Red, Pink & Aqua Fabric Hoops

Finally a finished project. (Thanks for enduring the many pictures of unfinished/works-in-progress over the past couple of weeks.) I was happy to finally hang the fabric hoops for my daughter’s room and quite pleased with the final outcome.
There has been a big empty space over the bed for the past two years. I’ve intended to make a quilt to go there for some time, but haven’t got around to it. Just this spring I finally realized I could do more hoops (like the hoops in my sewing room)! Duh – I don’t know why that idea took me so long.  And with Sarah Jane’s Children at Play fabric collection coming out, it was a no-brainer what fabrics we should include -especially since we already have one of her prints hanging on the wall.
I’ve shared pictures of my daughter’s room and quilt in the past as well as the wonderful vintage curtains (they belonged to Grandma as a little girl!). This summer we added a white Jenny Lind bed that ties things together a bit better. (Keeping-it-Real-full-disclosure: This room does not always look like this.  For this picture I cleared the night stand, kicked shoes out of the way, wiped the wall, and re-made the bed leaving off the 2 purple unicorn stuffed animals, teddy bear, and additional blankets. Only for photographing purposes, then everything went back in its ‘proper’ place.) Here’s how we made the pom-poms above the bed.

This is the pillow I made from Children at Play for Market last Spring. It has since been to a trade show in Belgium and back. It’s a very well-traveled pillow – better than me. I hope it got to sample some waffles.

Four of the prints are from Children at Play (pinwheels, parade, dresses and the little girl with the flowers).  [Each of these Children at Play prints can be found at The Quilting Garden. C@ P fabrics also available here, here, and here.] The rest of the fabrics came from my stash and from left over scraps from making the quilt on the bed. All of the florals and damasks are from Tanya Whelan collections a couple of years back except the red floral at the bottom, which is from Lecien’s Flower Sugar.
The patch-work-y print is from Lecien’s Old New collection. I can’t find the selvage from the red toadstools, but it’s a Japanese import. (If/When I find it, I will update here.) And Little Red Riding Hood is from Aneela Hoey’s next collection, Walk in the Woods. It’s pretty darn cute (I got a sneaky-peak!) and should hit stores by spring.


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    What a brilliant idea!!! They look fabulous. Hope you don't mind, but I'm pinning this to remind me for when I get time to something similar.

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    That's so pretty! My childhood bedroom was completely pink, and if it was more like this, I wouldn't have had such an aversion to it! lol!

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    Aha! Here's how we know what a great person you are — you wished that the pillow got to sample some waffles, instead of the pillow bringing waffles back for you LOL. LOVE LOVE this room — it's just TOOOO cute!!!

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    What a cute bedroom! I can't wait to finish our girls' room. I have a quilt made so it will be fun to paint and decorate the room this winter!

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    Love your pin wheel pillow. It is scrumptious! I have given the pin wheel 2 attempts so far but I find it incredibly difficult to align the tips… Any advice? I'll keep on practicing though until I get it the way I want it.


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