A birthday, scraps, and new projects

We had a birthday celebration this past weekend, so I decided it was time to finally put together that Delighted bunting to make the place look festive now that all the Christmas decor is down.  (This pennant pannel is still available here.) It looks so cheery compared to how bleak everything looks outside.

And with said birthday celebration, I have started a new epoch of my life: mother of a teenager.  Thirteen years ago my life changed forever with the birth of this baby girl.  That period of time has been full of more drama, cuteness, hysterics, laughs, sleep deprivation, and bodily fluids than I ever thought possible, but I can’t imagine my life with out these kiddos.  I’m pretty sure that the next 14 years of teenagehood at our house to be another wild ride full of other unimaginable emotions and experiences.  I have a feeling I’ll earn my share of gray hairs in that time, but once again I’ll be richer for it. (As well as even more batty than I am now.)

This early January birthday always marks the conclusion of our Holiday festivities, and I must say, I’m kind of happy to return to ‘normal’ (whatever that is.) I’m in the process of getting ready to move my sewing space. (Yikes.) This could be an epic event, but I’m excited for the chance to really go through everything and organize and purge at the same time. My hope is to have a more stream-lined, organized space that I’m not embarrased for other human beings to see.  As I result, I’ve started organizing my scraps with motivation from Jodi’s Scraps-along help. 

In the mean time I’ve started a bunch of new projects and joined a Swoon-along. A little bit over-enthusiastic? Probably so. But so far, I like it.


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    I'm going to join the Swoon-along too Amy….just a little delayed. I will start when we get back home from the warm South. Teenage years weren't that bad – the worst for me was teaching them to drive – and then letting them!!

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    Yay! So glad you joined the swoon along. Have you chosen which fabrics you will use?<br />I can both sympathize and smile at having a teen in the house. Enjoy the journey. :0) It will make for great stories later on.<br />What yummy scraps. Are you planning to make something specific with them? Or just doing the clean ups? I dumped my scrap box yesterday and cleaned too. :0)<br />Have a

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    Thank you for the link for organizing! I too am sorting and purging. The best part is discovering the forgottens. DH is even painting and making my space &quot;relaxing&quot; – Love him! Cheers to the all new &quot;Mom cave&quot;!

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    I completely understand about the returning to normal part as we had a birthday this weekend, too (my son&#39;s first!!)and afterwards I gave a little sigh of relief.<br />Beautiful fabric! And here&#39;s to a more organized year!

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    I am swooning too :-) I have to agree with Mary. The hardest part of teens was teaching them to drive AND letting them. In reality a healthy dose of patience (accompanied by deep breathing) and the teens years were kind of fun :-) Enjoy them!!

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    Oh I hope you write about being a teens mom from time to time as I am about to be there myself in March. Without my own mom to lean on, I am a wretched mess in prep and planning for the new chapter.

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    I reorganised and colour coordinated all my fabric just after christmas in preparation for new projects, and it was amazing to see what I&#39;d got and totally forgotten about. I even organised my scraps into boxes depending on their size. I wonder how long this organisation will last for?! Enjoy your clear out!

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