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I have been a big fan of the Land of Nod company for years.  I love their style and their products. For me they evoke classic childhood. So when I was asked if we’d like to play with some of their fun toys, we jumped at the chance.

I thought it fitting that we were able to get up close and personal with this adorable Sewing Kit.  That cute little orange suitcase had me at Hello.  
Inside are all the pieces to create 3 cute little felt animals, a drawstring bag and and felt notebook cover, plus reusable notions, floss, etc.  I loved that everything was pre-cut and ready to sew – especially for my short attention-span kids. :)
We also got to play with the Going Loopy Loom, which was another hit.  I love to get my kids involved in hands-on creative projects but they don’t always take the bait. (Mainly because it has to be their idea, not mine.) This time these cute and colorful packages of goodies were instantly attractive to them and they dove right in. I love it! Both items would make adorable gifts and jump-start a whole new crafty generation.  You can check out other great gifts in the Gift Guide.
Free Shipping
Also right now, Land of Nod is offering Free Shipping on many of their adorable products -big and small – just in time to help you with Christmas shopping. 
And just to be extra sweet, Land of Nod has a Sewing Kit and Loopy Loom kit to giveaway to one of you dear readers! Leave a comment here to be entered in the giveaway. One entry per person. Giveaway closes Saturday, November 19 at midnight MST.  Woo!    Giveaway CLOSED

Winner:  Dawn W said…

I’m sold on that darling little orange suitcase as well. Love the Land of Nod! Thanks for a great giveaway!

*I was not compensated for this post beyond the two items from Land of Nod


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    I have never seen this before but what an awesome gift for my grandchild. I love to do crafty things with all my little friends. This would be perfect. Thanks

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    I have always loved Land of Nod too. Their stuff is so charming! My daughter is quite the crafter & she'd love the craft kits! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    My girl's would love either one of these kits. I might just have to create my own sewing kit to give them this Christmas. That's such a great idea!

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    Cool, I love land of nod! Never can quite afford their stuff though, so what a fun giveaway! My kids would love this stuff! Thanks for the chance!

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    Cool, I love land of nod! Never can quite afford their stuff though, so what a fun giveaway! My kids would love this stuff! Thanks for the chance!

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    Oh my goodness! My daughter would love something like this! I think I&#39;m going to have to go shopping over there right now just in case I don&#39;t win… ;)<br /><br />Jennifer :)

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    My girls would love that sewing kit! They&#39;ve already asked for their own sewing machine for Christmas. I think this is a better first step. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    So cute. My kids would love this they are at the age to start learning to sew. So this would be a great starter. thanks<br />

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    Very cute! I am always looking for new things to sew with my daycare kids, they love it but are at different ages/levels &amp; it take a lot of prep work from me. Something like this would totally help out! Great giveaway :)

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    What a fun giveawayI. I had a potholder loopy loom when I was a young one and used to sell my potholders to my mom&#39;s friends. I even took custom orders to match their kitchen colors.

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    Ooooh! I would love to win the loopy loom for my daughter. I used to make these as a kid, and my older brother still has the one I made him back in the 70s!!! Love it :)

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    wow – Land of Nod giveaway?! I couldn&#39;t possibly be so lucky to win, but I&#39;ll hope and dream anyway. <br />I love their stuff and always drool over the catalogs/website. <br />that sewing kit looks perfect for little Ruby!

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    I&#39;ve loved Land Of Nod for years too! They have the best quality stuff. And that sewing kit is the perfect Christmas gift for my daughter. Thanks for the idea! :)

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    I wish Land of Nod had been around when my girls were little! Luckily I have friends with kids just the right age to love Nod&#39;s stuff. Thank you so much for the generous giveaway! Love that orange sewing suitcase.

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    I love sewing kit and loopy loom! It makes me wish my girls were still young enough to enjoy. Lucky for me my niece is still the perfect age to enjoy these treasures. I remember how I loved to make those potholders when i was a girl.

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    These are so great!! My little Goose is always asking to do &quot;a big girl craft&quot; – she might be too young for these, but my crafty niece would L-O-V-E them! Thanks for the chance to win, Amy! :)

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    I made the loopy hotpads when I was little, my children made loopy hotpads when they were little and I have grandchildren who would love to try their hands at both projects. Thanks.

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    Ny nieces are coming to stay with me next summer for an extended stay. I&#39;m collecting ideas of things to do with them and both of these would be perfect!

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    What an amazingly fun store!!!! Would love EVERYTHING for my kids, but especially my almost 7 year old daughter…<br />soulrunner(at)hotmail(dot)ca

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    Oooh, my granddaughter would just love to get her hands on these! Land of Nod is new to me, but definitely a shop I need to get to know better! Thanks for the introduction….

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    Oh what a darling case for the sewing kit. I also remember doing that kind of weaving when I was a kid. Lots of pot holders!! hehe. My kids are grown now but I do have a grandson and I want to encourage his creativity for sure.<br /><br />Thanks for the giveaway and a chance to win.<br /><br />usairdoll(at)gmail(dot)com

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    My oldest granddaughter is interested in sewing and crafting, and I&#39;ve been on the look-out for things like the sewing kit and loom kit. Would love to win and see the excited look on my granddaughter&#39;s face, when I presented her with them!

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    LOVE Land of Nod. I&#39;ve only bought their decor stuff, but now I&#39;m going to check out the toys and crafts, too. Free shipping? Yippee!

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    Every little girl needs outlets for creativity and haven&#39;t these products got the edge on presentation..brings out the little girl in me…no seriously there are plenty of little girls in my family who would be happy to have their time occupied in this way. Thank-you

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    I love both of the gifts! Thanks for sharing….I will go to their website soon…we made the hot pads on those looms when we were kids….by the hours out under a big birch tree! How fun to remember!!!!

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    Ah – free shipping. Nothing like it. My daughter has been very busy with her loom lately. She&#39;s trying to get presents made for gifts. She is only five and way ahead of me for getting presents ready this year!

  27. Anonymous says

    Oh wow! what happy memories as I used to have a really tiny loopy loom when I was little.<br />

  28. Anonymous says

    I so love these kits! I have 3 daughters and they love to sew and craft. These look like great Christmas gifts!<br />

  29. says

    This is a fun give away, just in time for Christmas gift making. My kids made potholders on this kind of loom, as did I. Its time for the granddaughter and great niece to have fun too. Thanks to you and Land of Nod.

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    I&#39;ve never seen these (although I&#39;ve never really looked for them either!) They&#39;re so cute! I&#39;m checking out their website now. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Oh, our oldest loves to &quot;sew&quot; like Mama and craft alongside me and I love the conversation and creativity that happens. These are such sweet gift ideas! Thanks for letting us all play along!<br />

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    I see there are a lot of other people commenting on this entry, but I am the one who has a granddaughter who would really benefit from a gift like this. She would LOVE it!! Please choose me. Thank you in advance.

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    I enjoyed making potholders with looms as a child. My six yo grandniece wants to learn to sew (left-handed) so would love to win the suitcase. We keep her several days a week – time to initiate her to sewing at a child&#39;s level. Thanks for the chance.

  34. Anonymous says

    oooooohhhhh!! you had me at the sewing kit in the cute orange suitcase. My daughter who is 10 would love this!! pick me pick me!!! ;)<br /><br />Patti in Indiana

  35. says

    I love Land of Nod. I&#39;ve ordered from them twice and been highly satisfied both times. They have great customer service also. My daughters would love the craft items.

  36. Terri says

    We love Land of Nod. The giveaways are so adorable…my daughters would love those for Christmas! Thanks for the chance.<br />

  37. says

    I also have not heard of The Land of Nod before but their kits and that cute orange suitcase are awesome! I have 2 special grand-daughters who just to create and winning this would be oh so fantastic! I haven&#39;t won a giveaway yet and being such a late entry, odds aren&#39;t great. But I keep entering, hoping someday…<br />Thanks for the chance. Gratefully,Luba

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