdrop! I can&#39;t comment about the things in pretty scenery though, I have a bear that clambers into all my holiday shots…<br /><br />I&#39;m hoping to get a big road trip together for next autumn to coincide with Sewing Summit, and the national parks in south Utah, and Nevada are on my list of things to try and hit while I&#39;m there :o)

  2. says

    Beautiful quilt, Amy! I am going to have to visit that park someday-gorgeous! So nice of your hubby to do that for you and such beautiful pictures- thanks for sharing!!:)

  3. says

    Aren&#39;t we lucky to live in such a &quot;Pretty, Great State&quot;. Love the giant churn dashes, very cheery.<br />Come see my entries: #29 miniature reproduction quilt and #31 antique 1850 Star quilt

  4. says

    I love this quilt. The colors are so pretty. Guess I&#39;ll be buying another patter from you! Bryce canyon is SO beautiful. We;ve beent here twice already and I&#39;d love to go back.

  5. says

    What a great quilt, love it! Beautiful! Love the scenery but I have to say the picture of your husband out on the ledge makes my stomach hurt. ha!

  6. Carol in CA says

    Amy..beautiful quilt and scenery! I was just at Bryce Canyon a couple of weeks ago! Would have LOVED to run into you and your quilt there! Great job!

  7. says

    Holy Cow! Love that quilt, the backdrop, and your awesome husband!<br /><br />Good one :) Oh, and that you took it to SS without the binding done. Love that too.

  8. says

    I love Bryce Canyon! My 2nd son&#39;s middle name is even Bryce…. <br /><br />And I love churn dash quilts. Yours is beautiful, love the colors.

  9. says

    Love the finished quilt pic at Bryce Canyon! I love how your hubby helps you with the pics. But tell him there are others who also have a hard time dealing with people being so close to the edge of things. I deal with it every time we go hiking. I know how you feel. :)

  10. says

    Talk about staging your Quilt. What a GUY! Your kids will talk about it when they are older and laugh at the Memory. I tacked down binding on 5 quilts last spring on our 3600 mile road trip but driving through Zion&#39;s I had to just look out the window at all the beauty. We would have gone to Bryce, but it got dark…

  11. says

    Great quilt and great pics! Great hubby too… let&#39;s not forget him! <br /><br />I just popped in to let you know that I pieced my top from the retro Christmas quilt kit I bought from your etsy. It was a great project and I love how it came together! Thanks a bunch… and I blogged it too if you&#39;re interested…<br /><br />

  12. says

    Great backdrop and GREAT quilt! The churn dash is one of my all-time favourite blocks. I love your fresh, modern take on it, Amy. (And I envy your lack of motion sickness.)

  13. says

    Hi Amy! I just posted on the Bloggers Quilt Festival and I&#39;m showing my I SPY QUILT from your pattern and charms. Thanks much for the inspiration. This quilt is beautiful and I love your backgrounds:) I cited your blog and etsy shop: <br /><br />

  14. says

    What a lovely quilt. You are so fortunate that you had it along in the car on your trip to Bryce Canyon. Your husband was very brave to pose so close to the edge.

  15. says

    Hi, I just love the quilt colours and love your block choice. I really like churn dash – you can do so much with it. <br /><br />I too would have been nervous about your husband hanging over the edge of the canyon but the photo was terrific!

  16. says

    What a beautiful quilt in beautiful southern Utah. What a fantastic post, you always have the most interesting insights. I love to come and read your blog and quilting adventures.

  17. says

    Lovely quilt and wow didn&#39;t Heavenly Father create goregeous things in this wirld…especially in bryce and zions!! Your husbabd is suoer creative too…good laugh and sent that on to my family who may someday need to use it with their little ones! Too funny. Thanks for sharing and have a great day

  18. says

    That is an absolutely beautiful quilt! I&#39;m so looking forward to getting good enough to make one. I&#39;ll have to get a pattern for when that day comes.

  19. says

    oh my goodness! i clicked back to the link of your husband&#39;s tutorial and laughed until tears rolled down my cheeks. my husband then read it and took note. he said the tutorial was well-written :)<br /><br />your quilt is beautiful and the orangey reds in the canyon perfectly frame the blues and greens in your quilt. gorgeous shot.

  20. says

    Thanks for the canyon pictures-beautiful! My favorite block-making<br />hotpads for gifts with strawberry prints. Keep blogging and sewing-ENJOY!

  21. says

    LOL What we quilters won&#39;t do to get a great photo of our quilts! Love it! Your hubby must be a real sweetheart. :o) <br /><br />And a gorgeous quilt it is, too. The churn dash looks amazing in the more modern prints/colors. Great job!

  22. says

    i love the churn dash! yay! i started one for a friend, but i am not convinced of the combinations i chose…but it is such a simple, classic square. i love it. and your quilt is so lovely! (as well as the backdrop for the photoshoot). :)

  23. says

    The quilt looks great, and I love the canyon background to your pictures. I probably would have freaked out too if my husband went on a ledge to get a shot!!

  24. says

    wow i love your quilt so much! add the canyon and the whole thing is completely breath-taking. (my husband would have insisted on posing on a ledge too. i know what you mean about controlling the freak-out! :o) i&#39;ve been wanting to do a modern churn dash for a long time, since this is one of my favorite blocks, but i couldn&#39;t really envision it. i can&#39;t wait to check out your pattern!

  25. says

    Wow! My favorite NP with one of my favorite block patterns — that&#39;s awesome Amy! What a fantastic hubby — I can just imagine how people were watching you two — tooooo funny!

  26. says

    The churn dash is my all-time favorite block. I love what you&#39;ve done with it. Kudos to your hubby. He sounds amazing and supportive (just like mine :))! That shot of the quilt over the canyon is fabulous!

  27. says

    My husband and I just took a big road trip around new Mexico, Arizona, and Utah and we really loved Bryce! That was an awesome idea and your husband is the coolest guy EVER! really, what a guy! Awesome photographs.

  28. says

    The churn dash is one of my all-time favorites and I love the colors you chose…of course the location where the pictures were taken wasn&#39;t bad either. Thanks for sharing with us.

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