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    Always enjoy your blog and gifts! You are the first blog that I started following, even before I knew how to follow and subscribe. I&#39;ve been tuning into your weekly info and have since found more quilting/sewing blogs.<br /><br />Just wanted you to know that yours is always uplifting! I only check some blogs once a week, but yours is up with the ones I check every day!<br /><br />Keep up

  2. Anonymous says

    I&#39;m thinking maybe another bundle of Farmdale…I&#39;m just about out and I never get sick of it!<br />

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    Thanks for the give away and for letting us know about this shop and their blog! I like the option of fat quarters too! Loving the &#39;peace planet&#39; from Studio E, my favorite colors… and the &#39;paper dolls&#39; too cute! <br />thanks again!

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